Tropical Storm Isaias

Last Updated: 8/5/2020 9:00:00 AM (Coordinated Universal Time)

  • Location: 47.5 N 71.8 W
  • Movement: NNE at 24 mph
  • Wind: 40mph
  • Pressure: 1000 mb
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Post-Tropical Cyclone Isaias
j EDT Wed Aug 5 2020
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WTNT44 KNHC 050838
Post-Tropical Cyclone Isaias Discussion Number  33
NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL       AL092020
500 AM EDT Wed Aug 05 2020
Surface observations indicate that Isaias continues to gradually
weaken over southeastern Quebec.  There have been a couple of
observing sites with marine exposure along the St. Lawrence River 
that have reported winds of around 35 kt within the past few 
hours. Therefore, the initial intensity is set at that value for 
this advisory.  The post-tropical cyclone should continue to 
weaken today, and the system is expected to be absorbed by a larger 
extratropical low over eastern Canada on Thursday. 
The cyclone has begun to decelerate and is now moving 015/24 kt.
The post-tropical cyclone should continue on a general 
north-northeastward motion with an additional decrease in forward
speed over the next 12-24 hours. The updated NHC track forecast is
similar to previous advisory and is near the middle of the tightly 
clustered dynamical model guidance.
This is the last NHC advisory on Isaias.  Additional information
on the post-tropical cyclone can be found in products issued by 
the Canadian Hurricane Center at:

INIT  05/0900Z 47.5N  71.8W   35 KT  40 MPH...POST-TROPICAL
 12H  05/1800Z 50.7N  70.6W   30 KT  35 MPH...POST-TROP/EXTRATROP
 24H  06/0600Z 53.3N  69.0W   25 KT  30 MPH...POST-TROP/EXTRATROP
 36H  06/1800Z...DISSIPATED
Forecaster Brown

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Storm Track Statistics

Jul 2815:00 GMT13.8-53.740 mph1,007 mbPotential Tropical Cyclone--
Jul 2818:00 GMT14.1-54.840 mph1,007 mbPotential Tropical Cyclone--
Jul 2821:00 GMT14.4-55.940 mph1,007 mbPotential Tropical Cyclone--
Jul 2900:00 GMT14.2-58.740 mph1,007 mbPotential Tropical Cyclone--
Jul 2903:00 GMT14.6-59.440 mph1,007 mbPotential Tropical Cyclone--
Jul 2906:00 GMT14.9-60.345 mph1,006 mbPotential Tropical Cyclone--
Jul 2909:00 GMT15.3-61.345 mph1,005 mbPotential Tropical Cyclone--
Jul 2912:00 GMT15.1-62.145 mph1,005 mbPotential Tropical Cyclone--
Jul 2915:00 GMT15.8-63.745 mph1,006 mbPotential Tropical Cyclone--
Jul 2918:00 GMT16.2-64.745 mph1,006 mbPotential Tropical Cyclone--
Jul 2921:00 GMT16.4-65.645 mph1,004 mbPotential Tropical Cyclone--
Jul 3000:00 GMT16-66.345 mph1,004 mbPotential Tropical Cyclone--
Jul 3003:00 GMT15.8-6750 mph1,004 mbTropical Storm--
Jul 3006:00 GMT16.7-67.250 mph1,004 mbTropical Storm--
Jul 3009:00 GMT17.2-67.960 mph1,003 mbTropical Storm--
Jul 3012:00 GMT17.6-68.560 mph1,003 mbTropical Storm--
Jul 3015:00 GMT18.1-68.960 mph1,003 mbTropical Storm--
Jul 3018:00 GMT18.9-69.860 mph1,003 mbTropical Storm--
Jul 3021:00 GMT19.5-70.660 mph999 mbTropical Storm--
Jul 3100:00 GMT19.9-71.260 mph999 mbTropical Storm--
Jul 3103:00 GMT20.5-71.960 mph999 mbTropical Storm--
Jul 3103:40 GMT20.3-72.180 mph995 mbHurricane1
Jul 3104:00 GMT20.4-72.280 mph995 mbHurricane1
Jul 3106:00 GMT20.6-72.780 mph992 mbHurricane1
Jul 3109:00 GMT20.9-73.380 mph990 mbHurricane1
Jul 3112:00 GMT21.3-73.980 mph990 mbHurricane1
Jul 3115:00 GMT21.7-74.575 mph992 mbHurricane1
Jul 3118:00 GMT22.2-75.275 mph991 mbHurricane1
Jul 3121:00 GMT22.6-75.775 mph991 mbHurricane1
Aug 100:00 GMT22.9-75.980 mph987 mbHurricane1
Aug 103:00 GMT23.3-76.480 mph987 mbHurricane1
Aug 106:00 GMT23.5-76.785 mph988 mbHurricane1
Aug 109:00 GMT23.9-77.185 mph988 mbHurricane1
Aug 112:00 GMT24.3-77.585 mph987 mbHurricane1
Aug 115:00 GMT24.7-77.980 mph987 mbHurricane1
Aug 118:00 GMT24.9-78.475 mph990 mbHurricane1
Aug 121:00 GMT25.1-78.770 mph993 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 200:00 GMT25.3-78.970 mph993 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 203:00 GMT25.5-79.170 mph995 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 206:00 GMT25.8-79.170 mph995 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 209:00 GMT26.3-79.565 mph996 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 212:00 GMT26.5-79.565 mph996 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 215:00 GMT26.9-79.665 mph995 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 218:00 GMT27.4-79.765 mph995 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 221:00 GMT27.8-79.870 mph994 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 300:00 GMT28.2-79.770 mph993 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 303:00 GMT28.5-79.870 mph995 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 306:00 GMT29-79.870 mph995 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 309:00 GMT29.7-79.970 mph994 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 312:00 GMT30.2-80.170 mph994 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 315:00 GMT30.7-80.170 mph998 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 318:00 GMT31.2-8070 mph993 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 321:00 GMT32-79.470 mph993 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 400:00 GMT32.8-7975 mph988 mbHurricane1
Aug 401:00 GMT33.1-78.885 mph988 mbHurricane1
Aug 403:00 GMT33.8-78.585 mph988 mbHurricane1
Aug 403:15 GMT33.9-78.485 mph988 mbHurricane1
Aug 404:00 GMT34.2-78.385 mph988 mbHurricane1
Aug 405:00 GMT34.6-78.180 mph990 mbHurricane1
Aug 406:00 GMT35-78.175 mph992 mbHurricane1
Aug 407:00 GMT35.5-7870 mph992 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 408:00 GMT35.9-77.770 mph993 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 409:00 GMT36.3-77.570 mph993 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 412:00 GMT37.7-76.870 mph993 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 413:00 GMT38.2-76.670 mph993 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 414:00 GMT38.7-76.370 mph993 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 415:00 GMT39.1-76.170 mph993 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 416:00 GMT39.6-75.870 mph993 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 417:00 GMT40.2-75.470 mph994 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 418:00 GMT40.9-75.165 mph994 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 419:00 GMT41.5-74.865 mph994 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 420:00 GMT42.1-74.565 mph994 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 421:00 GMT42.7-74.265 mph995 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 500:00 GMT43.6-7350 mph997 mbTropical Storm--
Aug 503:00 GMT45.3-72.545 mph1,000 mbPost-Tropical Cyclone--
Aug 506:00 GMT46.1-72.240 mph1,000 mbPost-Tropical Cyclone--
Aug 509:00 GMT47.5-71.840 mph1,000 mbPost-Tropical Cyclone--
There is no tracking data for this storm.