Weather Stations in CT, United States

Station ID Neighborhood City Station Type Site
ISTARTMJ2 Hunter's Ridge  Stafford Springs     
KCTAMSTO5 Woodside Road Amston Lake  Amston  other   
KCTAMSTO4 Reidy Hill Rd  Amston  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTANDOV3 Shoddy Mill Rd Andover CT  Andover  Rainwise MK-III   
KCTANDOV2 Merritt Valley Road  Andover  Netatmo   
KCTANSON4 Hill Top  Ansonia  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTASHFO8 Grass Hill  Ashford  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTASHFO6 SummerHill  Ashford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTASHFO9 Ashford  Ashford  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTASHFO4 Southwest Ashford  Ashford  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTASHFO5 Perry Hill  Ashford  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTAVON15 Avon, CT  Avon  other   
KCTAVON16 Jackson Heights  Avon  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTAVON14 Talcott Mountain Science Center  Avon  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTAVON11 Sky View Drive  Avon  Netatmo   
KCTAVON7 Stonefield  Avon  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KCTAVON18 Lawrence/Francis Neighborhood  Avon  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTAVON6 Waterville  Avon  Bloomsky 
KCTBALTI2   Baltic  Lacrosse 2811   
KCTBARKH10 Ripley Hill  Barkhamsted  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTBARKH12 Summit of W West Hill Rd  Barkhamsted  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTBARKH11 Lower East West Hill  Barkhamsted  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTBARKH13 Barkhamsted - Washington Hill  Barkhamsted  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTBEACO4 Beacon Falls East  Beacon Falls  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTBELLT2 Stamford  Belltown  Netatmo   
KCTBERLI8 Worthington Ridge  Berlin  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTBERLI6 North Kensington  Berlin  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless) 
KCTBERLI7 Chamberlain Hwy & Norton Rd  Berlin  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KCTKENSI3 Berlin, CT-Percival Avenue  Berlin  Davis Vantage Pro2 
KCTBETHA3 Bethany  Bethany  Vantage Vue   
KCTBETHA4 Blue Birds Knoll  Bethany  Davis Vantage Pro 2 Wireless 
KCTBETHE6 Grassy Plain near South St  Bethel  other   
KCTBETHE5 (Stony Hill) Bethel,Ct  Bethel  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless) 
KCTBETHE4 Downtown Bethel  Bethel  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTBETHE3 Plumtrees  Bethel  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTBETHL5 Bethlehem  Bethlehem  Davis Vantage Vue   
KCTBETHL10 Country  Bethlehem  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTBLOOM5 Oxbow Lane  Bloomfield  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTBOLTO6 Jethro  Bolton  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTBOLTO3 Bolton Notch  Bolton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTBOLTO5 Baker Brook/Daria Dr.  Bolton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTBOLTO2 Fish Farms  Bolton  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KCTBOLTO4 BirdCo Weather Solutions (Route 6)  Bolton  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTBOZRA2 Yantic River  Bozrah  Davis Vantage VUE   
KCTBRANF15 Farm River leading to Long Island Sound  Branford  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTBRANF8 Beacon Hill/Lake Saltonstall - Branford  Branford  Davis Vantage Pro2 Wireless 
KCTBRANF16 Branford  Branford  Netatmo   
KCTBRANF14 Cherry HIll  Branford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTBRANF7 Branford  Branford  Davis VP2 
KCTBRIDG3 Bridgeport  Bridgeport     
KCTBRIDG8 Bridgewater Honey Wolf Sanctuary  Bridgewater  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTBRIST26 Fall Mountain  Bristol  other   
KCTBRIST32 Behind ESPN  Bristol  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTBRIST12 High Meadow  Bristol  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KCTBRIST13 Redstone Hill Road  Bristol  Netatmo   
KCTBRIST15 Chippens Hill  Bristol  Netatmo   
KCTBRIST19 Ingraham Street  Bristol  Netatmo   
KCTBRIST23 Chippens Hill  Bristol  Netatmo   
KCTBRIST29 Bristol  Bristol  Netatmo   
KCTBRIST30 Chippens Hill  Bristol  Bloomsky   
KCTBRIST9 Steve's backyard  Bristol     
KCTBRIST28 Forestville  Bristol  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTBRIST33 East Bristol  Bristol  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTBRIST27 Cadee's Weather  Bristol  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless) 
KCTBRIST14 Dembi's Weather  Bristol  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KCTBROAD4 Melrose Road  Broad Brook  Ambient Weather WS-900-IP (Wireless)   
KCTBROAD3 Intersection of Windsorville and Chamberlain  Broad Brook  other   
KCTBROOK4 Pointe at Barkwood Falls  Brookfield  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTBROOK7 Powder Horn Hl  Brookfield  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTBROOK15 LongMeadow  Brookfield  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTBROOK12 Candlewood Shores  Brookfield  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTBROOK3 Allen Hill Road  Brooklyn  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled) 
KCTBROOK13 East Brooklyn  Brooklyn  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KCTBROOK14 East Brooklyn  Brooklyn  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTBURLI10 The Vineyard  Burlington  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KCTBURLI5 Fawn Hill Road  Burlington  Davis Vantage Pro 2 Fan Aspirated   
KCTBURLI11 Johnnycake Mtn Vicinity  Burlington  Netatmo Weather Station   
KCTBURLI18 Bear Crossing  Burlington  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTBURLI12 Wildcat Road  Burlington  Netatmo   
KCTBURLI9 Spielman Highway  Burlington  Netatmo   
KCTBURLI8 cricket lane  Burlington  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTBURLI17 Davis Rd  Burlington  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTBURLI15 Deer Run  Burlington  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTCANAA2 West Main St.  Canaan  Ambient Weather WS-900-IP (Wireless)   
KCTCANTE5 Canterbury  Canterbury  Netatmo   
KCTCANTE3 The Farm  Canterbury  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTCANTO10 Nepaug Reservoir  Canton  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTCANTO3 ThreePines Brewing  Canton  Davis Vantage Pro2 and Envoy8x 
KCTCANTO12 Sweetheart Mountain  Canton  other   
KCTCANTO13 West Rd  Canton  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTCANTO9 Collinsville  Canton  Netatmo   
KCTCANTO11 True North Teens, an Alternative to High School  Canton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KCTCANTO7 Skibumsplace  Canton  Davis Vantage Pro2 
KCTCANTO6 Case's Farm  Canton Center  Vantage Vue 
KCTCENTR2 Waterford EOC  Central Waterford  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTCHESH7 Willow's Watch Cheshire/Hamden line  Cheshire  Davis vantage vue   
KCTCHESH29 Harrison Road  Cheshire  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTCHESH15 Cheshire Village  Cheshire  Netatmo   
KCTCHESH17 Mountaincrest Drive  Cheshire  Netatmo   
KCTCHESH19 Rietstrasse  Cheshire  Netatmo   
KCTCHESH30 Park Place X Taylor Ave  Cheshire  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTCHESH10 Cheshire Hamden Line  Cheshire  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KCTCHESH21 Cornwall at Doolittle Farm  Cheshire  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KCTCHESH14 Wyndemere Court  Cheshire  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless) 
KCTCHESH23 Coleman  Cheshire  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KCTCHESH28 Flat Backyard  Cheshire  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTCHESH25 Peck Lane and Sheridan Drive  Cheshire  other   
KCTCLINT13 Grove Beach  Clinton  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KCTCLINT14 Hurd Bridge Road  Clinton  Netatmo   
KCTCLINT18 Vienna Lane  Clinton  Netatmo   
KCTCLINT16 Stony Point  Clinton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTCOLCH12 Carli Blvd  Colchester  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KCTCOLCH6 Lyons' Den  Colchester  Davis Vantage Vue   
KCTCOLCH21 Lucas-farms[Bull Hill Colchester]  Colchester  Ambient Weather WS-900-IP (Wireless)   
KCTCOLCH14 Shadbush Dr  Colchester  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTCOLEB1 Sandy Brook Ravine  Colebrook  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTCOLEB8 SandyBrook  Colebrook  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KCTCOLEB4 Colebrook, CT - Pine Road  Colebrook  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KCTCOLLI2 Overlooking Farmington River  Collinsville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTCOLUM3 SANTA'S HOUSE  Columbia  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KPACOLUM4 Mono Pond  Columbia  Davis Vantage Vue 
KCTCOLUM2 Fox Hill Farm  Columbia  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTCOLUM4 Hunt Hill  Columbia  LaCrosse   
KCTCOLUM5 Grandpa's Hen House  Columbia  LaCrosse   
KCTCORNW3 Cornwall  Cornwall     
KCTCOSCO4 Bible Street_Pinetum  Cos Cob  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTCOVEN7 Hurricane Cooper  Coventry  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTCOVEN4 Bailey Carpentry - Coventry  Coventry  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KCTCOVEN9 Skungamaug River  Coventry  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KCTCROMW9 MATTABASSETT  Cromwell  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTCROMW6 Cromwell Route 9  Cromwell  Davis Vantage Pro   
KCTDANBU4 Gregory ST  Danbury   
KCTDANBU26 Hausmann Rd  Danbury  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTDANBU8 Fir Dr  Danbury  Davis Vantage Vue   
KCTDANBU1   Danbury  Davis Weather Vue 
KCTDANBU24 Danbury- Margerie Lake Reservoir Area  Danbury  Bloomsky 
KCTDANBU13 Danbury  Danbury     
KCTDANBU16 Crofut Place  Danbury  Netatmo   
KCTDANBU17 Dogwood Park North  Danbury  Netatmo   
KCTDANBU23 Crestview - Candlewood Lake  Danbury  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTDANBU29 Wooster Village  Danbury  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTDANBU34 Shelter Rock  Danbury  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTDANBU35 Kingswood area  Danbury  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTDANBU10 Aunt Hack B  Danbury  Acurite 3-1   
KCTDANBU9 Aunt Hack A  Danbury  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTDANBU28 Benson Drive  Danbury  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTDANBU11 King Street Area  Danbury  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless)   
KCTDANIE4   Danielson  Davis Vantage Pro II 
KCTDANIE6 South Killingly  Danielson  Bloomsky 
KCTDARIE10 Saint Nicholas Road  Darien  Netatmo   
KCTDARIE12 Searles Road  Darien  Netatmo   
KCTDARIE14 Outlook Drive  Darien  Netatmo   
KCTDARIE7 Cove - East Side - Shippan  Darien  Netatmo   
KCTDARIE8 Peach Hill Road  Darien  Netatmo   
KCTDARIE5   Darien     
KCTDEEPR3 Hemlock Drive  Deep River  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTDERBY2 Forest  Derby  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTDURHA1 Radar & Live Cams  Durham  Rainwise MKIII 
KCTDURHA6 Haddam Quarter Road  Durham  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTDURHA2 Old Blue Hills Rd  Durham  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KCTDURHA10 Durham  Durham  Netatmo   
KCTDURHA7 Etzel Drive  Durham  Netatmo   
KCTDURHA5 North West Durham  Durham  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless) 
KCTEASTG2 Wintergreen Lane  East Granby  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless) 
KCTEASTG3 Country Club Lane  East Granby  Netatmo   
KCTEASTH45 Millington  East Haddam  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTEASTH11 Hadlyme  East Haddam  WMR-88A   
KCTEASTH33 Zoomer  East Hampton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KCTEASTH44 Goon City Ridge  East Hampton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTEASTH22 Hog Hill  East Hampton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTEASTH34 Cobalt, CT  East Hampton  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless)   
KCTEASTH31 RidgeRunner  East Hampton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTEASTH26 Lake Pocotopaug  East Hampton  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KCTEASTH2 North End Of East Hartford  East Hartford  Davis VP2 
KCTEASTH39 Oakdale Farms  East Hartford  Bloomsky   
KCTEASTH40 Forest St  East Hartford  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KCTEASTH24 East Hartford  East Hartford     
KCTEASTH16   East Hartford  acurite   
KCTEASTH47 East Hartford  East Hartford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTEASTH14 East Hartland, CT  East Hartland  Davis Vantage PRO 2   
KCTEASTH38 Cosey beach  East Haven  Bloomsky   
KCTEASTH1  East Haven  Davis Vantage Pro 
KCTEASTH27 east haven morgan point  East Haven  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTEASTH28 Lighthouse Point  East Haven  Weatherflow   
KCTEASTH20 Momauguin  East Haven  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KCTEASTH21 Foxon  East Haven  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTEASTL8 Laurel Hills  East Lyme  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTEASTL12 Niantic  East Lyme  Netatmo   
KCTEASTL9 Mayfield Terrace  East Lyme  Netatmo   
KCTEASTL15 Crescent Beach  East Lyme  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTEASTL16 East Lyme  East Lyme  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KCTEASTL1 Flanders @ Village Drive  East Lyme  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTEASTW3 Cricket Road  East Windsor  Netatmo   
KCTEASTO10 N Park and Sanford  Easton  WMR-918   
KCTEASTO12 Morehouse Road  Easton  Netatmo   
KCTEASTO13 Doppler Donna  Easton  Netatmo   
KCTELLIN2 Ellington Weather  Ellington  Davis Vantage Vue   
KCTENFIE16 Post Office Road  Enfield  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTENFIE10 Thompsonville  Enfield  Netatmo Weather Station   
KCTENFIE14 Sherwood Manor  Enfield  Netatmo   
KCTENFIE17 Southwood Acres  Enfield  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTESSEX4 Sunset Pond  Essex  other   
KCTESSEX8 Mares Hill-Old Dobbin Lane  Essex  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTESSEX7 Gates Rd, Essex  Essex  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTFAIRF18 Fairfield Police Department  Fairfield  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KCTFAIRF10 Beach Area  Fairfield  Davis Vantage Vue   
KCTFAIRF33 Brooklawn Country Club  Fairfield  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTFAIRF32 Tuller Road  Fairfield  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTFAIRF21 Winnepoge Drive  Fairfield  Netatmo   
KCTFAIRF28 Rowland Road  Fairfield  Netatmo   
KCTFAIRF30 Melville Avenue  Fairfield  Netatmo   
KCTFAIRF14 South Benson Marina  Fairfield  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled) 
KCTFAIRF34 Stratfield  Fairfield  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTFAIRF23 University Area  Fairfield  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTFAIRF27 Fairfield Town Hall  Fairfield  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KCTFAIRF11 Stratfield Area  Fairfield  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTFARMI4 East Farmington Heights  Farmington  Davis VantagePro 2 plus   
KCTFARMI15 Farmington, CT  Farmington  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTFARMI10 Bradford Walk  Farmington  Netatmo   
KCTFARMI11 Lazy Lane  Farmington  Netatmo   
KCTFARMI8 Farmington Ridge Drive  Farmington  Netatmo   
KCTFARMI5 Unionville, CT. Squirrel Station Link1  Farmington  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTFARMI17 Bonnie Dr  Farmington  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTFRANK3 Pete's Farm  Franklin  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTGALES4 Norman Dr  Gales Ferry  Bloomsky   
KCTGALES3 River dr  Gales Ferry  Bloomsky   
KCTGLAST10 Buttonball  Glastonbury     
KCTGLAST11 East Glastonbury  Glastonbury  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTGLAST14 South Glastonbury  Glastonbury  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTGLAST17 Candlelight & Gristmill  Glastonbury  other   
KCTGLAST22 Avalon Farms  Glastonbury  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTGLAST9 Strickland St  Glastonbury  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless) 
KCTGLAST15 Old Farms Rd  Glastonbury  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTGLAST12 Hubbard Green  Glastonbury  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTGOSHE9 GuinnyPig  Goshen  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTGOSHE4   Goshen  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTGRANB5 Aster Drive  Granby  Davis   
KCTGRANB3 Granby Farms  Granby  La Crosse Technology WS-2813U-IT 
KCTGRANB6 North Granby / Peck Orchard  Granby  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTGRANB9 West Granby Road  Granby  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTGREEN49 Glenville  Greenwich  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTGREEN64 Bruce Park  Greenwich  Ambient Weather WS-900-IP (Wireless)   
KCTGREEN62 Back Country  Greenwich  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KCTGREEN23 Greenwich Country Day School  Greenwich  Oregon Scientific Professional Weather Center   
KCTGREEN42 Greenwich Skating Club  Greenwich  Oregon Scientific Professional Weather Center   
KCTGREEN18 Stanwich School  Greenwich  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless)   
KCTGREEN43 Greenwich 4th ward  Greenwich  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTGREEN31 Byram  Greenwich  other   
KCTGREEN24 Greenwich  Greenwich     
KCTGREEN28 Lake Avenue  Greenwich  Netatmo   
KCTGREEN29 West Elm Street  Greenwich  Netatmo   
KCTGREEN38 Old Mill Road  Greenwich  Netatmo   
KCTGREEN53 Hodkovičky  Greenwich  Netatmo   
KCTGREEN60 Greenwich  Greenwich  Netatmo   
KCTGREEN63 glenville  Greenwich  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTGREEN16   Greenwich  Rainwise Mk III 
KCTGREEN5 Glenville  Greenwich  La Crosse 2310   
KCTGREEN55 Northwest Greenwich  Greenwich  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KCTGREEN35 Central Greenwich  Greenwich  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless) 
KCTGROTO15 In the office  Groton  Rainwise MK-III   
KCTGROTO14 South Road, Groton, CT  Groton  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTGROTO16 Fort Hill  Groton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTGROTO5 Groton Dock Thames River  Groton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTGROTO9 Mumford Cove  Groton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTGROTO17 Groton  Groton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTGROTO11 Mystic  Groton  Netatmo   
KCTGROTO8 Groton Fort Griswold  Groton     
KCTGROTO19 Tanglewood  Groton  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTGROTO12 Mystic  Groton  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTGROTO1 Groton Bank, Fort Griswold Battlefield  Groton  AcuRite Pro weather center 
KCTGROTO20 East Shore Thames River Near EB  Groton  Ambient Weather WS-900-IP (Wireless)   
KCTGUILF6 Orcutt  Guilford  WMR968   
KCTGUILF10 Bishops Orchards-LHR  Guilford  RainWise AgroMET   
KCTGUILF8 Bishop's Orchards  Guilford  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KCTGUILF9 Bishops Orchards-Meadow Ridge  Guilford  Davis VantagePro2 
KCTGUILF17 Hoadley Creek Guilford  Guilford  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KCTGUILF2 Mullberry Pt.  Guilford  Davis Vantage pro2 
KCTGUILF12 Greenwood Lane  Guilford  Netatmo   
KCTGUILF16 TUKKER-USA  Guilford  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTHADDA4 higganum  Haddam  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled) 
KCTHADDA3 Cockaponsett  Haddam  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTHAMDE10 MT Carmel  Hamden  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTHAMDE21 Benham Hill Area  Hamden  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTHAMDE12 Aspen Glen Drive  Hamden  Netatmo   
KCTHAMDE14 Addison Road  Hamden  Netatmo   
KCTHAMDE11 Mountain Road Hamden  Hamden  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KCTHAMDE4 Dunbar Hill  Hamden  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless) 
KCTHAMDE23 Quinnipiac  Hamden  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTHAMDE18  Hamden  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless) 
KCTHAMPT1 Near Route 6  Hampton  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KCTHARTF3 Asylum Hill  Hartford  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KCTHARTF4 hartford  Hartford  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTHARTF2 Hartford-Huntley  Hartford     
KCTHARTF5 West Hartford  Hartford  Netatmo   
KCTHARWI9 Wildcat Hill  Harwinton  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KCTHARWI10 Cottage rd,Harwinton (near RT8)  Harwinton  Ambient Weather WS-900-IP (Wireless)   
KCTHARWI4 Lake Harwinton  Harwinton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTHEBRO7 Amston Lake  Hebron  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTHEBRO5 London Road  Hebron  Davis Vantage Vue   
KCTHEBRO10 Amston, CT  Hebron  Bloomsky   
KCTHEBRO9 Jones  Hebron  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTHEBRO3 At Skinner Lane  Hebron  Davis Weather Monitor   
KCTHIGGA2 Higganum, CT  Higganum  Davis Vantage Vue   
KCTKENSI6 Regency Condo's Berlin Ct  Kensington  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KCTKENSI5 Holly Court  Kensington  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTKENSI7 Stillmeadow  Kensington  Ambient Weather WS-900-IP (Wireless)   
KCTKILLI7 Alvia Chase Res  Killingly  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTKILLI13 Killingly Drive  Killingly  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KCTKILLI12 Dayville  Killingly  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTKILLI3 St. Lawrence Church Neighborhood  Killingworth  Davis Weather Monitor II 
KCTKILLI8 Kenilworth Drive  Killingworth  Netatmo   
KCTKILLI18 Middle Roast Meat Hill Rd  Killingworth  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KCTKILLI17 birch mill  Killingworth  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTLAKEV2 A. Whitney Griswold Science Building at The Hotchkiss School  Lakeville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled) 
KCTLEBAN6 Red Oak Stable  Lebanon  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTLEBAN2 Babcock Hill  Lebanon  Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus   
KCTLEBAN8 Middle School - IT Pod  Lebanon  Rainwise MK-III SP   
KCTLEBAN4 Meadow House Farm  Lebanon  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTLEBAN7 Roger Foote & Perry Road  Lebanon  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KCTLEDYA3 Parsonage Hill  Ledyard  Oregon Scientific   
KCTLEDYA8 Western Highlands  Ledyard  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTLEDYA6 Windward Lane  Ledyard  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTLEDYA7 Highlands, Ledyard CT  Ledyard  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTLEDYA9 Ledyard, CT  Ledyard  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTLISBO4 Lisbon  Lisbon  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTLISBO3 Kimball Road  Lisbon  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KCTLITCH8 Dratke Brew Werks  Litchfield  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTLITCH11 Litchfield  Litchfield  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTLITCH6 Milton Road  Litchfield  Netatmo   
KCTLITCH7 Chestnut Hill  Litchfield  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTLITCH9 White Memorial Conservation Center  Litchfield  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KCTLONGR2 Pound Ridge  Long Ridge  Netatmo   
KCTLYME3 Grassy Hill  Lyme  WeatherStationPro   
KCTLYME5 Lord's Creek  Lyme  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTLYME1 Mount Archer  Lyme  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KCTMADIS26 Neck River Farms  Madison  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMADIS25 The Twilight Zone  Madison  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMADIS29 Seaview Beach  Madison  LaCrosse Weather Pro Center 2800 Series   
KCTMADIS8 Jefferson Park, Madison, CT  Madison  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMADIS22 Barberry Farms  Madison  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMADIS14 1 Mile South Of Circle  Madison  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMADIS23 Twin Bridge Woods  Madison  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMADIS12 Madison-Beach Road  Madison     
KCTMADIS18 Hammonasset  Madison  Weatherflow   
KCTMADIS21 Nortontown Road  Madison  Netatmo   
KCTMADIS11 DH Manor  Madison  RainWise MK-III-LR   
KCTMADIS27 Farm View Dr.  Madison  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTMADIS20 Neck River Farms  Madison  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTMADIS24 old toll road  Madison  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTMANCH7 Timber Trail (NMAMWS)  Manchester  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KCTMANCH1 SW Manchester  Manchester  Davis Vantage Pro 
KCTMANCH11 Woodland Gardens  Manchester  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMANCH9 Greenwood  Manchester  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMANCH12 D-Ridge  Manchester  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMANCH14 On The Hill  Manchester  Oregon Scientific Professional Weather Center   
KCTMANCH6 GraVan Garden  Manchester  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KCTMANCH8 dartmouth heights  Manchester  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTMANCH10 Hilliard  Manchester  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMANSF9 Storrs  Mansfield  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KCTMANSF12 mansfield ave  Mansfield  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMANSF3 Oak Grove Montessori School  Mansfield Center  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KCTMANSF14 Southern Mansfield Center  Mansfield Center  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMANSF13 Bassetts Bridge  Mansfield Center  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KCTMARIO2 Cheshire  Marion  Netatmo   
KCTMARLB5 Ruby Estates  Marlborough  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMERID4   Meriden  Oregon Scientific WMR-968   
KCTMERID8 Meriden, CT - North End  Meriden  AcuRite 01515   
KCTMERID18 South Meriden  Meriden  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless) 
KCTMERID19 Washington park  Meriden  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMERID17 Prospect Avenue  Meriden  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMERID14 Old Colony Road  Meriden  Netatmo   
KCTMIDDL38 Middle Haddam  Middle Haddam  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMIDDL35 Middlebury Terrace  Middlebury  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMIDDL20 Westwood Drive  Middlebury  Netatmo   
KCTMIDDL25 Lake Quassapaug  Middlebury  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTMIDDL29 Mid-MTN  Middlefield  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless) 
KCTMIDDL12 Middletown Framing  Middletown  ambient ws-2080 
KCTMIDDL30 RidgeLake77  Middletown  Ambient Weather WS-900-IP (Wireless)   
KCTMIDDL37 Pameacha Pond  Middletown  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless)   
KCTMIDDL14 Middletown  Middletown     
KCTMIDDL17 Monarca Drive  Middletown  Netatmo   
KCTMIDDL33 South Farms  Middletown  Ambient Weather WS-900-IP (Wireless)   
KCTMIDDL27 McCormick  Middletown  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTMIDDL26 Woodland Estates  Middletown  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMIDDL28 Westfield Ridge  Middletown  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMILFO31 Pearl Hill St  Milford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMILFO8 Westport Place  Milford  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KCTMILFO21 Windsong Lane  Milford  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTMILFO12 Ranch Road  Milford  Netatmo   
KCTMILFO15 Boston Post Road  Milford  Netatmo   
KCTMILFO33 Calf Pen  Milford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMILFO20 Walnut Beach  Milford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMILFO14 Bayview Heights  Milford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMILFO17 Devon Milford  Milford  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTMILFO7 Great River: Milford  Milford  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KCTMILFO19 Platt Regional Vocational High School  Milford  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless) 
KCTMILLP2 Danbury  Mill Plain (Danbury)  Netatmo   
KCTMONRO22 Josies Ring Road, Stevenson  Monroe  RainWise MK-III-LR   
KCTMONRO2 IP HQ Bradford Green  Monroe  WMR968   
KCTMONRO12 Stepney - Hattertown Road  Monroe  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMONRO14 Fox Run  Monroe  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMONRO20 Jimmys Lawn Knorr Road Monroe Ct  Monroe  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMONRO18 Monroe Stevenson Hilltop  Monroe  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KCTMONTV6 Oakdale Middle School  Montville  Rainwise MK-III   
KCTMONTV3 Montville High School  Montville  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless) 
KCTMONTV5 Uncasville Kitemaug  Montville  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTMONTV4 Woodland Dr. and Allen Dr.  Montville  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTMOODU1   Moodus  OS WMR-968   
KCTMOODU5 Falls Bashan Rd.  Moodus  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTMOOSU2 Moosup Fire Department  Moosup  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTMORRI2 Burgess Road  Morris  other 
KCTNAUGA6 Straitsville Road  Naugatuck  Netatmo   
KCTNAUGA10 Naugatuck High School Weather Station  Naugatuck  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KCTNAUGA11 Hickory Ln and Field St  Naugatuck  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTNAUGA3 Wooster Street  Naugatuck  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KCTNEWBR12 Turfguy's Yard  New Britain  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTNEWBR7   New Britain  Rainwise MKIII 
KCTNEWBR11 CCSU/Stanley Quarter Park  New Britain  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTNEWBR14 Glen Street  New Britain  Netatmo   
KCTNEWBR16 Kulper Road  New Britain  Netatmo   
KCTNEWBR18 Christopher Circle  New Britain  Netatmo   
KCTNEWBR20 NEAR ST MARY'S CEMETARY  New Britain  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTNEWBR22 J's weather  New Britain  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTNEWCA22 New Canaan  New Canaan  Ambient Weather WS-900-IP (Wireless)   
KCTNEWCA19 New Canaan, CT  New Canaan  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTNEWCA10 Oenoke Ridge  New Canaan  Netatmo   
KCTNEWCA15 Carriage Lane  New Canaan  Netatmo   
KCTNEWCA16 New Canaan  New Canaan  Netatmo   
KCTNEWCA18 Norwalk  New Canaan  Netatmo   
KCTNEWCA21 New Canaan  New Canaan  Netatmo   
KCTNEWFA3 Beaver Bog Road New Fairfield CT  New Fairfield  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTNEWFA5 Cloverleaf Drive  New Fairfield  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless) 
KCTNEWFA6 Meadoway  New Fairfield  Netatmo   
KCTNEWFA11 Bear Mountain  New Fairfield  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KCTNEWFA13 Farmers Ln  New Fairfield  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KCTNEWHA5 Gillette Rd  New Hartford  AMBIENT WS-1080 
KCTNEWHA25 Ski Sundown  New Hartford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KCTNEWHA2 West Hill Area  New Hartford  Peet Ultimeter 2100 
KCTNEWHA4 Yale, Kline Geology Lab  New Haven     
KCTNEWHA13 New Haven - Criscuolo Park  New Haven     
KCTNEWHA23 West New Haven  New Haven  Netatmo   
KCTNEWHA10 Rock Hill  New Haven  Davis Vantage Vue� (Wireless))   
KCTNEWLO8 Fort Trumbull  New London  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTNEWLO4 Glenwood Ave New London  New London  other   
KCTNEWLO6 The "ledge"  New London  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless) 
KCTNEWLO9 Central New London  New London  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KCTNEWLO7 USCG Academy  New London  Weatherflow   
KCTNEWLO10 Ocean Ave, New London, CT 06320  New London  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTNEWMI13 Wildlife Drive  New Milford  AcuRite 
KCTNEWMI8 Parkwood  New Milford  Davis Vantage Pro 2 Wireless 
KCTNEWMI34 Inside Server Room  New Milford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTNEWMI27 Two Rivers Lane  New Milford  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTNEWMI36 Candle Hill Community  New Milford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KCTNEWMI35 Long Mtn  New Milford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTNEWMI9 McCarthy Observatory  New Milford  Davis Weather Monitor II 
KCTNEWMI17 Aspetuck Pines  New Milford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTNEWMI19 Hipp Road  New Milford  Netatmo   
KCTNEWMI21 Bucks Rock Road  New Milford  Netatmo   
KCTNEWMI24 Indian Valley Lane  New Milford  Netatmo   
KCTNEWMI37 New Milford  New Milford  Netatmo   
KCTNEWMI1 New Milford/Bridgewater Town Line  New Milford  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KCTNEWMI31 37 Candlewood Vista  New Milford  Rainwise MK-III 
KCTNEWMI6 Northville  New Milford  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KCTNEWMI12 Gaylordsville  New Milford  Peet Bros Ultimeter 
KCTNEWPR2 New Preston  New Preston Marble Dale  Netatmo   
KCTNEWFI2 Torrington  Newfield (Torrington)  Netatmo   
KCTNEWIN7 Birchlawn Terrace  Newington  Davis Vantage Vue 
KCTNEWIN8 Miami Avenue  Newington  Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus 
KCTNEWIN1 Elm Hill  Newington  Davis Instruments 6151 
KCTNEWIN13 Ethan J. Whetzel Memorial WS  Newington  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTNEWIN9 The Chase At Foxboro  Newington  Davis Vantage Vue 
KCTNEWIN12 Cambridge Dr  Newington  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTNEWTO35 Dodgingtown (Newtown)  Newtown  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTNEWTO16 Poverty Hollow Area - Farm Meadow  Newtown  LaCrosse Weather Pro Center 2800 Series   
KCTNEWTO25 New Lebbon Hollow  Newtown  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KCTNEWTO17 Little Brook Ln  Newtown  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTNEWTO1 Southern Newtown  Newtown  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KCTNEWTO32 Sandy Hook - Rocky Glen  Newtown  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTNEWTO18 Oak Ridge Drive  Newtown  Netatmo   
KCTNEWTO19 Head of Meadow Road  Newtown  Netatmo   
KCTNEWTO21 Pond Brook Road  Newtown  Netatmo   
KCTNEWTO27 Sandy Hook  Newtown  Netatmo   
KCTNEWTO30 Head of Meadow Road  Newtown  Netatmo   
KCTNEWTO37 Casa Forecastguy (KCFG)  Newtown  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless) 
KCTNIANT15 Pine Grove  Niantic  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTNIANT6 Giant's Neck Heights  Niantic  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KCTNIANT4 Giants Neck Beach  Niantic  Rainwise MKIII 
KCTNIANT9 Brook Rd  Niantic  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTNIANT8 Old Black Point  Niantic  RainWise MK-III 
KCTNIANT13 Stoneywood  Niantic  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTNIANT5 Laurel Hills  Niantic  Davis VantagePro2 
KCTNIANT10 Memellandstraße  Niantic  Netatmo   
KCTNORFO2 Great Mountain Forest  Norfolk  Davis Vantage Pro 2 (2009)   
KCTNORFO6 Doolittle  Norfolk     
KCTNORTH45 Butternut Road  North Branford  Netatmo   
KCTNORTH10   North Granby  Rainwise MK-III-RTN-LR IP-100   
KCTNORTH41 North Haven  North Haven  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTNORTH16 AF1HS Radio  North Haven  Oregon Scientific WMR968 
KCTNORTH35 North Haven High School  North Haven  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless) 
KCTNORTH71 Clintonville: Welch Rd  North Haven  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KCTNORTH80 Clintonville: Pieper Farm  North Haven  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KCTNORTH30 Milltown Rd  North Stonington  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless)   
KCTNORTH105 South Salem  North Wilton  Netatmo   
KCTNORTH104 Cecarelli Farms  Northford  Rainwise MK-III SP   
KCTNORTH112 Farmington Drive  Northford  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KCTNORWA567 The Bow End  Norwalk  Oregon Scientific Professional Weather Center   
KCTNORWA4 East Norwalk  Norwalk  WeatherMax   
KCTNORWA38 Cranbury / Box Wood  Norwalk  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTNORWA35 Rowayton, Burchard Lane North  Norwalk  Bloomsky   
KCTNORWA28 Norwalk Hospital Area  Norwalk  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTNORWA1 Cranbury  Norwalk  Davis Vantage Pro   
KCTNORWA568 Cranbury / Wolfpit  Norwalk  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTNORWA23 Ann Street  Norwalk  Netatmo   
KCTNORWI13 East Great Plains  Norwich  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KCTNORWI10 Huntington Lane-Norwichtown  Norwich  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KCTNORWI16 Norwich Public Works  Norwich  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Cabled)   
KCTNORWI11 Vergason  Norwich  Texas Instruments WRS-Solar   
KCTNORWI15 Norwich  Norwich  Netatmo   
KCTNORWI12 Norwich Free Academy  Norwich  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KCTOAKVI6 High above beautiful downtown  Oakville  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KCTOAKVI10 Litchfield County  Oakville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTOLDGR3 Old Greenwich  Old Greenwich  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTOLDLY7 Pilgrim Landing  Old Lyme  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTOLDLY8 Mule Dock Quarry  Old Lyme  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTOLDLY6 Old Lyme EOC  Old Lyme EOC  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KCTOLDSA22 Maple Avenue and Long Island Sound  Old Saybrook  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTOLDSA16 Clark Street  Old Saybrook  Netatmo   
KCTOLDSA18 Saybrook Manor  Old Saybrook  Netatmo   
KCTOLDSA20 Springbrook  Old Saybrook  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTORANG9 Near Racebrook elementary  Orange  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTORANG6 Alexander Road  Orange  Netatmo   
KCTORANG11 Racebrook New Haven Avenue  Orange  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTOXFOR9 Cedar Lane  Oxford  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTOXFOR10 Hilltop Ridge  Oxford  Netatmo   
KCTOXFOR7 Davis Road  Oxford  Netatmo   
KCTPAWCA7 Lower Pawcatuck  Pawcatuck  other   
KCTPAWCA5 Pawcatuck  Pawcatuck  Netatmo   
KCTPAWCA6 Green Haven  Pawcatuck  Netatmo Weather Station   
KCTPAWCA8 Pawcatuck, CT  Pawcatuck  Ambient Weather WS-900-IP (Wireless)   
KCTPLANT1 Morins of Plantsville  Plantsville  WM-918 
KCTPLYMO2 CrestView  Plymouth  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTPLYMO9 Rt 72 Near Harwinton, Terryville, CT  Plymouth  RainWise MK-III-LR 
KCTPLYMO7 Plymouth, CT  Plymouth  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KCTPODUN2 Guilford  Podunk  Netatmo   
KCTPOMFR2 Pomfret School  Pomfret  Davis Vantage Vue   
KCTPORTL3 Portland  Portland  Netatmo   
KCTPREST2 River Rd, Preston  Preston  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTPROSP5 Coachlight Circle  Prospect  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTPROSP3 Central CT  Prospect  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTPROSP4 Peach Orchard Road  Prospect  Netatmo   
KCTPROSP6 Peach Orchard Road  Prospect  Netatmo   
KCTPUTNA2 Putnam CT  Putnam  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KCTPUTNA4 East putnam  Putnam  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTQUAKE2 Smith Cove  Quaker Hill  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus 
KCTQUAKE3 Millers Pond  Quaker Hill  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTREDDI17 Redding, CT - Lonetown Rd  Redding  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTREDDI8 Putnam Park-Redding  Redding  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KCTREDDI14 Redding  Redding  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTREDDI12 Sunnyview Drive  Redding  Netatmo   
KCTREDDI15 Sunset Hill  Redding  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KCTREDDI10 Redding/Georgetown  Redding  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTREDDI9 Foundry District  Redding Ridge  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTRIDGE14 Ridgefield Fire Headquarters  Ridgefield  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTRIDGE16 Old Sib Rd  Ridgefield  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTRIDGE15 Dillman Court, Ridgefield  Ridgefield  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTRIDGE7 Nutmeg Ridge  Ridgefield  Netatmo   
KCTRIDGE5 North Street  Ridgefield     
KCTRIDGE19 Belvedere Court, Ridgefield  Ridgefield  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTRIDGE17 Westmoreland  Ridgefield  Bloomsky   
KCTRIDGE2 Pumping Station Swamp  Ridgefield  Davis Pro2 Plus   
KCTRIDGE6 Ridgebury - Bridle Trail  Ridgefield  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KCTROCKY4 Misty Crescent  Rocky Hill  other   
KCTROCKY2 West Rocky Hill  Rocky Hill  Peet Bros Altimeter 2000 
KCTROWAY3 Burchard Lane  Rowayton  Davis Weather Monitor II 
KCTROXBU10 Welton Road Roxbury  Roxbury  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTROXBU11 Moosehorn Road  Roxbury  Netatmo   
KCTROXBU6 Curtis Road  Roxbury  Netatmo   
KCTROXBU8 Minor Bridge Road  Roxbury  Netatmo   
KCTSALEM2 Town of Salem  Salem  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KCTSALIS3 Linden Hill Farm  Salisbury  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KCTSANDY4 Botsford CT  Sandy Hook  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless)   
KCTSANDY5 Pootituck Park  Sandy Hook  Ambient Weather WS-900-IP (Wireless)   
KCTSANDY2 Sandy Hook - Pootatuck  Sandy Hook   
KCTSAYBR2 Old Saybrook  Saybrook Manor  Netatmo   
KCTSOUTH13 Southbury  SBY Teleport, Southbury  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KCTHAMPT2 Pudding Hill  Scotland  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KCTSEYMO2 Seymour Wilderness  Seymour  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTSEYMO3 seymour  Seymour  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTSEYMO7 Seymour, CT  Seymour  RainWise MK-III 
KCTSEYMO8 Central Seymour  Seymour  Oregon Scientific Professional Weather Center 
KCTSHARO2 South Ellsworth  Sharon  Vantage Pro2   
KCTSHARO5 East Street  Sharon  Netatmo   
KCTSHELT7 252 Grove Shelton, CT  Shelton  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTSHELT25 Shelton Manor  Shelton  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTSHELT15 wooded area  Shelton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTSHELT23 Hilltop by Sunnyside School  Shelton  Rainwise MK-III   
KCTSHELT19 Cedarwood  Shelton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTSHELT11 Avalon Drive  Shelton  Netatmo   
KCTSHELT16 Beardsley Road  Shelton  Netatmo   
KCTSHELT20 Oak Valley Road Exd  Shelton  Netatmo   
KCTSHELT26 Weybosset St  Shelton  Ambient Weather WS-900-IP (Wireless)   
KCTSHELT10 White Hills  Shelton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTSHELT27 Cold Spring Circle  Shelton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTSHELT6 Nells Rock Road Area  Shelton  Vantage Vue   
KCTSHELT18 White Hills Shelton CT  Shelton  Netatmo Weather Station   
KCTSHERM4 Sherman  Sherman  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTSHERM2 Hubbell Mtn.  Sherman  Peet Bros. Ultimeter 2100 
KCTSHERM1 Sherman - North End  Sherman  Oregon Scientific   
KCTSHERM5 Sherman  Sherman  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTSHERM7 South Sherman  Sherman  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTSHERM3 Sherman-N.F. Rt.39  Sherman  Vantage Pro2 
KCTSHIPP2 Stamford  Shippan Point  Netatmo   
KCTSIMSB13 Ken's Bloomsky  Simsbury  Bloomsky   
KCTSIMSB4 Ken's backyard  Simsbury  other   
KCTSIMSB5 Camp Bellenger - Nod Brook Drive  Simsbury  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTSIMSB7 Simsbury Airport  Simsbury  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless) 
KCTSIMSB6 Simsbury - Pine Glen  Simsbury  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTSOMER2 Somers Weather  Somers  other 
KCTSOMER9 Somers Fire Department  Somers  Columbia Weather Systems Capricorn 2000EX   
KCTSOMER4 Somers Wx @Heron Pond  Somers  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KCTSOMER6 Stafford  Somers     
KCTSOMER7 Whisper Woods Drive  Somers  Netatmo   
KCTSOUTH21   South Windsor  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KCTSOUTH229 Clover  South Windsor  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTSOUTH27 South Windsor Pi  South Windsor  Ambient Weather Raspberry Pi   
KCTSOUTH53 Quarry Brook  South Windsor  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTSOUTH17 Kettletown Rd, Southbury, CT  Southbury  Davis Vantage Vue   
KCTSOUTH46 Jacqueline Acers  Southbury  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTSOUTH51 Pomperaug High School  Southbury  Rainwise MK-III   
KCTSOUTH236 Harvest Lane  Southbury  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTSOUTH59 Kettletown  Southbury  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTSOUTH42 Holly Hill Lane  Southbury  Netatmo   
KCTSOUTH235 Reservoir Rd and Old Woodbury Rd  Southbury  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTSOUTH222 Elk Drive  Southbury  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTSOUTH64 Southbury - The Purchase Area  Southbury  Rainwise MK-III   
KCTSOUTH49 at Greystone Dr  Southington  RainWise MK-III 
KCTSOUTH28 Rogers Orchards Shuttle Meadow Farm  Southington  Rainwise MK-III SP1 LR 
KCTSOUTH32 Rogers Orchards Sunnymount Farm  Southington  Rainwise MKII-LR SP1 
KCTSOUTH18 Hart Street  Southington  other   
KCTSOUTH44 Hart St  Southington  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTSOUTH50 Farmstead Apartments  Southington  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTSOUTH58 Southington  Southington  Netatmo   
KCTSOUTH57 Rolling Hill Lane  Southington  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTSOUTH60 Bridle Path  Southington  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Cabled)   
KCTSOUTH41 Edgewood Circle  Southington  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KCTSOUTH225 Southport Village Area  Southport  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTSTAFF7 Hillcrest Drive  Stafford  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTSTAFF4 Brendan Heights  Stafford Springs  Homebrew   
KCTSTAMF57 Dolphin Cove  Stamford  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Cabled)   
KCTSTAMF50 North Stamford  Stamford  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KCTSTAMF56 Echo Pond  Stamford  Bloomsky   
KCTSTAMF17 Shippan Point  Stamford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTSTAMF10 East Branch- Shippan  Stamford  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless) 
KCTSTAMF7 King  Stamford  Davis Vantage Pro2 
KCTSTAMF20 Miller Road  Stamford  Netatmo   
KCTSTAMF22 North Stamford  Stamford  Netatmo   
KCTSTAMF25 Salpausselkävägen  Stamford  Netatmo   
KCTSTAMF32 North Stamford  Stamford  Netatmo   
KCTSTAMF34 North Stamford Mt Wood  Stamford  Netatmo   
KCTSTAMF40 Old Greenwich  Stamford  Netatmo   
KCTSTAMF48 West Side - Waterside - South End  Stamford  Netatmo   
KCTSTAMF11 North Stamford CT  Stamford  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTSTAMF55 Westover  Stamford  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTSTAMF58 Stamford, CT  Stamford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTSTAMF39 North Stamford  Stamford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTSTAMF53 Hobson - Shippan Point  Stamford  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTSTAMF61 North Stamford  Stamford  Ambient Weather WS-900-IP (Wireless)   
KCTSTAMF27 Shippan  Stamford  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled) 
KCTSTERL3 Snake Meadow Hil  Sterling  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KCTSTERL2 Harris Rd  Sterling  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KCTSTONI4 Masons Island Marina  Stonington  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTSTONI7 Walnut Street  Stonington  Netatmo   
KCTSTONI9 Stonington  Stonington  Netatmo   
KCTBRANF11 Thimble Islands  Stony Creek  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless) 
KCTSTORR9 PSLA Research Farm  Storrs     
KCTSTORR10 Gurleyville Green  Storrs Mansfield  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KCTSTRAT13 Lordship- Capt. Rusty's  Stratford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTSTRAT2 Brewer Stratford Marina  Stratford  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KCTSTRAT21 stratford  Stratford  Ambient Weather WS-900-IP (Wireless)   
KCTSTRAT4 Nichols Elementary School  Stratford  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus 
KCTSTRAT3 Northern Part Of Town  Stratford  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless)   
KCTSTRAT19 Windy Hill Oronoque  Stratford  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTSTRAT11 Stratford  Stratford     
KCTSTRAT15 Iroquois Lane  Stratford  Netatmo   
KCTSTRAT18 Lordship  Stratford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTSTRAT22 Lordship - Swedish Fish  Stratford  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTSTRAT7 Longbrook Park  Stratford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTSUFFI11 Suffield WX  Suffield  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTSUFFI3 Taintor Street  Suffield  Netatmo   
KCTSUFFI6 Thompsonville  Suffield  Netatmo   
KCTSUFFI10 Wendover Road  Suffield  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTTREEY1 Near Terryville Fairground  Terryville  Acu-Rite 01050C w/ web bridge   
KCTTERRY3 Pine View CT  Terryville  ACU-RITE 5 IN 1   
KCTTERRY5 Tolles Station  Terryville  other   
KCTTHOMA3 Reynolds Bridge  Thomaston  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KCTQUINE1 Quinebaug CT  Thompson  Acu-Rite 5-in-1 
KCTTHOMP3 Bonnette Acres  Thompson  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless)   
KCTTHOMP2 East Thompson  Thompson  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTTHOMP4 East Thompson-Spicer  Thompson  RainWise MK-III   
KCTTOLLA17 124 Barstow Lane Barstow Lane  Tolland  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTTOLLA6 SE Tolland  Tolland  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KCTTOLLA21 Tolland High School WeatherSTEM  Tolland  Wireless Vantage Pro 2 Plus   
KCTTOLLA25 Somerset Woods  Tolland  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTTOLLA12 Pinebrook  Tolland  Acurite 5-in-1   
KCTTOLLA22 Pinebrook Too  Tolland  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTTOLLA18 Old Post Road  Tolland  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTTOLLA28 Tolland - Cook Rd  Tolland  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTTOLLA26 Ridge Above Shenipsit Lake  Tolland  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KCTTOLLA23 SE Tolland  Tolland  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTTORRI29 1 mile east of downtown Torrington CT  Torrington  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless) 
KCTTORRI28 West Pearl  Torrington  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTTORRI33 DeRuyter  Torrington  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTTORRI16 Scott dr.  Torrington  vantage pro 2   
KCTTORRI7 Westberry Farm LLC  Torrington  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus w/ 24 Hour FARS 
KCTTORRI20 East Side, Torrington, CT  Torrington  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTTORRI22 Torringford  Torrington  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTTORRI15 Crestwood  Torrington  Davis Vantage Vue   
KCTTORRI21 Winthrop Street  Torrington  Netatmo   
KCTTORRI31 Mountain Road  Torrington  Netatmo   
KCTTORRI25 Park Pond  Torrington  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTTORRI18 Burrville  Torrington  Davis Vantage Vue   
KCTTRUMB11 Long Hill  Trumbull  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTTRUMB12 Mount Pleasant  Trumbull  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTTRUMB14 Canoe Brook Lake  Trumbull  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTTRUMB9 Booth Hill  Trumbull  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KCTTRUMB10 Tashua  Trumbull  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTUNION3 ARTS BACKYARD Farmington  Unionville  Davis Vantage Pro2 wireless   
KCTUNION4 Lake Garda Dr - Go Pats!  Unionville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTVERNO4 South Street  Vernon  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTVERNO3 Rockville High School  Vernon  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KCTVERNO5 Pillsbury Hill  Vernon  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTVERNO6 Vernon Public Schools-Rockville, CT  Vernon  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless) 
KCTVOLUN3 Voluntown  Voluntown  Netatmo   
KCTWALLI34 East Wallingford  Wallingford  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTWALLI13 Oakdale Woods  Wallingford  ambient weather ws-2090   
KCTWALLI4   Wallingford  WM-918 
KCTWALLI40 North_St_Route5  Wallingford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTWALLI21 Wallingford Center  Wallingford  Netatmo   
KCTWALLI42 Hill Avenue  Wallingford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTWALLI32 Tammy Hill  Wallingford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTWALLI36 Spring Lake  Wallingford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTWARRE4   Warren     
KCTWASHI10 Green Hill Road  Washington  Netatmo   
KCTWASHI8 Washington Depot  Washington  Netatmo   
KCTWASHI12 Ferry Bridge Road  Washington  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTWATER20 the ridge over bunker hill  Waterbury  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless)   
KCTWATER16 Overlook  Waterbury  Davis Vantage Vue 
KCTWATER23 Town Plot  Waterbury  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KCTWATER21 Waterbury  Waterbury     
KCTWATER35 Maybrook Country Club  Waterbury  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTWATER36 Shore Road  Waterford  other   
KCTWATER28 Great Neck  Waterford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTWATER43 Quarry Road  Waterford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTWATER24 Central Waterford  Waterford  Netatmo   
KCTWATER25 Hickory Lane  Waterford  Netatmo   
KCTWATER39 Susan Terrace  Waterford  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTWATER5 Jordan Village  Waterford  Davis Vantage Pro 
KCTWATER44 Govenor's Landing  Waterford  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTWATER32 New Wood Rd, Watertown  Watertown  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTWATER37 Cayuga Road  Watertown  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTWATER34 Cannon ridge  Watertown  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTWATER42 Lexington Drive (N1EZY)  Watertown  other   
KCTWATER14   Watertown  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KCTWATER33 Top of Neill Drive  Watertown  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTWATER41 Taft School Area  Watertown  Oregon Scientific Professional Weather Center 
KCTWESTH16 Wampanoag  West Hartford  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTWESTH15 Elmwood  West Hartford  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTWESTH8 Grace C. Lehan Memorial Weather Station  West Hartford     
KCTWESTH19 Milton Street, West Hartford, CT  West Hartford  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTWESTH18 Fern Street  West Hartford  Netatmo   
KCTWESTH23 The Crossways  West Hartford  Netatmo   
KCTWESTH32 West Hartford  West Hartford  Netatmo   
KCTWESTH10 N1PSJ  West Hartford  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KCTWESTH25 Elmwood  West Hartford  Bloomsky   
KCTWESTH14 N1DN  West Hartford     
KCTWESTH2 Third Avenue Park  West Haven  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KCTWESTH33 Bluff Ave  West Haven  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTWESTH17 Arlington Street  West Haven  Netatmo   
KCTWESTS3 Bill's Backyard  West Simsbury  Davis Vantage Pro 2 w/WeatherLink   
KCTWESTB3 Pilot's Point Marina  Westbrook  Davis VP2 
KCTWESTB13 Westbrook North End  Westbrook  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTWESTB9 Ingham Hill Road  Westbrook  Netatmo   
KCTWESTB5 Plymouth Road  Westbrook  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KCTWESTO10 Weston  Weston  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KCTWESTO13 Timothy Road  Weston  Netatmo   
KCTWESTO5 Farrell Road  Weston  Netatmo   
KCTWESTO14 Richmond Hill  Weston  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTWESTO4 Trout Brook Valley  Weston  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTWESTO3 Autumn Hill  Weston  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless)   
KCTWESTP9 Longshore Sailing School  Westport  RainWise MK-III-LR 
KCTWESTP42 Near Highway 2 miles form LI Sound  Westport  other   
KCTWESTP1 Bluff Point, Mouth of Saugatuck River  Westport  Davis 
KCTWESTP7 Cross Hwy  Westport  Davis Vantage Pro2 
KCTWESTP13 Wild Rose Manor  Westport  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KCTWESTP2 Owenoke Park  Westport  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KCTWESTP20 Bonnie Brook  Westport  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTWESTP11 Westport  Westport     
KCTWESTP15 Bayberry Lane  Westport  Netatmo   
KCTWESTP17 Harborview Road  Westport  Netatmo   
KCTWESTP25 Shorehaven Road  Westport  Netatmo   
KCTWESTP27 Sasqua Road  Westport  Netatmo   
KCTWESTP31 Ledgemoor Lane  Westport  Netatmo   
KCTWESTP33 Cob Drive  Westport  Netatmo   
KCTWESTP35 Cherry Lane  Westport  Netatmo   
KCTWESTP41 Bermuda Lagoon, Westport, CT  Westport  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTWESTP43 Wakeman Farm  Westport  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTWETHE3 Wethersfield Central  Wethersfield  Davis   
KCTWETHE16 Goff Brook  Wethersfield  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTWETHE11 1860 Reservoir  Wethersfield  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTWETHE8 Forrest Weather World Headquarters  Wethersfield  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KCTWETHE10 School House Road  Wethersfield  Netatmo   
KCTWETHE12 Foxhill Road  Wethersfield  Netatmo   
KCTWETHE5 Griswoldville  Wethersfield     
KCTWETHE15 Emerson-Williams  Wethersfield  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTWETHE6 Old Wethersfield  Wethersfield  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTWILLI6 Pinney Hill  Willington  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTWILTO8 Silvermine  Wilton  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTWILTO11 Georgetown  Wilton  Bloomsky   
KCTWILTO10 Silver Hill Road  Wilton  Netatmo   
KCTWILTO7 Branch Brook Road  Wilton  Netatmo   
KCTWILTO12 Silvermine  Wilton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KCTWINCH5 Winsted  Winchester  Netatmo   
KCTWINCH7 Winchester Center  Winchester  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTWINCH2 187 Marshall Street  Winchester  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTWINCH11 Verzino gardens  Winchester  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KCTWINDH5 Carriage Lane  Windham  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTWINDH3 Willimantic  Windham  Netatmo   
KCTWINDH2 Charles H. Barrows STEM Academy  Windham  WeatherHawk 232 
KCTWINDS18 Philip's Backyard, Poquonock Area/Village Lane  Windsor  Oregon Scientific Professional Weather Center   
KCTWINDS24 Bunk Homestead, 598 Palisado Av,  Windsor  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KCTWINDS23 Chris's Backyard, Village Circle Area  Windsor  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless) 
KCTWINDS19 Loomis Chaffee School  Windsor  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KCTWINDS21 Prospect Hill  Windsor  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTWINDS20 Casa Di Apollo  Windsor Locks  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTWINST6 Cedar Rd.  Winsted  Ambient Weather WS-1090 
IDESCRIP5 Weather  Winsted  Live 
KCTWINST7 Lake Winchester  Winsted  Vantage Pro2 Plus 
KCTWINST5 Downtown Winsted  Winsted  Hobby Boards   
KCTWOLCO6 sparsely residential  Wolcott  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KCTWOLCO2   Wolcott  Ambient Weather WS-1080 
KCTWOLCO7 Clinton Hill  Wolcott  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KCTWOLCO13 Chasse RD  Wolcott  Ambient Weather WS-900-IP (Wireless)   
KCTWOODB11 Ford Road, Woodbridge  Woodbridge  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KCTWOODB22 Woodbridge  Woodbridge  Netatmo   
KCTWOODB8 West New Haven  Woodbridge  Netatmo   
KCTWOODB5 Round Hill 1  Woodbridge  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KCTWOODB6 Round Hill 2  Woodbridge  Vantage Pro 2 Plus 
KCTWOODB4   Woodbridge  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KCTWOODB16 Woobury  Woodbury  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KCTWOODB7 Woodbury, CT  Woodbury  Ambient Weather WS-1090 
KCTWOODB17 Barnhill Road  Woodbury  Netatmo   
KCTWOODS7 Chamberlain Pond  Woodstock  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
ME3162   Amston     
MD6554   Ashford     
MP7SN1 Avon CT US  Avon     
MD9917   Beacon Falls     
MAU892   Bethel     
MH0052 New Milford Weather New Milford CT  Botsford     
MAR514   Branford     
MC6440   Branford     
MBRHC3   Bridgeport     
MD0287 Bristol CT US  Bristol     
ME1989 Burlington CT US  Bristol     
ME6561   Bristol     
MD1900 Ellington CT US  Broad Brook     
MBKFC3   Brookfield     
ME4259   Chaplin     
MD3308   Cheshire     
MD0190 Clinton CT US  Clinton     
ME0679   Clinton     
MC9677 Colchester CT US  Colchester     
MD3142   Collinsville     
MD1906 Coventry CT US  Coventry     
MC7951 Cromwell CT US  Cromwell     
MC5606 Danbury CT US  Danbury     
MC4979 Durham Center CT US  Durham     
MD5953 Glastonbury CT US  East Glastonbury     
MSTBC3   East Granby     
MEHMC3   East Hampton     
MD4457   East Killingly     
ME2100   East Killingly     
ME6265   East Lyme     
MSAUC3   Easton     
MFLVC3   Falls Village     
ME1546 Wilton CT US  Georgetown     
MC6460 Goshen CT US  Goshen     
MWTHC3   Grosvenor Dale     
MC4760 Guilford CT US  Guilford     
MAT776   Haddam     
MC4381 Hamden CT US  Hamden     
ME3839   Hartford     
ME6187   Hartford     
MNBPC3   Hartford     
MMLTC3   Ivoryton     
MD8591 Berlin CT US  Kensington     
MD6365 Killingworth CT US  Killingworth     
ME8671   Lakeside     
MWHFC3   Manchester     
MAU698 Manchester CT US  Manchester     
MC0444 Marlborough CT US  Marlborough     
MC1727 Marlborough CT US  Marlborough     
MD4833 Meriden CT US  Meriden     
MCOGC3   Middlefield     
MAS578 Moosup CT US  Moosup     
MAT989 Plainfield CT US  Moosup     
MAS582 Noank CT US  Mystic     
MD3718 Noank CT US  Mystic     
MCT71   New Britain     
ME2291   New Fairfield     
MC9820   New Hartford     
ME2176   New Haven     
MLDLC3   New London     
MAR441   Newington     
MAP048   Newington     
MD0017 Newington CT US  Newington     
ME1325   Newington     
MAU925   North Granby     
MC3597   North Grosvenordale     
MD3569 North Haven CT US  North Haven     
MMFDC3   North Windham     
ME3329   North Windham     
MC4160 Thomaston CT US  Northfield     
ME9204   Norwalk     
MC0179 CW0179 Norwalk CT US  Norwalk     
MH0206 Stonybrook Norwalk CT  Norwalk     
ME5564   Oakdale     
MC1683   Orange     
MAS580   Pawcatuck     
ME9819   Pawcatuck     
MAS854 Barkhamsted CT US  Pine Meadow     
ME5001   Plainville     
MTMSC3   Plymouth     
MD8390 Colchester CT US  Poquonock     
MC9409 Ridgefield CT US  Ridgefield     
MD3254   Rockfall     
MD7104 Seymour CT US  Seymour     
MAU895   Seymour     
MD7766 Shelton CT US  Shelton     
MD3131   South Windham     
MK5B3 DANIELSON CT US SAI  South Windsor     
MD3874 South Windsor CT US  South Windsor     
ME2329   South Windsor     
MC9169 Southbury CT US  Southbury     
MD0014 Southbury CT US  Southbury     
MAR273 Southington CT US  Southington     
MC7403 Southington CT US  Southington     
MD8905   Stafford Springs     
MD7626 Stamford CT US  Stamford     
MSTFC3   Stamford     
MWHLR1   Stonington     
MSRRC3 Storrs, CT  Storrs Mansfield     
MC2621 Tolland CT US  Tolland     
MD2444   Torrington     
MD9759 Torrington CT US  Torrington     
MD2774 Trumbull CT US  Trumbull     
MAP282 Oakdale CT US  Uncasville     
MC2340 Vernon-Rockville CT US  Vernon Rockville     
MWALC3   Wallingford     
MAS762 Waterbury CT US  Waterbury     
MC7725 Waterbury CT US  Waterbury     
ME3099   Waterbury     
M44060   Waterford     
ME4200 West Hartford CT US  West Hartford     
MWHNC3   West Hartford     
ME1210   Westbrook     
ME1599   Westport     
MAP555 Wolcott CT US  Wolcott     
MHKVC3   Woodbury     
MD7879   Woodstock