Skywatch McKinney weather station (). Photo by mckTXaws

Skywatch McKinney weather station

Uploaded by: mckTXaws

Saturday January 19, 2013

McKinney, TX (Current Weather Conditions)

Caption: Here's my weather station(s) The top is the Vantage Pro2 anemometer and solar radiation sensors along with the Oregon Scientific WMR200 sensor unit. Below the VP2 anemometer is the weather camera which provides the photos to my Wundercam The smaller white item lower on the tower is the Acu-rite 00639W. The lower item on the pole is the rain/temp/humid unit of the Vantage Pro2. This also contains the transmitter which is on the front. The tower stand at 28' putting the anemometer as close as possible to NWS standard for the anemometer. Not perfect but close enough. Also at the top there's a small red beacon which is more for looks.


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My name is Matt McGee, I began weather watching in 2004 (6th grade) as a kids hobby. I got a Smithsonian toy weather station for Christmas. The following summer I got my first wireless unit which was a Lacrosse model. The station always gave me problems and it wasn't long before I trashed it. After that I built my own weather station and decided to turn to a scheduled route to record weather conditions. This was done at 8:00AM 3:00PM and 7:00PM for the summer of 2006. I quite this and bought my self another wireless unit. Like the first station it didn't work quite well I began to learn that you get what you pay for. After nearly 2 years of that I upgraded to an Oregon Scientific model. Not the best but better that was I previously delt with. I worked with that for 4 years before upgrading to a Davis Vantage Pro2 station. Best of the best. I was able to call my self a true weather watcher. About a year later I replaced my WMR100 with a WMR200. Even though Davis is far better I liked some of the things that the Oregon Scientific stations provided. I was also able to get the station higher and mounted on a sturdier foundation. I was also able to add solar sensors leaf wetness sensors soil moisture and soil temperature sensors which I also managed to display on my PWS in the web cam image. In the December of 2012 I added an Acu-rite 00639W to the lower portion of the pole to get a better idea of the weather differences at different heights. So far I'm happy with the station and hope to be able to provide the data fo the community for years to come. That in it's self is rewarding.

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