Cross-Country Storm Ramping Up Now

Snowfall could slow down travel in some areas of the Midwest and Northeast into this weekend.
Cross-Country Storm Ramping Up NowCross-Country Storm Ramping Up Now

Highest Pressure in 300 Years

Barometer readings in London have soared to their highest values since the 1600s.
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Highest Pressure in 300 YearsHighest Pressure in 300 Years

Temps: What to Expect From February to April

The lack of El Niño and La Niña is one factor in the forecast into spring.
Temps: What to Expect From February to AprilTemps: What to Expect From February to April

Life on a Frozen Continent

What it's like to carry out research two miles high and thousands of miles from civilization.
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Life on a Frozen ContinentLife on a Frozen Continent

How Winter Weather Is Changing

How are disappearing sea ice and changes in the Arctic influencing winter weather in the U.S.?
How Winter Weather Is ChangingHow Winter Weather Is Changing