Remnants Of Wilfred

Storm Activity: Sep 18, 2020 - Sep 21, 2020

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Storm Track Statistics

Sep 1815:00 GMT11.9-32.440 mph1,008 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1821:00 GMT12.5-34.440 mph1,008 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1903:00 GMT12.8-3640 mph1,008 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1909:00 GMT13.1-36.940 mph1,007 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1915:00 GMT13.4-38.140 mph1,007 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 1921:00 GMT14-39.240 mph1,007 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 2003:00 GMT14.5-40.540 mph1,007 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 2009:00 GMT15-4240 mph1,007 mbTropical Storm--
Sep 2015:00 GMT15.7-44.235 mph1,008 mbTropical Depression--
Sep 2021:00 GMT15.9-45.835 mph1,008 mbTropical Depression--
Sep 2103:00 GMT15.9-47.435 mph1,008 mbRemnants Of--
There is no tracking data for this storm.