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2011 June

A Science-Organized Community: Organizing U.S. Climate Modeling (3)

Is it possible to build an organization that as a whole functions scientifically? This is the third in a series on thinking about the scientific method as applied to organizations, rather than individuals. This discusses the ongoing project climateprediction.net and how the scientific method defines volunteers participation in the project.

RickyRood, • 9:18 PM GMT on June 21, 2011

The Scientific Organization: Organizing U.S. Climate Modeling (2)

The article returns to the notion of how to make U.S. climate activities more effective at integrating climate research to provide predictive capabilities and societal services. This piece discusses the need to adapt the scientific method to organizations; hence, the scientific organization.

RickyRood, • 4:29 PM GMT on June 15, 2011

Changing the Conversation: Extreme Weather and Climate

This article links back to two previous entries which examine the peril and pitfalls of trying to attribute isolated weather events to climate change. This entry highlights a recent paper on changing the media discussion of climate, climate change, and extreme events.

RickyRood, • 5:21 AM GMT on June 06, 2011