Giant Red Ants (Spring insects wild+animals ). Photo by ofieldstream

Giant Red Ants

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Monday May 5, 2008

Goshen, OH (Current Weather Conditions)

Caption: We were visiting our son and his family recently near Goshen, OH. My son found a large colony of Polyergus lucidus lucidus outside of their house. These are very large red, aggressive, ants that will really put the 'hurt' on you if they bite you: and they WILL bite you! The polyergus lucidus is a member of a small genus of 6 species of slave-raiding ants known as Amazon Ants. The name is more related to their 'size' than to a location. These are very odd-ball ants. Totally the opposite of the industrious model most have of ants. Polyergus has lost the ability to care for their young or even feed themselves. So they subsist as social parasites and enslave smaller ants to do their bidding. This is an ant with NO COMMON NAME .. officially. But when they bite someone and the recipient describes the ants that bit him/her, they are usually described as, "...big red sons-o-b&%&*!es!!" The polyergus lucidus lucidus - translated means (roughly) slave-raiding lucifer lucifer. OK .. any wonder why their bite hurts like hell and their seeming existence depends on the enslavement of other ants to do their bidding. Hmmm. ". D


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