Just fading in and out - A ghost of my former self (). Photo by wanzewurld

Just fading in and out - A ghost of my former self

Uploaded by: wanzewurld

Friday March 28, 2008

Columbia, MS (Current Weather Conditions)

Caption: This was a self-portrait taken in my front yard. I took quite a few that night and liked this one the best. I had the camera set for a 15 second exposure, color-corrected for the street lights, and flashed myself with a 3-bulb, 3-AAA battery, LED flashlight. I'm going to redo it one day and try to get rid of the overall blueish cast of the LED light.


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I was born and raised in Columbia, MS and moved back in 1985. I'm an electician by trade and a weather scholar by choice. I enjoy taking photos and puttering about the house on first this project and then that one. Life is grand and my health is good enough to be able to appreciate the joys of semi-retirement.

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