Marine Weather for HS 026

weather bulletin for shipping - Metarea 6-
09:00 UTC 26, March 2017.
National Weather Service (nws)
sea ice and icebergs issued by shn pressure hpa Beaufort scale winds
part 1 gale warning:
40/2017 strong baric gradient provokes winds force 8 from sector E
with gust in 69s-74s 99w-76w
part 2 general synopsis at 09:00utc
ridge 60s 65w 70s 40w mov E dpn
low 948hpa 70s 95w mov E wkn extends strong baric gradient at 69s 74w 99s 76w
sea ice limit 7118s 02000w 6900s 03112w 6624s 04200w 6554s 04418w
6324s 04606w 6224s 05006w 6300s 05354w 6254s 05454w 6312s 05706w 6348s
06136w 6506s 06512w 6630s 06700w icebergs greater than 10nm a61 6325s
03122w 13x4nm b09d 6357s 04251w 22x6nm smaller than 10nm iceberg3
6237s 02408w iceberg6 6424s 03622w iceberg7 6451s 03727w iceberg8
6529s 03452w iceberg9 6519s 04023w iceberg10 6512s 03453w icebergs
area a) 4600s 02000w 6400s 02000w 6700s 03200w 6530s 04624w 6000s
05400w 5000s 04000w
cfnt at 60s 76w 70s 73w mov se wkn
part 3 forecast issued 12:00 UTC valid until 12:00 UTC 2017-03-27
coastal areas:
southern portion of Drake Strait : SW 5/6 prob of fog vis poor
Mar de la flota coasts : W 4/5 prob of fog vis poor
gerlache Strait : W 4 prob of fog vis poor
Margarita Bay : NE 4 5/6 prob of frozen rain spells of good weather
prob of rain and snow mixture starting evening vis moderate
erebus y terror Gulf : S 3 N 3 towards evening vis good
oceanic areas:
norther Bellingshausen Sea (60-66s 70-90w): NW 6 prob of frozen rain
vis moderate
southern Bellingshausen Sea (66-73s 70-90w): N 6 low prob of rain and
snow mixture vis moderate to poor
northern Weddell Sea (60-68s 20-50w): SW 4/5 prob of drizzle rain nxt
prob of fog during the evening vis moderate to poor
southern Weddell Sea (68-78s 20-60w): NE 3 veer se prob of fog vis poor

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