IC443 The Jellyfish Nebula (astronomy winter from+the+sky nighttime ). Photo by Astronight

IC443 The Jellyfish Nebula

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Monday December 17, 2007

north billerica, MA (Current Weather Conditions)

Caption: IC443 is a beautiful supernova remnant in the constellation Gemini, produced by a supernova explosion thought to have occurred about 30,000 years ago. X-ray emissions are produced by a neutron star hidden deep within the nebula, which is all that remains of the original star. The neutron star is highly dense and rapidly rotating, representing the end stage of a star with between 1.4 and 3 solar masses. In addition to hydrogen, the nebula is comprised of other more complex elements such as oxygen, silicon, carbon, and iron, which were created during the star's lifetime through nuclear fusion . These elements may someday become part of a solar system that could support life.


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