Tropical Storm Sally

Last Updated: 9/18/2020 3:00:00 AM (Coordinated Universal Time)

  • Location: 34.3 N 80.7 W
  • Movement: NE at 13 mph
  • Wind: 25mph
  • Pressure: 1004 mb
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WTNT44 KNHC 170831
Tropical Depression Sally Discussion Number  25
NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL       AL192020
400 AM CDT Thu Sep 17 2020
Although the overall convective cloud and rain shield in satellite 
and radar imagery continues to erode, Tropical Depression Sally is 
still producing significant rainfall across east-central Alabama 
and west-central and central Georgia.  Surface observations 
and Doppler radar data indicate that Sally has weakened to a 25-kt 
depression over southeastern Alabama.  Sally will continue to 
weaken, and fairly rapidly at that, due to increasing friction and 
loss of convection owing to very hostile westerly to southwesterly 
vertical wind shear in excess of 40 kt. Sally will likely 
degenerate into a remnant low pressure system by tonight or early 
Friday, and merge with a frontal system over North Carolina by 
Friday evening.
Sally is moving northeastward or 055/10 kt. A northeastward to 
east-northeastward motion will continue for the next 36 hours or 
so as the cyclone moves ahead of a broad deep-layer trough over the 
northeastern United States.  The official track forecast is down
the middle of the tightly packed NHC model guidance suite, and lies 
close to the previous advisory track and the consensus model HCCA.

This is the last NHC advisory on Sally.  Future information on this 
system, including the rainfall threat, can be found in Public 
Advisories issued by the Weather Prediction Center beginning at 
10 AM CDT, under AWIPS header TCPAT3, WMO header WTNT34 KWNH, and 
on the web at 
1. Widespread flooding is expected from central Georgia through 
southeastern Virginia.  Along the central Gulf Coast, most 
widespread moderate to major river flooding from the historic 
rainfall event will crest by the weekend, but rivers will remain 
elevated well into next week.
INIT  17/0900Z 31.8N  85.7W   25 KT  30 MPH...INLAND
 12H  17/1800Z 32.8N  84.2W   25 KT  30 MPH...INLAND
 24H  18/0600Z 34.0N  81.3W   20 KT  25 MPH...POST-TROP/REMNT LOW
 36H  18/1800Z 35.1N  78.4W   20 KT  25 MPH...POST-TROP/REMNT LOW
Forecaster Stewart

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Storm Track Statistics

Sep 1121:00 GMT25.4-7935 mph1,009 mbTropical Depression--
Sep 1200:00 GMT25.5-79.535 mph1,008 mbTropical Depression--
Sep 1203:00 GMT25.7-79.835 mph1,007 mbTropical Depression--
Sep 1206:00 GMT25.7-80.235 mph1,007 mbTropical Depression--
Sep 1209:00 GMT25.6-80.735 mph1,004 mbTropical Depression--
Sep 1212:00 GMT25.6-81.135 mph1,004 mbTropical Depression--
Sep 1215:00 GMT25.6-81.535 mph1,004 mbTropical Depression--
Sep 1218:00 GMT25.6-81.640 mph1,004 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1221:00 GMT25.7-81.940 mph1,004 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1300:00 GMT26-82.540 mph1,003 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1303:00 GMT26.3-82.940 mph1,003 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1306:00 GMT26.7-83.445 mph1,003 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1309:00 GMT27-8450 mph1,001 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1312:00 GMT27.3-84.650 mph996 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1315:00 GMT27.5-84.960 mph998 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1318:00 GMT27.7-85.560 mph998 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1321:00 GMT27.8-85.960 mph996 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1400:00 GMT27.9-86.260 mph996 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1403:00 GMT28.2-86.260 mph996 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1406:00 GMT28.1-86.960 mph996 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1409:00 GMT28.3-87.360 mph996 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1412:00 GMT28.4-87.465 mph994 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1415:00 GMT28.4-86.965 mph991 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1416:00 GMT28.6-86.985 mph985 mbHurricane1
Sep 1416:30 GMT28.7-8790 mph986 mbHurricane1
Sep 1418:00 GMT28.7-87.190 mph986 mbHurricane1
Sep 1421:00 GMT28.8-87.4100 mph987 mbHurricane2
Sep 1500:00 GMT28.8-87.5100 mph988 mbHurricane2
Sep 1503:00 GMT28.9-87.6100 mph986 mbHurricane2
Sep 1506:00 GMT28.8-8890 mph986 mbHurricane1
Sep 1509:00 GMT28.9-88.185 mph983 mbHurricane1
Sep 1512:00 GMT29.1-8885 mph982 mbHurricane1
Sep 1515:00 GMT29.1-88.285 mph983 mbHurricane1
Sep 1518:00 GMT29.2-88.280 mph982 mbHurricane1
Sep 1521:00 GMT29.5-88.180 mph979 mbHurricane1
Sep 1600:00 GMT29.6-8880 mph975 mbHurricane1
Sep 1601:00 GMT29.7-87.985 mph972 mbHurricane1
Sep 1602:00 GMT29.7-87.985 mph972 mbHurricane1
Sep 1603:00 GMT29.8-87.885 mph972 mbHurricane1
Sep 1604:00 GMT29.8-87.890 mph971 mbHurricane1
Sep 1605:00 GMT29.8-87.8100 mph970 mbHurricane2
Sep 1606:00 GMT29.9-87.8105 mph968 mbHurricane2
Sep 1606:30 GMT29.9-87.8105 mph968 mbHurricane2
Sep 1607:00 GMT30-87.8105 mph965 mbHurricane2
Sep 1608:00 GMT30-87.8105 mph965 mbHurricane2
Sep 1609:00 GMT30.1-87.7105 mph965 mbHurricane2
Sep 1610:00 GMT30.3-87.7105 mph965 mbHurricane2
Sep 1611:00 GMT30.3-87.7105 mph965 mbHurricane2
Sep 1612:00 GMT30.4-87.6100 mph967 mbHurricane2
Sep 1613:00 GMT30.5-87.690 mph970 mbHurricane1
Sep 1614:00 GMT30.5-87.585 mph972 mbHurricane1
Sep 1615:00 GMT30.6-87.480 mph975 mbHurricane1
Sep 1616:00 GMT30.7-87.480 mph975 mbHurricane1
Sep 1617:00 GMT30.8-87.275 mph978 mbHurricane1
Sep 1618:00 GMT30.9-87.170 mph982 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1621:00 GMT31.2-86.860 mph990 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1700:00 GMT31.5-86.545 mph994 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1703:00 GMT31.9-86.135 mph995 mbTropical Depression--
Sep 1709:00 GMT31.8-85.730 mph1,000 mbTropical Depression--
Sep 1715:00 GMT32.6-84.430 mph1,004 mbPost-Tropical Cyclone--
Sep 1721:00 GMT34.1-8115 mph1,004 mbPost-Tropical Cyclone--
Sep 1803:00 GMT34.3-80.725 mph1,004 mbPost-Tropical Cyclone--
There is no tracking data for this storm.