Tropical Storm Fiona

Last Updated: 9/24/2022 9:00:00 PM (Coordinated Universal Time)

  • Location: 48.4 N 60.5 W
  • Movement: NE at 7 mph
  • Wind: 70mph
  • Pressure: 952 mb
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WTNT42 KNHC 242040
Post-Tropical Cyclone Fiona Discussion Number  42
NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL       AL072022
500 PM AST Sat Sep 24 2022
Fiona remains a large and potent extratropical low pressure system.
Even though the maximum winds have decreased just below
hurricane-force, ASCAT data and surface observations show that
Fiona has a very large wind field.  The initial wind speed is
estimated to be 60 kt.
Fiona has slowed down significantly, and the system is now moving
northeastward at 7 kt.  A faster north to north-northeast motion is
expected, taking the center of the system across Labrador tonight
and early Sunday.  The NHC track forecast is similar to the
previous one.
Since the tropical warnings have been discontinued for Atlantic
Canada, this is the last NHC advisory on Fiona.  For information on
this system, see forecasts issued by Environment Canada at  Additional information can be found in
High Seas Forecasts issued by the National Weather Service, under
AWIPS header NFDHSFAT1, WMO header FZNT01 KWBC, and online
Key Messages:
1. Fiona is forecast to continue to affect portions of Atlantic
Canada through early Sunday, and significant impacts from high
winds, storm surge, and heavy rainfall are expected.
2. Heavy rains from Fiona are expected to continue to impact
portions of Atlantic Canada into Sunday. This rainfall is expected
to produce flooding, some of which could be significant.
3. Large swells generated by Fiona are expected to cause
life-threatening surf and rip current conditions along the coast of
the northeast United States, Bermuda, and Atlantic Canada during
the next couple of days.
INIT  24/2100Z 48.4N  60.5W   60 KT  70 MPH...POST-TROP/EXTRATROP
 12H  25/0600Z 50.6N  59.3W   50 KT  60 MPH...POST-TROP/EXTRATROP
 24H  25/1800Z 54.9N  58.4W   40 KT  45 MPH...POST-TROP/EXTRATROP
 36H  26/0600Z 58.4N  58.6W   35 KT  40 MPH...POST-TROP/EXTRATROP
 48H  26/1800Z 60.7N  57.7W   35 KT  40 MPH...POST-TROP/EXTRATROP
 60H  27/0600Z 63.1N  56.1W   35 KT  40 MPH...POST-TROP/EXTRATROP
 72H  27/1800Z...DISSIPATED
Forecaster Cangialosi

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Storm Track Statistics

Sep 1415:00 GMT16.6-49.635 °mph1,009 °mbTropical Depression--
Sep 1421:00 GMT16.8-50.535 °mph1,008 °mbTropical Depression--
Sep 1501:45 GMT16.8-5250 °mph1,002 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1503:00 GMT16.7-5250 °mph1,002 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1506:00 GMT16.5-52.450 °mph1,002 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1509:00 GMT16.6-5350 °mph1,002 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1512:00 GMT16.6-53.650 °mph1,002 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1515:00 GMT16.6-54.350 °mph1,002 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1518:00 GMT16.5-54.850 °mph1,002 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1521:00 GMT16.3-55.460 °mph1,006 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1600:00 GMT16.1-56.160 °mph1,005 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1603:00 GMT16-56.960 °mph1,005 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1606:00 GMT15.8-57.560 °mph1,005 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1609:00 GMT15.7-58.150 °mph1,004 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1612:00 GMT15.8-58.850 °mph1,004 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1615:00 GMT16-59.450 °mph1,005 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1618:00 GMT16.2-60.350 °mph1,005 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1621:00 GMT16.4-61.150 °mph1,004 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1700:00 GMT16.5-61.550 °mph1,002 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1703:00 GMT16.6-62.260 °mph1,002 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1706:00 GMT16.3-62.860 °mph1,000 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1709:00 GMT16.4-63.360 °mph1,000 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1712:00 GMT16.1-63.460 °mph1,000 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1715:00 GMT16.3-63.560 °mph1,004 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1718:00 GMT16.6-64.160 °mph1,002 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1721:00 GMT16.7-64.660 °mph1,002 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1800:00 GMT16.6-64.960 °mph998 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1803:00 GMT16.6-64.960 °mph997 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1806:00 GMT16.9-65.565 °mph994 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1809:00 GMT17.1-65.865 °mph994 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1812:00 GMT17.2-66.170 °mph991 °mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1815:00 GMT17.3-66.580 °mph987 °mbHurricane1
Sep 1818:00 GMT17.8-66.985 °mph986 °mbHurricane1
Sep 1819:35 GMT18-67.185 °mph986 °mbHurricane1
Sep 1821:00 GMT18.2-67.385 °mph986 °mbHurricane1
Sep 1900:00 GMT18.1-67.885 °mph984 °mbHurricane1
Sep 1903:00 GMT18-68.185 °mph982 °mbHurricane1
Sep 1906:00 GMT18.2-68.485 °mph979 °mbHurricane1
Sep 1907:35 GMT18.4-68.590 °mph977 °mbHurricane1
Sep 1909:00 GMT18.5-68.690 °mph977 °mbHurricane1
Sep 1912:00 GMT18.8-6990 °mph977 °mbHurricane1
Sep 1915:00 GMT19.1-69.285 °mph980 °mbHurricane1
Sep 1918:00 GMT19.6-69.590 °mph975 °mbHurricane1
Sep 1921:00 GMT20.1-69.8100 °mph972 °mbHurricane2
Sep 2000:00 GMT20.2-70.1105 °mph974 °mbHurricane2
Sep 2003:00 GMT20.6-70.3110 °mph971 °mbHurricane2
Sep 2006:00 GMT20.9-70.8115 °mph967 °mbHurricane3
Sep 2009:00 GMT21.3-70.9115 °mph967 °mbHurricane3
Sep 2012:00 GMT21.6-71.2115 °mph960 °mbHurricane3
Sep 2015:00 GMT22-71.4115 °mph961 °mbHurricane3
Sep 2018:00 GMT22.3-71.7115 °mph959 °mbHurricane3
Sep 2021:00 GMT22.6-71.8115 °mph957 °mbHurricane3
Sep 2100:00 GMT22.9-71.7125 °mph951 °mbHurricane3
Sep 2103:00 GMT23.2-71.8125 °mph947 °mbHurricane3
Sep 2106:00 GMT23.4-71.8130 °mph942 °mbHurricane4
Sep 2109:00 GMT23.9-71.8130 °mph939 °mbHurricane4
Sep 2112:00 GMT24.2-71.7130 °mph937 °mbHurricane4
Sep 2115:00 GMT24.6-71.7130 °mph937 °mbHurricane4
Sep 2118:00 GMT25.1-71.7130 °mph937 °mbHurricane4
Sep 2121:00 GMT25.6-71.5130 °mph937 °mbHurricane4
Sep 2200:00 GMT25.9-71.4130 °mph934 °mbHurricane4
Sep 2203:00 GMT26.6-71.2130 °mph934 °mbHurricane4
Sep 2206:00 GMT26.8-71.1130 °mph934 °mbHurricane4
Sep 2209:00 GMT27.4-70.6130 °mph934 °mbHurricane4
Sep 2212:00 GMT28-70.6130 °mph934 °mbHurricane4
Sep 2215:00 GMT28.6-70.2130 °mph936 °mbHurricane4
Sep 2218:00 GMT29.7-69.8130 °mph936 °mbHurricane4
Sep 2221:00 GMT30.4-69.5130 °mph936 °mbHurricane4
Sep 2300:00 GMT30.8-69.1130 °mph932 °mbHurricane4
Sep 2303:00 GMT31.9-68.1130 °mph932 °mbHurricane4
Sep 2306:00 GMT32.4-67.9130 °mph935 °mbHurricane4
Sep 2309:00 GMT33.8-66.8125 °mph936 °mbHurricane3
Sep 2312:00 GMT34.1-64.9125 °mph936 °mbHurricane3
Sep 2315:00 GMT35.9-64.2130 °mph936 °mbHurricane4
Sep 2318:00 GMT37.8-62130 °mph940 °mbHurricane4
Sep 2321:00 GMT39.6-61125 °mph940 °mbHurricane3
Sep 2400:00 GMT42.3-60.7125 °mph935 °mbHurricane3
Sep 2403:00 GMT44.5-60.8105 °mph933 °mbPost-Tropical Cyclone2
Sep 2406:00 GMT45.1-61.1100 °mph933 °mbPost-Tropical Cyclone2
Sep 2409:00 GMT46-6190 °mph931 °mbPost-Tropical Cyclone1
Sep 2412:00 GMT47.3-61.585 °mph937 °mbPost-Tropical Cyclone1
Sep 2415:00 GMT47.9-61.380 °mph945 °mbPost-Tropical Cyclone1
Sep 2418:00 GMT47.7-61.475 °mph948 °mbPost-Tropical Cyclone1
Sep 2421:00 GMT48.4-60.570 °mph952 °mbPost-Tropical Cyclone--
There is no tracking data for this storm.