Marine Weather for HS 026

weather bulletin for shipping - Metarea 6-
21:00 UTC 21, July 2017.
National Weather Service (nws)
sea ice and icebergs issued by shn pressure hpa Beaufort scale winds
part 1
no warnings
part 2 general synopsis at 21:00utc
cfnt at 60s 94w 70s 85w mov NE wkn
high 1020hpa 64s 55w mov NE dpn
sea ice limit 5824s 02000w 5730s 02418w 5706s 02712w 5800s 03048w
5818s 03530w 5900s 03700w 5836s 04206w 5930s 04624w 6006s 05012w 6036s
05200w 6112s 05324w 6112s 05606w 6142s 05736w 6212s 05848w 6254s
06000w 6306s 06100w 6318s 06312w 6448s 06700w
part 3 forecast issued 00:00 UTC valid until 00:00 UTC 2017-07-23
coastal areas:
southern portion of Drake Strait : NE 4/5 vis good
Mar de la flota coasts : NE 4 vis good
gerlache Strait : NE 5 prob of fog vis poor
Margarita Bay : NE 3 vis good
erebus y terror Gulf : se 3 prob of fog vis poor
oceanic areas:
norther Bellingshausen Sea (60-66s 70-90w): NE 4 prob of fog patches
snow fall vis poor
southern Bellingshausen Sea (66-73s 70-90w): S 5 prob of snow fall vis
northern Weddell Sea (60-68s 20-50w): S 5/6 prob of blizzard vis poor
southern Weddell Sea (68-78s 20-60w): se 5 vis good

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