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Road Trip: Gulf Coast

By: Dr. Ricky Rood, 3:52 PM GMT on August 03, 2007

Work and vacation has brought me to the Gulf Coast - stayed in Slidell, LA for a couple of nights--now in Mobile. I've placed a picture of a small fortification on the banks of the Bayou in My Recent Photos. This is on US 11 as it gets close to its end at US 90 - in Irish Bayou. US 90 is the old US highway that runs along the Gulf Coast.

There is a lot of rebuilding along the Gulf. Some houses, some bridges, and the Waffle House and casinos seem more than committed to the area. A lot of property for sale. The houses are built a little higher. There are still heaps of rubble.

I spent many of my younger years struggling with hurricanes along the NC coast. My father loved building cabins along the coast out of old train bridges and phone poles. We viewed everything as ephemeral. Those piles of rubble, the urge to rebuild, the irrationality of rebuilding are all very close to me.

Compared to earlier in the year climate change is moving away from the radio. I did listen to Rush Limbaugh for a while, who provided his global warming update. I was interested in his statement that he was confident that in 3-4 years the "hoax" could be revealed. I am curious about the idea that there is an organized hoax, some sort of desire it seems to tell people how to live, what to buy. Perhaps someone can explain to me the rationale.

Just some thoughts from the road,


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