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2010 November

Stickiness and Climate Models: Open Climate Models (2)

Entry in a series laying out the argument and approach to open source climate modeling. This one discusses why it is so difficult to change the way we do modeling.

RickyRood, • 5:04 AM GMT on November 30, 2010

Greening of the Desert: Open Climate Models (1)

This is the start of a series on how we will need, ultimately, far broader access to climate models than we currently have. The reason .... in order to get the energy we need and the food we need, we will have to alter the surface of the Earth on increasing scales. We need to better understand the impact of these projects on the climate. Not to mention the prospect of geo-engineering.

RickyRood, • 8:33 PM GMT on November 21, 2010

Cancun and News

Some recent events: Cancun, Roger Pielke Jr., Merapi Volcano, and news from Pakistan

RickyRood, • 2:12 AM GMT on November 11, 2010

Regional Climate Information: Real-world use (2)

A discussion of the mandate to provide climate information for those making decisions about adaptation to climate change.

RickyRood, • 3:03 PM GMT on November 02, 2010