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2011 November

Extreme Weather: Can we use predictions to plan?

With regard to flooding in the Missouri River, many academic papers and common sense say that if there are better forecasts, or perhaps more appropriately, longer lead times, then risk, damage, and cost can be reduced. We, the collective we, have much of the information that is required, but it is not all in one place. It is not all provided by a single agency. It is not integrated together towards a specific application like flooding in of the Missouri River. That service is not provided.

RickyRood, • 1:23 AM GMT on November 22, 2011

"BEST" temperature record study surprises skeptics

Last month, the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) group released results from research they did on the Earth surface temperature record. "BEST" wanted to take an independent look at the data and create a new temperature record. What they found was surprising to some in the "skeptic" community, though not surprising to most climate scientists.

angelafritz • 3:38 PM GMT on November 03, 2011