Dune - Morning Camel Footprints (desert ). Photo by KingGuile

Dune - Morning Camel Footprints

Uploaded by: KingGuile

Saturday March 15, 2008

Western Desert area, Egypt


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Hi : I recommend you to notice that taking qualitative and unique weather and nature photos in this part of the world [the Middle-East, and especially Israel] is almost an impossible task. There are some basic reasons for this: (1) No extreme weather here; nor tornados and typhoons; no water spouts [a very rare phenomenon, about once in 2-3 years] ; no snow and hail storms [ some 2-3 days of snow in a year, and on mountains 800 meters and above ] ; no dust and ice storms; no northern lights; and many nature's "NOs". (2) Here is The Cradle of Civilization. Beyond pride, this has been a destructive fact for the environment ; the region has been exposing to the destructive activities of human advancement. (3) No rare species of flora and fauna. (4) For the last 6,000 years, this region is an international transportation crossroads, especially for marine and continental routes. This has been destroying habitats, landscape, and environment. (5) This area has been experiencing wars, which destroy the nature at its whole. When I open my window, I do not see bears, nor whales, even not snowy mountains, or sequoia trees, or a field of poppies from horizon to horizon. Consequently, while you look at photos from Israel, remember how much efforts is put in order to bring you a good and interesting local photography. If you have a comment, suggestion, advice, positive or negative critique, or greeting, feel free to contact me on:cfaran@hotmail.com

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