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2011 November

World and U.S. Anti-cyclonic (High Barometric) Pressure Records

This blog is a follow up to my previous post on world barometric pressure records. In this case the highest rather than the lowest such. This post completes my recent series on pressure records.

weatherhistorian, • 9:18 PM GMT on November 26, 2011

World and U.S. Lowest Barometric Pressure Records

In light of my previous blog on record extra-tropical cyclones, I thought I would follow up with a brief survey of world barometric pressure records (both high and low) in this blog just the low records. Next week I’ll post on the high-pressure records. Recent communication with Stephen Burt, an expert on this subject hailing from the United Kingdom, and Blair Trewin of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology have helped shed some light on this arcane subject.

weatherhistorian, • 12:03 AM GMT on November 20, 2011

Super Extra-tropical Storms; Alaska and Extra-tropical Record Low Barometric

One of the most powerful storms to strike Alaska in recent years has churned across the Bering Sea with hurricane-force winds and sea waves some 40-feet high. See Jeff Masters blog for details on this storm. My blog here is a brief historical re-cap of past storms of similar magnitude (including one just last April in Alaska) and record low pressure readings for extra-tropical storms.

weatherhistorian, • 8:39 PM GMT on November 10, 2011

October 2011 Global Weather Extremes Summary

October was a relatively calm month so far as global weather extremes were concerned. The biggest story for the United States was the unprecedented snowstorm that struck the mid-Atlantic and Northeast on October 29-30th. Unusual warmth occurred in Europe at the beginning of the month and in southern Africa towards the end of the month. Extreme flooding affected Central America, Italy, and Southeast Asia.Below are some of the month’s highlights.

weatherhistorian, • 8:16 PM GMT on November 05, 2011