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River Flood Warning
Issued: 3:58 AM May. 22, 2019 – National Weather Service
The Flood Warning continues for
the Mississippi River at Mel Price LD
* until further notice.
* At 10:30 PM Tuesday the stage was 28.9 feet.
* Flood stage is 21.0 feet.
* Major flooding is forecast.
* The river is forecast to crest near 35.2 feet by Sunday evening.
* Impact:  At 35.5 feet...At this approximate stage, Mel Price Lock
and Dam must close the lock to navigation.  This last happened on
July 10, 1993.
* Impact:  At 34.2 feet...Near this height water will begin flowing
over Riverlands Way between Highway 67 and Mel Price Locks and Dam.
This road is a part of the Consolidated North County levee, so this
is the point when water begins gradually flowing onto the protected
farmland and farm homes behind the levee.
* Impact:  At 32.9 feet...Riverfront Park in Alton begins flooding.
* Impact:  At 31.5 feet...Commercial basements in Alton begin to flood
within a foot of this height.
* Impact:  At 30.5 feet...Bloch Marine Service at the Harbor Point
Yacht Club begins flooding within a foot of this level.
* Impact:  At 29.9 feet...Route 100 at Alton closes within a foot of
this height.  Also at this level the north and south Wood River
Levee structures are closed.
* Impact:  At 29.3 feet...The North Wood River Levee must be closed at
this level.
* Impact:  At 29.0 feet...The southbound lanes of U.S. Highway 67 will
flood within a foot of this level.  Depending on circumstance,
MoDOT may need to divert southbound traffic to the northbound

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Mississippi River
Mel Price LD    21.0   28.90      29.0   30.2   32.0   33.9   34.9


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