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2015 August

Godzilla Versus The Blob

The political ramifications of statements by meteorologists and climatologists take away the ease of language, perhaps, the playfulness of communication.

RickyRood, • 3:42 AM GMT on August 31, 2015

Ice-Age 4: Media and Why There is No Prediction of a Mini Ice Age

There will not be a mini ice age, and there is no rational or responsible way to hedge on the projections about the Earth’s surface warming, ice melting, sea level rising, and the weather changing

RickyRood, • 9:21 PM GMT on August 17, 2015

Ice-Age 3: The Perils of Science and the Media

Science organizations made it easy for the Daily Mail, an newspaper known for exaggerated headlines, and running many stories that are designed to nurture doubt about climate-change science.

RickyRood, • 3:54 AM GMT on August 03, 2015