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Daily Downpour

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4:30 ET
Hosted by Meteorologists Tim Roche and Shaun Tanner

The Daily Downpour is your chance to get caught up on everything related to weather and the atmosphere. Meteorology is a hot topic today as the debate climate change rages on. Shaun and Tim do their best to decode the atmosphere and put it on display for all to see. The Learning Corner segment also allows listeners to better understand different aspects of meteorology. Join Shaun and Tim for their unique look at the air that swirls around us.

Wunder Weather Tech

Thursdays, 4:00 ET
Hosted by Developers Dr. Rob Carver, John Celenza-Hayes and Zak Leland

WunderWeather Tech is a show that discusses technology in the weather industry. Ever wonder how we forecast the next big snow storm? Or how RADAR works? Then you'll love WunderWeather Tech. The show is produced weekly and listener participation is encouraged. Join us at 4pm ET each Thursday and ask questions, get involved, be an expert on technology AND weather. Make talking about the weather a learning experience for you and your friends!

Wunder Travel

Thursdays, 5:30 ET
Hosted by Meteorologists Jess Parker and Kari Kiefer

The show will focus on providing you with all the world weather forecasts and travel news you need to help ensure that all of your excursions are "Wunder"ful ones. In the first segment of the show, they'll recap international weather news and take a look at weather going on around the globe. Following this section, they'll highlight the best and worst places to travel for the upcoming week--giving you expert advice on both national and global destinations. Finally, they'll end the show with Travel Spotlight. Throughout the course of the show they will also showcase green travel products and charitable organizations that have been at the forefront of helping with most recent natural disasters.

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