My nicest lightning strike ever !!!! (lightning thunderstorm clouds rain hail Spring Summer from+the+sky sky Summer+sports trees nighttime ). Photo by emixam101

My nicest lightning strike ever !!!!

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Monday June 16, 2008

Sainte-Marie de Beauce, Canada

Caption: Here it is a video capture at DVD quality on a slow-Motion of my nicest lightning strike ever in my life in 13 years of observations !!! This was also the nicest storm I have never seen in my life !! The lightning strike was about 2.66 kilometers aways ! (1.65 miles away !) There was NO RAIN at my home when I haved capture this ! But we see very clearly the précipitation on the right of the picture and on the left and the top no precipitation ! :) We haved 2 thunderstorms in the evening, one at 19h (7 PM) and another at 20h (8 PM) But this was the closest lightning strike of the first storm and the second closer of the 2 storm ! Homewer, the closest lightning strike has chashed Bckyard about 0.8-1 kilometer away (about 0.5-1.6 mille away) This show to you that we had somes goods storms in Quebec province (The south part in general, south of the large river), Canada in spring and summer times too ! :P We had about 10 since June 2nd this year ! ENJOY !!!! :) NOTE : this picture has passed on the weather channel here called ''MÉTÉO-MÉDIA'' TODAY !!!! :D :)


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Hi all ! My name is Maxime, I'm 25 years old and I live in a beautiful city called Sainte-Marie de Beauce in Quebec Canada. I love nature and mostly all Meteorogical phenomenons. I enjoy all extremes of mother nature because she has an incredible force. I take photos since Mai 1997 and passed to the numerical in August 2008. I do weather videos since December 2004. I love nature since i was 6 years old. I hope you enjoy and will enjoy a portion of that here on wunderground ! And PLEASE ! NOTE AND COMMENT !!!!! ALWAYS APPRECIATED ! I will comment on yours in return ! I also like to see your pictures everydays because everyone have unique thoughs while taking a photo ! See you all on the site ! Maxime

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