Fashionable Turtle (tropical water wild+animals ). Photo by FloridaFanToo

Fashionable Turtle

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Saturday May 22, 2010


Caption: This fashionably colored turtle is a hatchling Florida soft-shelled turtle. It really caught my attention because I had never seen a turtle shell this color, nor one this young. They have soft lips which cover very strong jaws. They are powerful swimmers and can also run on land with speed and agility. In the water, they pursue and catch fish. Their shell is soft, leathery, and pliable. All softshell turtles have long tubular snouts which allow them to snorkel, breathing underwater by raising their long necks to the surface. This enables the turtle to stay hidden underwater for long periods. In addition, softshell turtles buried in the mud on a lake botton and waiting for prey can breathe by raising their heads out of the mud and pumping water in and out of their throats. Skin folds in the throat are rich in blood and capable of exchanging gases. This turtle is often seen crossing roads, but potential rescuers should be very careful. It can bite and claw ferociously. Their scientific name includes ferox,, which is Latin for wild and ferocious. Pick it up with a net preferably, otherwise, clasp the rear edge of the shell with both hands if it is not too slippery to hold. This baby was so small, though, it would fit in the palm of your hand, but I'm not sure I'd even want to hold one!


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