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Special Weather Statement
Issued: 10:48 AM Jan. 30, 2023 – National Weather Service

* Untreated roads will remain icy and snow covered through Monday
morning. Use caution traveling, especially at night, as black
ice is hard to see.

* Frigid temperatures have settled into the region with highs
remaining below freezing Monday and possibly Tuesday. Overnight
lows Monday night could be the coldest some locations have seen
in 5-10 years. Preparations should be made to protect
vulnerable populations and pets from these continued very cold
temperatures. It's also a good idea to make sure that your pipes
are protected from the cold.

* Increasing northeast to east winds will drive down wind chill
values, with temperatures downright dangerous in exposed areas
of the high Sierra. Wind chills may reach -20 to -35 degrees
Monday night in the High Sierra. Exposed skin could rapidly see
frostbite in these conditions. It may be a good idea to stay
indoors, or make sure to have proper safety gear if you are
recreating in the back country.

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