Marine Weather for HS 010

issued by the Australian government Bureau of Meteorology, bnoc for 24 hours commencing 2300 UTC 25 may 2017

Please be aware wind gusts can be a further 40 percent stronger than the averages given here, and maximum waves may be up to twice the height.

Part 1 warnings refer to latest warnings for details of area affected.

Melbourne Gale Warning 1.

Melbourne Gale Warning 2.

Part 2 situation at 1800 UTC refer to latest warnings for boundary of affected area and type of weather system.

Cold front [1] 34s119e 43s126e to low 982hpa near 47s122e to 50s120e, forecast east of area but low 975hpa near 46s129e at 261200utc.

Cold front [2] west of area, forecast 34s080e 41s093e 50s098e at 270000utc.

High 1027hpa near 38s099e, forecast 1030hpa near 37s108e at 270000utc.

Part 3 forecast refer to latest warnings.

North of a line 26s090e 31s115e: se quarter winds 15/25 knots increasing to 20/30 knots north of 20s west of 098e after 260000utc. Moderate to rough seas. Low to moderate swell.

Area east of high longitude outside warning area: SW quarter winds shifting N quarter east of front [1] and turning clockwise within 300nm of low. Wind speeds 20/30 knots increasing to 25/33 knots within 120nm of warning area. Moderate to rough seas. Heavy swell.

Within 240nm of high and remainder north of high latitude: winds not exceeding 25 knots. Slight to moderate seas. Moderate to heavy swell.

Remainder outside warning area: NW quarter winds tending SW quarter west of front [2]. Wind speeds 20/30 knots grading to 25/33 knots within 120nm of warning area. Rough seas. Moderate to heavy swell increasing to heavy west of front [2].

Rain areas, scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms within 300nm of cold fronts and low. Scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms west of front [2]. Isolated showers remainder. Visibility reducing below 2nm in precipitation.

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The next routine forecast will be issued at 09:00 UTC Friday.

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