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Elev 1378 ft, 39.28 °N, 7.42 °W

Urbanizacao Lysias - IPORTALE9

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Current Conditions
66.5 °F
Feels Like 66.5 °
0.7 ° / 2.0 °mph
63.5 °F
0.00 °in/hr
30.17 °in
90 °%
0.01 °in
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63.5 °F
90 °%
WIND info
0.7 °
2.0 °mph
30.17 °in
0.00 °in/hr
0.01 °in
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There is no associated webcam with this station

Weather History for IPORTALE9

April 16, 2021

Temperature69.2 °F56.5 °F63.1 °F
Dew Point57.5 °F41.6 °F53.7 °F
Humidity85 °%54 °%72 °%
Precipitation0.00 °in -- --
Wind Speed7.5 °mph0.0 °mph3.1 °mph
Wind Gust14.0 °mph--6.2 °mph
Wind Direction -- -- ESE
Pressure30.06 °in29.97 °in --

April 16, 2021

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4:59 PM
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5:19 PM
5:24 PM
5:29 PM
5:34 PM
5:39 PM
5:44 PM
5:49 PM
5:54 PM
5:59 PM
6:04 PM
6:09 PM
6:14 PM
6:19 PM
6:24 PM
6:29 PM
6:34 PM
6:39 PM
6:44 PM
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6:59 PM
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7:24 PM
7:29 PM
7:34 PM
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7:59 PM
8:04 PM
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8:24 PM
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8:34 PM
8:39 PM
8:44 PM
8:49 PM
8:54 PM
8:59 PM
9:04 PM
9:09 PM
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9:19 PM
9:24 PM
9:29 PM
9:34 PM
9:39 PM
9:40 PM
10:34 PM
10:39 PM
10:44 PM
10:49 PM
10:54 PM
10:57 PM
11:49 PM
11:54 PM
11:59 PM
TimeTemperatureDew PointHumidityWindSpeedGustPressurePrecip. Rate.Precip. Accum.UVSolar
12:04 AM58.2 °F52.9 °F83 °%NE0.1 °mph1.0 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
12:09 AM57.6 °F52.8 °F84 °%ENE0.4 °mph2.0 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
12:14 AM57.4 °F52.6 °F84 °%ENE0.3 °mph1.9 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
12:19 AM57.0 °F52.4 °F85 °%North0.5 °mph3.0 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
12:24 AM56.9 °F52.4 °F85 °%1.0 °mph3.0 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
12:29 AM57.3 °F52.5 °F84 °%North0.7 °mph2.0 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
12:31 AM57.5 °F52.7 °F84 °%NNE0.4 °mph1.0 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
1:24 AM58.8 °F53.2 °F82 °%ENE0.5 °mph1.0 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
1:29 AM58.9 °F53.2 °F81 °%ENE0.8 °mph1.0 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
1:34 AM59.0 °F53.0 °F80 °%East0.9 °mph1.0 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
1:39 AM58.7 °F53.0 °F81 °%East0.7 °mph1.0 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
1:44 AM58.3 °F52.8 °F82 °%ENE0.7 °mph2.0 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
1:49 AM58.1 °F52.7 °F82 °%NNE0.6 °mph2.0 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
1:54 AM58.1 °F52.5 °F82 °%NNE0.6 °mph2.0 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
1:59 AM58.3 °F52.5 °F81 °%NNE0.4 °mph2.0 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
2:04 AM58.3 °F52.7 °F82 °%NNE0.2 °mph1.0 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
2:09 AM58.1 °F53.1 °F83 °%NNE0.6 °mph1.7 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
2:12 AM57.8 °F53.2 °F85 °%NNE0.8 °mph2.0 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
3:04 AM58.0 °F52.2 °F81 °%ENE1.8 °mph3.0 °mph29.99 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
3:09 AM57.9 °F51.8 °F80 °%ENE1.5 °mph2.7 °mph29.99 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
3:14 AM58.5 °F51.6 °F78 °%ENE2.0 °mph3.0 °mph29.99 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
3:19 AM59.0 °F51.7 °F77 °%ENE2.8 °mph3.0 °mph29.99 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
4:14 AM58.9 °F51.0 °F75 °%East2.9 °mph4.0 °mph29.99 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
4:19 AM58.7 °F50.8 °F75 °%ENE2.8 °mph3.1 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
4:24 AM58.2 °F50.7 °F76 °%ENE2.3 °mph3.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
4:29 AM57.7 °F50.5 °F77 °%ENE1.7 °mph3.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
4:34 AM57.2 °F50.5 °F78 °%ENE1.5 °mph2.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
4:39 AM56.6 °F50.3 °F80 °%NE1.6 °mph2.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
4:44 AM57.4 °F50.5 °F78 °%ENE1.9 °mph2.6 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
4:49 AM58.1 °F50.7 °F76 °%ENE2.4 °mph3.1 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
4:53 AM58.6 °F50.7 °F75 °%East2.9 °mph4.0 °mph29.99 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
6:39 AM56.7 °F50.6 °F80 °%ENE5.1 °mph6.0 °mph29.99 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
6:44 AM56.8 °F50.7 °F80 °%ENE5.3 °mph6.8 °mph29.99 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
6:49 AM56.8 °F50.7 °F80 °%ENE5.5 °mph7.0 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
6:54 AM56.6 °F50.5 °F80 °%ENE4.9 °mph6.6 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
6:59 AM56.7 °F50.6 °F80 °%ENE4.7 °mph6.0 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
7:02 AM56.7 °F50.6 °F80 °%ENE4.9 °mph6.0 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
7:59 AM57.1 °F51.2 °F81 °%East4.3 °mph8.4 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
8:04 AM56.8 °F51.4 °F82 °%ENE5.9 °mph10.0 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
8:09 AM56.8 °F51.7 °F83 °%ENE7.3 °mph10.0 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
8:14 AM56.9 °F51.8 °F83 °%East6.9 °mph10.0 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
8:19 AM57.0 °F51.7 °F82 °%East6.4 °mph9.3 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
8:24 AM57.3 °F52.0 °F82 °%East5.4 °mph9.0 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
8:29 AM57.6 °F52.1 °F82 °%East3.8 °mph7.8 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
8:34 AM58.0 °F52.7 °F82 °%ESE2.7 °mph5.0 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
8:39 AM58.9 °F53.5 °F82 °%SE1.6 °mph4.4 °mph30.02 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
8:44 AM59.4 °F53.7 °F81 °%SSE1.7 °mph4.0 °mph30.02 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
8:49 AM59.7 °F53.9 °F81 °%South2.4 °mph4.0 °mph30.02 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
8:54 AM60.1 °F53.8 °F80 °%South2.1 °mph4.2 °mph30.02 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
9:49 AM61.0 °F53.7 °F77 °%South3.2 °mph6.0 °mph30.02 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
9:54 AM61.1 °F54.0 °F78 °%South3.3 °mph6.0 °mph30.02 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
9:59 AM61.1 °F53.7 °F77 °%SSW3.6 °mph6.0 °mph30.02 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
10:04 AM61.4 °F53.7 °F76 °%South3.6 °mph6.0 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
10:09 AM61.2 °F53.5 °F76 °%SSW3.9 °mph7.0 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
10:14 AM60.9 °F53.1 °F76 °%SW4.2 °mph7.0 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
10:19 AM61.3 °F53.3 °F75 °%SW3.7 °mph6.1 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
10:24 AM61.4 °F53.0 °F74 °%SSW3.1 °mph5.7 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
10:29 AM61.9 °F53.7 °F75 °%SW2.1 °mph5.0 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
10:34 AM62.5 °F53.9 °F74 °%SW1.4 °mph4.9 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
10:39 AM62.4 °F53.8 °F74 °%SSW2.1 °mph6.0 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
10:44 AM62.7 °F54.3 °F74 °%SSW2.7 °mph7.0 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
10:49 AM62.3 °F54.0 °F74 °%SW3.5 °mph8.0 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
10:54 AM62.6 °F54.1 °F74 °%SSW4.1 °mph7.5 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
10:59 AM62.6 °F54.1 °F74 °%SSW4.1 °mph7.0 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
11:04 AM62.6 °F54.3 °F74 °%SW3.7 °mph6.2 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
11:09 AM63.2 °F54.5 °F73 °%SW2.7 °mph6.5 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
11:14 AM62.6 °F53.9 °F73 °%SW3.0 °mph7.0 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
11:19 AM62.6 °F54.3 °F74 °%SW3.2 °mph6.5 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
11:24 AM63.2 °F54.4 °F73 °%SSW2.5 °mph4.3 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
11:29 AM63.8 °F55.0 °F73 °%SSW2.0 °mph4.1 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
11:34 AM63.7 °F55.0 °F73 °%WSW2.1 °mph6.0 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
11:39 AM63.9 °F55.0 °F73 °%WSW2.5 °mph6.6 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
11:44 AM64.3 °F55.2 °F72 °%WSW2.9 °mph7.0 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
11:49 AM63.7 °F54.9 °F73 °%WSW4.1 °mph7.8 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
11:54 AM63.3 °F54.6 °F73 °%WSW4.4 °mph8.0 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
11:59 AM63.4 °F55.0 °F74 °%WSW3.9 °mph8.8 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
12:04 PM64.1 °F55.4 °F73 °%West3.1 °mph9.0 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
12:09 PM64.1 °F55.3 °F73 °%SW3.7 °mph9.0 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
12:14 PM64.1 °F55.3 °F73 °%SW4.6 °mph9.0 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
12:19 PM64.4 °F55.6 °F73 °%SSW3.8 °mph9.0 °mph30.02 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
12:24 PM65.3 °F56.1 °F72 °%SSW3.6 °mph9.0 °mph30.02 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
12:29 PM65.6 °F55.8 °F71 °%SW4.0 °mph10.0 °mph30.02 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
12:34 PM66.0 °F56.1 °F70 °%WSW3.2 °mph9.6 °mph30.02 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
12:39 PM66.0 °F56.1 °F71 °%WSW3.6 °mph8.0 °mph30.02 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
12:44 PM66.2 °F56.0 °F70 °%SW4.8 °mph8.0 °mph30.02 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
12:49 PM66.3 °F55.9 °F69 °%SW3.9 °mph8.0 °mph30.02 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
12:54 PM66.2 °F56.0 °F70 °%West3.8 °mph8.0 °mph30.02 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
12:59 PM66.5 °F56.0 °F69 °%WNW3.9 °mph8.2 °mph30.02 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
1:04 PM66.2 °F55.3 °F68 °%West4.2 °mph9.0 °mph30.02 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
1:09 PM65.7 °F54.7 °F68 °%West5.1 °mph9.0 °mph30.02 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
1:14 PM65.6 °F54.9 °F69 °%WSW5.3 °mph11.0 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
1:19 PM65.2 °F54.9 °F69 °%West5.6 °mph12.0 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
1:24 PM65.0 °F54.8 °F70 °%West5.5 °mph10.4 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
1:29 PM64.9 °F55.2 °F71 °%West5.0 °mph8.5 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
1:34 PM65.0 °F55.4 °F71 °%WSW4.7 °mph8.0 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
1:39 PM65.0 °F55.4 °F71 °%SW4.1 °mph8.0 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
1:44 PM65.1 °F55.2 °F70 °%WSW3.6 °mph8.2 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
1:49 PM65.2 °F55.3 °F70 °%West3.6 °mph9.0 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
1:54 PM65.2 °F55.6 °F71 °%NNW3.0 °mph9.3 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
1:57 PM64.1 °F55.6 °F74 °%East3.9 °mph11.0 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
3:44 PM67.7 °F55.9 °F66 °%South5.0 °mph10.0 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
3:49 PM68.6 °F56.2 °F65 °%South4.2 °mph10.0 °mph29.99 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
3:54 PM68.9 °F56.5 °F65 °%South3.5 °mph7.3 °mph29.99 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
3:59 PM68.5 °F56.0 °F64 °%South4.2 °mph8.0 °mph29.99 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
4:04 PM67.8 °F55.9 °F66 °%SSW3.5 °mph7.9 °mph29.99 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
4:09 PM67.6 °F55.9 °F66 °%SSW2.3 °mph6.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
4:14 PM67.3 °F55.5 °F66 °%SSW2.7 °mph6.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
4:19 PM66.7 °F55.4 °F67 °%South3.6 °mph6.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
4:24 PM66.4 °F55.1 °F67 °%South3.6 °mph6.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
4:29 PM65.8 °F54.9 °F68 °%SSE3.5 °mph6.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
4:34 PM65.6 °F54.9 °F68 °%SE3.1 °mph5.2 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
4:39 PM65.7 °F55.1 °F69 °%SE2.1 °mph5.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
4:44 PM65.6 °F55.2 °F69 °%ESE1.9 °mph5.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
4:49 PM66.5 °F55.9 °F69 °%SE2.7 °mph5.8 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
4:54 PM67.3 °F56.2 °F68 °%ESE3.1 °mph6.5 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
4:59 PM67.5 °F56.8 °F68 °%NE2.8 °mph7.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
5:04 PM67.9 °F57.2 °F69 °%NNW3.1 °mph10.9 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
5:09 PM68.0 °F56.8 °F68 °%NW4.9 °mph11.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
5:14 PM68.4 °F57.0 °F67 °%WNW5.7 °mph11.0 °mph29.97 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
5:19 PM68.7 °F56.4 °F65 °%WNW5.0 °mph10.9 °mph29.97 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
5:24 PM68.6 °F55.6 °F63 °%WNW4.9 °mph11.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
5:29 PM68.8 °F55.4 °F62 °%WNW5.7 °mph10.2 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
5:34 PM68.8 °F54.8 °F61 °%WNW6.3 °mph10.4 °mph29.97 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
5:39 PM68.8 °F54.9 °F61 °%WNW6.9 °mph12.0 °mph29.97 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
5:44 PM68.8 °F54.7 °F61 °%WNW6.9 °mph12.1 °mph29.97 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
5:49 PM68.6 °F54.5 °F61 °%WNW6.9 °mph13.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
5:54 PM68.5 °F54.7 °F62 °%WNW7.2 °mph13.8 °mph29.97 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
5:59 PM68.7 °F54.5 °F61 °%WNW6.5 °mph14.0 °mph29.97 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
6:04 PM68.5 °F53.6 °F59 °%WNW5.7 °mph10.9 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
6:09 PM68.4 °F53.4 °F59 °%WNW6.0 °mph9.1 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
6:14 PM68.2 °F53.0 °F58 °%WNW6.8 °mph10.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
6:19 PM68.4 °F53.2 °F59 °%WNW6.9 °mph11.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
6:24 PM68.4 °F51.9 °F56 °%WNW6.3 °mph10.9 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
6:29 PM68.5 °F51.8 °F55 °%WNW6.0 °mph10.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
6:34 PM68.4 °F52.3 °F56 °%WNW5.8 °mph9.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
6:39 PM68.5 °F52.7 °F57 °%WNW5.7 °mph9.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
6:44 PM68.3 °F52.7 °F58 °%WNW5.4 °mph8.2 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
6:49 PM67.9 °F52.2 °F57 °%WNW5.6 °mph9.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
6:54 PM67.7 °F51.9 °F57 °%WNW5.1 °mph9.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
6:59 PM67.7 °F52.3 °F58 °%WNW3.6 °mph8.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
7:04 PM67.9 °F53.1 °F59 °%NNW2.9 °mph7.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
7:09 PM67.9 °F54.2 °F62 °%NNE2.5 °mph7.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
7:14 PM67.9 °F54.7 °F63 °%NE1.8 °mph5.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
7:19 PM67.9 °F54.8 °F63 °%NE1.5 °mph3.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
7:24 PM68.1 °F54.7 °F62 °%NE1.5 °mph3.7 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
7:29 PM68.1 °F54.5 °F62 °%NNE2.6 °mph6.6 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
7:34 PM67.8 °F54.4 °F62 °%NNE3.8 °mph9.0 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
7:39 PM67.9 °F54.7 °F63 °%NNE3.3 °mph8.8 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
7:44 PM67.8 °F54.7 °F63 °%North2.0 °mph4.2 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
7:49 PM67.4 °F54.5 °F63 °%NNE2.2 °mph5.7 °mph29.98 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
7:54 PM66.8 °F54.4 °F64 °%NNE2.9 °mph6.0 °mph29.99 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
7:59 PM66.3 °F54.2 °F65 °%NNE2.9 °mph4.8 °mph29.99 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
8:04 PM65.9 °F54.4 °F67 °%NNE2.4 °mph4.0 °mph29.99 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
8:09 PM65.6 °F54.6 °F68 °%NNE1.4 °mph3.3 °mph29.99 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
8:14 PM65.1 °F54.7 °F69 °%NNE0.6 °mph1.8 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
8:19 PM64.6 °F54.6 °F70 °%NNE0.4 °mph1.0 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
8:24 PM64.1 °F54.5 °F71 °%North0.4 °mph1.7 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
8:29 PM63.5 °F54.5 °F72 °%WSW0.3 °mph2.0 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
8:34 PM63.1 °F54.3 °F73 °%WSW0.2 °mph1.5 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
8:39 PM62.6 °F54.1 °F74 °%NNE0.2 °mph2.0 °mph30.00 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
8:44 PM62.3 °F54.0 °F74 °%North0.7 °mph3.0 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
8:49 PM62.1 °F54.0 °F75 °%North1.1 °mph2.9 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
8:54 PM62.0 °F54.0 °F75 °%1.2 °mph2.0 °mph30.01 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
8:59 PM61.6 °F53.8 °F76 °%1.1 °mph2.0 °mph30.02 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
9:04 PM61.2 °F53.6 °F76 °%0.7 °mph1.6 °mph30.02 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
9:09 PM60.9 °F53.5 °F77 °%0.2 °mph0.8 °mph30.02 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
9:14 PM60.6 °F53.4 °F77 °%North0.0 °mph0.0 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
9:19 PM60.5 °F53.6 °F78 °%North0.0 °mph0.0 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
9:24 PM60.6 °F53.7 °F78 °%North0.0 °mph0.0 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
9:29 PM60.5 °F53.6 °F78 °%North0.0 °mph0.0 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
9:34 PM60.4 °F53.5 °F78 °%0.4 °mph2.5 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
9:39 PM60.4 °F53.5 °F78 °%1.1 °mph3.0 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
9:40 PM60.4 °F53.5 °F78 °%1.6 °mph3.0 °mph30.03 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
10:34 PM60.3 °F53.4 °F78 °%NNE1.8 °mph4.0 °mph30.06 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
10:39 PM59.9 °F53.2 °F78 °%NNE1.7 °mph4.0 °mph30.06 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
10:44 PM59.5 °F52.9 °F79 °%NNE2.1 °mph4.0 °mph30.06 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
10:49 PM59.9 °F51.7 °F75 °%2.6 °mph8.1 °mph30.06 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
10:54 PM60.8 °F52.2 °F73 °%NNW2.8 °mph9.0 °mph30.06 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
10:57 PM60.7 °F51.5 °F72 °%NNW2.3 °mph6.5 °mph30.06 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
11:49 PM57.9 °F42.7 °F57 °%SE2.5 °mph5.0 °mph30.05 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
11:54 PM57.8 °F42.4 °F56 °%SE2.6 °mph5.0 °mph30.05 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²
11:59 PM57.6 °F42.4 °F57 °%ESE1.9 °mph5.0 °mph30.05 °in0.00 °in0.00 °in w/m²