Foggy Tree 3a (clouds fog sky trees ). Photo by ChrisAnthemum

Foggy Tree 3a

Uploaded by: ChrisAnthemum

Thursday December 22, 2011

Westfield, NC (Current Weather Conditions)

Caption: In an attempt to answer a question about my use of flash, I took a series of three photographs of the same subject at the same time early this morning, using different (automatic) camera settings; you can see the differences. This is the same photo as #3 but edited with Paint Shop Pro to increase saturation 25% and contrast 5%; this program strips out EXIF.


This image does not contain EXIF data.

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Wife, mother, grandmother, gardener, naturalist, writer, artist, crafter, homeschooler, owner and occasional breeder of registered Shetland Sheepdogs, and a child of the King. Rank amateur at most of these. Live in Westfield, NC, near the western mountains.Some of my photos are now available for sale from Fine Art America. Please check the website: tml only join the html -- for some reason this site won't let me do it. Clicking on my website below leads to FAA's main page, but you can access my gallery there by putting my name Kathryn Meyer in the search box.

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