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Potential disruption due to snow and ice
Issued: 12:13 AM Dec. 10, 2022 – EUMETNET - MeteoAlarm
While confidence is very low at this stage, there is a chance that a band of sleet and snow could push into east and southeast England. This has the potential to give accumulations of 2-5cm quite widely, and perhaps up to 10cm in some places, most likely, but not exclusively, over higher ground such as the South Downs, North Downs and High Weald.    In addition, ice is likely to form on untreated surfaces, mainly nearer to coasts where rain or sleet is more likely. For further details see https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/warnings-and-advice/uk-warnings What to expect: There is a small chance of travel delays on roads with some stranded vehicles and passengers, along with delayed or cancelled rail and air travel; There is a slight chance that some rural communities could become cut off; There is a small chance that power cuts will occur and other services, such as mobile phone coverage, may be affected; A small chance of injuries from slips and falls on icy surfaces; A small chance that untreated pavements and cycle paths become impassable.
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