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2013 February

Shoveling Snow Can Make You Nutty

I have never shoveled snow in Michigan. Many times I have stood in more than 18 inches of snow in DC, and I have never seen more than 8 inches of snow in Ann Arbor, MI. I saw deeper snow growing up in Cary, NC than I have seen in Ann Arbor.

RickyRood, • 3:44 PM GMT on February 24, 2013

Should We Just Adapt to Climate Change?

In 10 more years we will have the next warmer “climate,” then the next, and the next—the “next normals.” There is no new normal. And the warming will be speeding up. There is no “just adapting” to this; there is no stable climate to adapt to. We must manage and limit our carbon dioxide waste or we will still be chasing the “new normal” in a thousand years.

RickyRood, • 3:44 PM GMT on February 17, 2013

National Climate Assessment (NCA): The Midwest

We have measurements of snow. We see the intuitive decrease in snow marching up from the south. In the Great Lakes, which are dominated by local supplies of water, there is an increase in snow because it is warmer – less intuitive, but perfectly consistent. When observations line up, like this, with theory and predictions, we have increased confidence that we know what the future will hold.

RickyRood, • 5:00 AM GMT on February 12, 2013

Separated and Unified: One Earth

We need to conceive that our means to address the challenges of climate change grow in this complex system. They grow when actions, economics, benefits, policies, choices, etc. align to support the growth of those actions. The strategy, therefore, is to prime our one Earth, our behavior, to increase the likelihood that solutions grow.

RickyRood, • 5:07 AM GMT on February 07, 2013