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Air Quality Alert
Issued: 6:22 PM Jul. 24, 2021 – National Weather Service

The following message is transmitted on behalf of the Wyoming
Department of Environmental Quality, Air Quality Division, and the
Wyoming Department of Health.

* WHAT...Air Quality Alert for Wildfire Smoke.

* WHERE...Northern, Western and Southern Wyoming, including the
central basins.

* WHEN...1 PM Today through 1 PM Sunday.

* IMPACTS...Wildfire smoke will impact portions of western and
central Wyoming during the next 24 hours, with poor air quality
and decreased visibility.

HEALTH INFORMATION...The Wyoming Department of Health recommends
that the elderly, young children, and individuals with respiratory
problems avoid excessive physical exertion and minimize outdoor
activities during this time. Wildfire smoke is made up of a variety
of pollutants, including particulate matter and ozone, which can
cause respiratory health effects. Although these people are most
susceptible to health impacts, the Department of Health also advises
that everyone should avoid prolonged exposure to poor air quality

CURRENT CONDITIONS...The Wyoming Department of Environmental
Quality, Air Quality Division offers near real-time air quality data
for Wyoming's monitoring stations and health effects information to
help the public interpret current conditions. Current air quality
conditions across the state of Wyoming can be found at

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