Marine Weather for HS 006

High Seas Forecast National Weather Service Honolulu HI 1130 UTC Sat Jun 23 2018

Superseded by next issuance in 6 hours

Seas given as significant wave height...which is the average height of the highest 1/3 of the waves. Individual waves may be more than twice the significant wave height.

This High Seas Forecast uses 1-minute average winds which may be higher than 10-minute average winds.


South Pacific Equator to 25s between 120w and 160e

Synopsis valid 0600 UTC Jun 23 2018. 24 hour forecast valid 0600 UTC Jun 24 2018. 48 hour forecast valid 0600 UTC Jun 25 2018.



.Synopsis and forecast.

.front 25s156w 20s166w 17s176w moving E slowly S of 20s and nearly stationary elsewhere. Winds NW 20 to 25 kt within 120 nm of front S of 23s. Isolated moderate tstms within 90 nm of front. .24 hour forecast front 25s150w 22s158w 19s168w. Winds diminished to 20 kt or less. .48 hour forecast dissipating front 25s145w 23s152w 21s160w 19s168w.

.trough 15s144w 19s143w 22s141w nearly stationary. .24 hour forecast trough dissipated.

.trough 02s160e 09s170e 10s180e 13s175w nearly stationary. Scattered strong tstms within 240 nm of trough W of 175e. Isolated moderate tstms within 120 nm of trough elsewhere. .24 hour forecast trough 04s160e 09s168e 12s177e. .48 hour forecast trough dissipated.

.Ridge 25s143w 20s153w 18s164w moving E slowly.

.winds E to se 20 to 25 kt S of 02s E of 140w. .24 hour forecast winds E to se 20 to 25 kt S of 02s E of 145w. .48 hour forecast winds E to se 20 to 25 kt E of 125w.

.Winds 20 kt or less remainder forecast area.

.seas 8 to 12 ft S of line 25s177w 21s165w 18s143w 00s126w. .24 hour forecast seas 12 to 14 ft S of 23s between 148w and 155w. Seas 8 to 12 ft elsewhere S of line 25s175w 18s173w 18s155w 23s145w 11s142w 02s130w 06s120w. .48 hour forecast seas 8 to 10 ft E of line 25s158w 12s168w 09s160w 08s137w 02s120w.

.Seas 8 ft or lower remainder forecast area.


.forecaster Powell. Honolulu HI.

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