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2014 February

The whole silly warming pause, warming hiatus thing

The lobby opposing climate-change science is fundamentally political. A political tactic is the deliberate, distorted misrepresentation of information and its implications. It is effectively disruptive. It is not a threat to the science-based knowledge we have of our climate. It is, however, a much deeper threat to us all.

RickyRood, • 5:26 AM GMT on February 21, 2014

Are the changes in the Arctic messing with our weather? The Future of Blocking

At the start of this blog I stated that blocking is associated with the meanders in the jet stream, but large meanders do not always mean that the definition of “block” is fulfilled. Alternatively, large meanders in the jet will be directly associated with changes in the weather, and we do not require that “blocking” be realized to conclude that changes are real. That is why I include this body of research as part of the most important in the past year.

RickyRood, • 5:54 PM GMT on February 05, 2014