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Very dangerous Hurricane Lane heads for landfall

By: Dr. Jeff Masters, 3:50 PM GMT on September 16, 2006

Hurricane Lane has intensified into a small but very dangerous Category 3 hurricane, and is now bearing down on the Pacific Mexican coast north of the resort town of Mazatlan. The historical map of Eastern Pacific hurricanes shows that Lane is the strongest September hurricane ever to affect this region of the Pacific coast of Mainland Mexico. Lane passed about 45 miles to the west of Matazlan this morning at 5am PDT. Hurricane force winds extend out only 30 miles from the center of Lane, and Mazatlan airport has recorded top winds of only 25 mph so far today. Lane is responsible for one death. Lanes' heavy rains triggered a landslide yesterday that killed a 7-year-old boy in Acapulco. Lane brushed the Mexican coast between Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta Friday, bringing heavy rains of 4-8 inches, then made a direct hit on a group of islands called the Islas Tres Marias as a Category 2 hurricane. There is no word yet on how the islands fared. The islands are home to a large penal colony.

Figure 1. Latest satellite image of Lane, updated every half hour.

Cabo San Lucas radar shows that Lane has developed concentric eyewalls, and is probably near peak intensity. The main threat from Lane is his winds. Lane has a small eye about ten miles in diameter, and a small region of the Mexican coast about 20 miles wide will be subject to the extreme winds of the eyewall. These 125 mph winds will cause tremendous damage. Hopefully, Lane will miss the populated towns of El Dorado and La Cruz and come ashore on a relatively sparsely populated section of coast. The other major threat is rainfall. Ten inches of rain will be common in the mountainous region of Mexico Lane is expected to cross, triggering flash floods. Storm surge flooding should be less of a problem, since the ocean waters are deep offshore, which will allow only a six-foot storm surge to build.

Lane is the sixth major hurricane in the Eastern Pacific this year. It is often the case that a quiet year in the Atlantic is offset by an active year in the Eastern Pacific, and vice versa. That has certainly been the case the past two years. The Atlantic has seen only one major hurricane this year. Last year the Atlantic had seven major hurricanes, and the Eastern Pacific just one. The difference in activity between the two ocean basins is not fully understood, but has been commonly linked to the El Nino phenomena.

The mountains of central Mexico should dissipate Lane within three days, and moisture from the storm is no longer expected to reach the U.S.

Helene becomes a hurricane
Helene has intensified into a hurricane this morning, and now has a eye, well-formed low-level spiral bands, and some solid and improving upper-level outflow. Helene is over warm 27-28C waters, shear is a low 5-10 knots, and the storm should intensify into a Category 2 hurricane by Monday.

Helene may be a threat to Bermuda and/or the Maritime provinces of Canada, but the odds of a strike on the U.S. are less than 10%. History shows that the large majority of hurricanes that traverse this part of the Atlantic end up recurving. One very notable exception is the famed New England Hurricane of 1938, which followed a very similar path to Helene's current track. Two strong troughs of low pressure are expected to push off the East Coast over the next week. If the first trough does not pull Helene northwards far enough to recurve her out to sea, the second one should almost certainly finish the job--before Helene can make it all the way to the U.S. It is too early to tell what the risk might be to Bermuda; the exact strength of the first trough 4-5 days from now is uncertain, and will determine how far west Helene is able to penetrate. The latest run of the GFS model puts Helene very near Bermuda on Sunday September 24.

Gordon on the decline
Hurricane Gordon is barely a hurricane, thanks to some strong shear and dry air. Margie Kieper did a nice job in her View from the Surface blog documenting Gordon's demise. Gordon is headed northward out to sea, and is not a threat to land.

The rest of the tropical Atlantic
A strong tropical wave with plenty of spin but only a little thunderstorm activity is just off the coast of Africa near the Cape Verde Islands, and is headed northwest out to sea. This system may show some slow development over the next few days.

Remainder of hurricane season outlook
I posted my outlook for the remainder of hurricane season yesterday, in case you missed it.

I'll have an update Sunday morning.
Jeff Masters

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

Reader Comments

snowboy, your gut might be right, but mine never is.
AccuWeathers Track:

2004. snowboy
well Accuweatheer has her further west than NHC (with landfall possible in NE US or Canada), but I think they've all missed the mark..
Good morning snowboy. Yes I expect they will increase at 11. They mentioned it in the 5am how surprised they were at the size of her eye.
2006. snowboy
every new sat. image is confirming she's heading just north of due west just now..
I've been observing that snowboy. She's just been cruising along 20N for a while now.
2008. snowboy
LOL - cruising west (if it keeps up any length of time) is not consistent with the fish storm scenario..
2009. jus991
I just hope she gets back on the more NW heading for the sake of the islands.
2011. primez
She's got an eye for Gordon!
2012. jus991
g morning people so whats the possible paths or scenarios w/ helene????are they all fish????
Good Morning.
Not all of them are fish.

2015. snowboy
hey jus991, they are not all fish - she is heading almost due west (NHC is calling for NW in 5 am advisory), and there's a big model spread after 3days. In my view a hit on the US is increasingly possible (I'd put it at 40% now)..
snowboy if indeed it does hit the us where do you think it will go
2017. snowboy
nice post Randrewl, the spread of model scenarios is awesome..
2018. pcshell
rand good morning i see the gfdl still wants a curve any ideas on why still such a large spread sitting in florida getting nervous lol
2019. wadcane
Here is the link for the North Atlantic Water Vaor loop. It kind of shows the big pictue. Just my observation the trof just off the East coast seems to be weakening thus allowing Helene to jog more westery. It will eventually get picked up by the 2nd trof and move north
2020. snowboy
hey Miami am very much hoping stays away from US - if Helene does make it in I'd say from NC northwards (this far out this is pure guessing)..
So Miami might be ok
2022. snowboy
hey wadcane, the 1st trough is indeed a wash out and the second is slowing as the remains of Lane send a wave up the cold front..
pcshell..Morning. The models have been receiving some air sampling data and the GFS is not buying the North jog at this time. The GFDL is still on the North wagon. Until there is some kind of consensus between the globals it is very difficult to know which solution is the correct one.
2024. pcshell
ok rand. well showing my ignorance but when is that they would send recognance in? i know it is at a certain point
I'm just lurking and wanted to say, I'm glad to see you back Rand... Your information is really valuable.. I know I may be late in posting this but I just wanted you to know..
pc..recon can't fly until 55W.
ajpgraves1990...Thank you. We got that all straightened out. Glad to have you here.
Yesterday I said I would get a bit worried if I saw GFDL make a westward turn. So far it hasn't, so I am still just "concerned", that is , keeping the usual weather eye on the lovely Helene. (well, getting lovely, anyway).

However wimpy that trough looks on satellite, we got some surprisingly severe weather from it yesterday and last night. This morning when I looked out my door, it looked like a mini-tornado had hit - the lowlying foliage was all lying flat, and several shrubs near the house were uprooted.
I must say after looking at the latest model runs i am more convinced now that this will indeed turn north sometime between 60W-70W and 25N-30N.
I'm really showing my stupidity, what is the GFDL?
2031. wxhatt
Morn'n all,

I see NHC is still steering her out to sea thank goodness. Just looked at the water vapor image, and it looks good for blocking all the storms from the east.

I'm so happy to know we are getting a very mild cane season. The U.S. has been so ravaged last year it was so terrible. I think it should be calm for the next couple of decades.
2032. snowboy
what a monster eye!
Posted By: ajpgraves1990 at 12:59 PM GMT on September 17, 2006.

I'm just lurking and wanted to say, I'm glad to see you back Rand...

Morning Rand and all others
That is an impressive eye this morning. NHC 5am discussion:


Thanks Jer...good morning.
2036. snowboy
hey wxhatt, unfortunately NHC doesn't get to steer these storms and Helene seems to have a mind of her own..
Morning Rand,and all-shouldn't some of that upper atmo recon be in the models by now?
2038. wxhatt
Of course we have had our fair share of storms here on the east coast, but we continue to pray that the majority of them STAY AWAY!

Beach erosion has been exremely bad here, and we can't take much more of that. Sand replenishment is not keeping up with it because there is soo much beachline to take care of.

Clearly, it has affected the way the locals and even the tourist feel. Our main bridge is in dire need of replacement due to storms and bad weather, and the roads have been washed over so much they are broken up very badly for long streches. Water stays on the roads for many days now, just from a small rain storm.
Morning Crab.
sebastianjer...Yes, it is supposed to be in there. The GFDL is just not buying the Westward GFS track yet.

GDFL is one of several forecast models used to forecast weather in general and tropical systems in particular. More info can be found at the NHC website (going to look for a link).
Somebody was asking what the GFDL was. Here's the link.

2044. Zaphod
Helene has steadily gained lattitude, and I believe the only chance it has of evading troughs is if it heads back S. Only the BAMM appears to lose lattitude.

Helene is already so far N that historically speaking it would set precedent to make it through. With climatalogical history and global models in some agreement, I think we are now to the point that it's not a question of whether it will head up, but which trough will catch it.

Does anybody see more than a few percent chance of missing the next two troughs?
Zap i agree with you however early snowboy did post that the trof coming down from canada the one that is supposed to make it turn is slowing down
2046. nash28
Morning everyone. Just woke up. What is the 06z long range GFS showing? Is it still showing a brush up against the E coast of FL or has it moved back to the north?
does anyone see the track shifting west at 11 am update helene looks like shes riding the 20 line scince last night ?
2048. snowboy
hey Zap, I'm saying 40% chance of US landfall (NC northwards), notwithstanding all the arguments against (this guesstimate up from 25% a 36 hours ago)..
Zaphod...It would be an anomoly if she didn't make the turn wouldn't it?
Nash where, Good morning, do you find the longrange models
Holy Batman what is that this comeing off the TX cost
Morning Nash. GFS still likes Florida.
stormy, maybe another slight shift W. NHC doesn't want to make a drastic shift W unless the GFDL comes into agreement.
Taz thats the remnants of lane i think
Taz, that's the remnants of Lane along with the front coming across the planes draping all the way down to STex.
2056. snowboy
Taz, that's the Lane remnants, which are going to move up the "second trough" as a wave and slow it down..
What is the possibility of Lane going through Texas then heading in the Gulf and restrengthing?
Just wondering??
Weather456s Tropical and Subtropical Weather Discussion for The North Atlantic Ocean and Surrounding Land Masses.............Western Periphery..
08:59:40 AM AST

A stationary front continues to be draped across Southern Canada from 95W, to the North Atlantic Ocean near 60W. Isolated T-Showers are scattered along the front, notable very intense over Wisconsin and Lake Superior (U.S.A and Canadian Peripheries).

A cold front extends from New Brunswick, Canada to near 50N/35W. Numerous isolated T-Showers are seen along the front.

A frontal trough (a frontal system in association with a trough) extends from Arizona, across New Mexico, over the Texas Panhandle, north across much of the Central United States, coming to an end near 46N/95W. Numerous widespread severe T-showers extends from Texas (which is also associated with moisture from Lane, See Below) to Michigan.

The upper level trough that extended across the Eastern United States, as retreat more to the NE, and now extends from south of Nova Scotia, to 30N/78W. Along the trough is a TUTT located off the Atlantic Coast of New Jersey. The low is generating some moisture that will spread into the states of New York, Connecticut and Rode Island.

The remainder of the trough remains extremely dry due to dry sinking air that came down behind the trough and an area of high pressure centered over West Virgina. Mainly clear skies and near average temperatures will be expected from Northern Florida, all the way to Pennsylvania.

Ahead of the trough is a dying frontal boundary. There are two lows located along the system. One near 36N/70W, and the other (mainly extra topical) near 41N/60W. Widespread T-Showers, will spread across the Bahamas and Bermuda, in association with the old frontal system.

A broad upper air ridge/high is extending from Central Mexico, all the way north into the heart of continental United States. One western edge of the high, the remnants of Hurricane Lane, will interact with the first frontal system discussed above, to produce life threating rains of up to 50mm in 3hrs, across Texas and New Mexico. Please refer the local NWS, on issues of flood watches and warnings.

Most of the Gulf of Mexico remains tranquil and cloud-free due to dry sinking air moving down from the United Sates.

A tropical wave along 82W is interacting with the eastern edge of the upper level high to produce widespread T-showers across much of the NW Caribbean Sea from the Yucatan Peninsula to Jamaica, south to Honduras. The southern edge of the wave axis is along the ITCZ, helping to generate numerous widespread Showers along the remainder Central America and Colombia.
Rainfall totals along Central America and the NW Caribbean Sea, including Southern Florida and the Bahamas will be around 20-40mm in 3hrs.

On the flip side, cloud-free skies dominate most of the Eastern Caribbean Sea, east of 70W, due to large amounts of dry Saharan dust being channeled into the area by an upper air high to the north of Puerto Rico. Though an isolated stray shower or two could be expected over some areas.

good morning, all. rand, following is what i guess is "official" lat/long, is there another place that shows the lat/long for more interval or do you just have to do a loop thing and write them down, which is very difficult to do for me UNLESS there is a pinhole eye!! jo

21 GMT 09/16/06 19.3N 46.3W 75 987
03 GMT 09/17/06 19.5N 47.5W 80 984
09 GMT 09/17/06 20.0N 48.2W 85 979
wow it looks like its this about to move back overe the water
2061. IADCW
I really hope that you guys calling Helene a fish storm are right. But I dont think anyone has confidence in your predictions, except for yourselves.
1990, none at all. The mountains of Mex have ripped him to shreads. All that will be left is remnant moisture and it will be too far N.
They are just personal predictions based on facts. It's not confidence but what you believe.
20.3 48.6...moving clearly NW..and veryyyyyyyyyy solwly..like maybe 7 mph...

That was a pretty good summary.

What are your thoughts about
a) Helene's eventual path (i. e. GFS or GFDL?)
b) the W Caribbean wave - possible development before crossing into EPac?
But the sat. image makes it look still threatening. I guess there is alot of other factors that would prohibit it from reforming.

the two eyes of the atlantic
Where are u guys getting good loop images of Helene? I haven't been able to find anything clear.
2069. snowboy
good description of current situation, 456 - how do you see the big front across the central US evolving? I think the remnants of Lane are going to develop into a wave which will move up the front and slow its eastward progression down..
2070. caneman
Caneman presents a film by Weather Bruckheimer:

Blobs of The Atlantic: The Mis-directed Blob.

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Assistant Director: Mother Nature
Best Boy Grip: Sea Surface Temperature.
1st Assistant Director: John Carpenter
2nd Assistant Director: Caneman's cousin
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Adapted for television by: Sea Surface Temperatures, LTD.

Caneman returns to do battle this time with the Atlantic blobs. While Caneman successfully destroyed the Caribbean disturbances, unbeknownst to him a blob mutated and morphed into Helene.
Caneman has been dispatched to the Atlantic this time around to do battle with Helene and keep her from becomming a major hurricane.
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carribean r: "20.3 48.6...moving clearly NW" hi, where is the site that shows these lat/long? thanx jo
Yeah RayfromBoston, down here on the Cape we got 35" of snow from the '05 Blizzard. I believe that was most snow the Cape has ever gotten in one storm. The band you were talking about weakened as it neared the OCean, but we got several bands porducing around 4 - 5" of snow in an hour or so worths a time. My dad said we had thundersnow, but we were sleeping. That was one strange winter for us. We just got pounded over and over by coastal nor'easters. That is when the coast receives the most snow.
Looking as 8N 15W on that image Tracker01 just posted. Any chances for development there, do you think?
2074. caneman
Updated blog here Link
Posted By: BahaHurican at 9:36 AM AST on September 17, 2006.

That was a pretty good summary.

What are your thoughts about
a) Helene's eventual path (i. e. GFS or GFDL?)
b) the W Caribbean wave - possible development before crossing into EPac?

I will post a map to the first question.....and the W Caribbean wave has little chance, the way i see it, its a normal wave passing through.
The storm is pretty small and the eye is huge..... this storm is looks pretty weird
2077. snowboy
IADCW, let's stay constructive today please. Have had a very pleasant morning so far. I agree with you that fish storm scenario is by no means a sure thing - would appreciate hearing your thoughts on why though..
Posted By: HobeSoundShudders at 1:39 PM GMT on September 17, 2006.

carribean r: "20.3 48.6...moving clearly NW" hi, where is the site that shows these lat/long? thanx jo

I am just looking at the satelite image especially at the Navy site...and finding the center for myself:)
2079. i12BNEi
Good morning all!Anyone think that Lane could have had any effect on the weather heading to the southeast.Could it have weekend the second trough or moved it further north?Just a thought.
IAD like i posted earlier i still believe this will turn but later then originaly expected. Somewhere btw 25n,65w
1990, right now conditions are hostile over the Gulf. Dry air and NE winds would make development of anything unlikely.
waiting for the good doctor . . .
Goodmorning everyone!
Happy Sunday to you...just needed to get an update since I left about 1am this morning. See Helene is gaining a little strength and looking pretty good on sat. But don't like the idea the models are still spead out a lot...Will be checking in and out as I can today and looking forward to the 11am update. Hope Dr Master's opens a new thread soon!
Keep up the good work my friends!
2084. snowboy
LOL Caneman! btw folks, Helene is moving WNW and has been for days..
Anyways aside from the Snow talk. I think Helene will become a major and threaten the United States, but no landfall expected at this time, unless all models show signs of change. The most likely areas to be affected in the US if landfall was likely to occur would be the Carolinas to Maine, with the Mid-Atlantic coast in the Bullseye at this time, if this was to make landfall. The further south the stronger and more west she would go, and the opposite if she was to move to the north. For anymore detailed explanation, visit my blog.
i12...it has slowed the trough and inhanced the moisture content in Tx and points E and N. Here in SWLA, we have an 80% of rain tomorrow as the front comes through...rain chances inhanced by moisture from Lane.
Isn't bad if Helene moves slow??? wouldnt that give the high more time to build in?
carribean, I am just looking at the satelite image especially at the Navy site...and finding the center for myself:)

thanx, that actually answers my question from earlier (how to see lat/long other than the nhc posts since they are so far apart) jo
the building in....the one from the east coast
2090. snowboy
hey NWAC - only difference between our views is I'm seeing US landfall maybe a bit more likely than you (my guesstimate is 40% odds at present)..
Posted By: snowboy at 1:45 PM GMT on September 17, 2006.

LOL Caneman! btw folks, Helene is moving WNW and has been for days..

the actual movement is NW..or near 310 degrees...but yes..if we average the complete track..is WNW..or near 295 degrees
OK...who said the "F" word..(florida)? I just threw out half the extra ice bagged and stored in the freezer since I had made a Sams Club meat run after holding off most of the season:( Now I'm doomed:p
Good morning all, can someone post the link for actual model runs? the one that has the fsu and gfdl run. Thanks
jo...here's another link that updates position frequently.

2095. Patrap
..sees helene moving NW @ 9 around 295 bearing last 3 hrs..and the Hurricane ..is still feeling the effects of the SAL ..it bump into yesterday.The storm remains slighty negatively tilted..west to east ..as the inflow battles to keep the fuel flowing into the core..Helene..continues to follow close to the NHC track ..but confidence ..in the track ..out past 72..remains ..unclear..at best..
I figure if all floridians put up their shutters at the start of hurricane season then it would detour all hurricances from Florida.. Haha
Went back to look at the climatology again. Only 3 storms since 1850 which passed w/in 100 miles of Helene's current position went on to strike the mainland; one of these was Isabel. An additional 4 recurved late enough to affect Bermuda. The other 25 or so stayed out to sea. I'd also bet that the weather conditions during each of the landfalling hurricanes were different from what we have now.
2098. Patrap
..Helene now gaining in Lattitude every hour ..over Longitude.Passing thru 20 north..this motion is expected to continue..thru Sun Evening..and bodes better for all concernd..
Why has Helene slowed down? Is a High Building to the North??
This the first case - Helene misses the weakness, but is picked up the trough....Since the trough is moving Eastward...the turn will occur more to the east.....and not so far west.....

Patrap, just wanted to comment on your pictures. It is really extrodinary the amount of damage Katrina caused. I am thankful you are safe after seeing those pictures.
2102. Patrap
..456..on time with the frontal map...nice...once again
2103. Patrap
..Thanx ajp..thats nice.Glad you enjoyed them..Ill post more later this week.
rand, that is EXACTLY what i was looking for, that shows those t numbers, too i wbb 11:00 am if i don't shut this thing down, my floors and the babbit cage will get NO attention.... jo
If Helene slows down, that would give the high time to build in and move to the west. Then the TROF would come into play. Either the trough will weaken the high, or the high will weaken the trough. Depends which ever is strong. Like a chicken game. We will see.
HobeSoundShudders...Have some more coffee. Your typing skills are suffering...LOL!
2107. Patrap
..NHC was right on the Money slowing Helenes..forward speed in Half..after bouncing into the SAL..was moving @ 20 ..Friday..now 9..
Good morning Pat.
2110. Patrap
.G morn Rand,,howd yall make out last night?...
Morning Gulf.

Helene is not following all instructions, as u can see.
,,howd yall make out last night?...

Not sure what you mean?
I know snowboy. Our only difference is the fact that I predict a 30% chance for a US landfall and you have a 40 to 45% chance. Oh well! Our differences will change within the next 24 to 36hours. Helene appears she will miss the weakness, but the CONUS trough seems likely to pick up Helene before reaching the coast. Now if the trough is not strong enough within 3 to 4 days then she could very well likely reach landfall on the E. Coast.
Seceond Case-Helene misses both the trough and weakness in the high:

2115. Patrap
..blog wise...was it busy here?
Fairly active. Mostly attacking SJ and arguing about the track as usual.
I signed off after football.
2117. Patrap
..Weather 456 gets the award for Best performance by a Blogger in the Simple Graphics category..Thats a great look at the forcasting dilemma posed by Helene..
456 - You're not showing the high also positioned north of Puerto Rico/Leeward Islands (one farther south that the high in the middle).

Also, winds are now 95mph with Helene, and this will be seen at 11am.
2119. Patrap
.Ahhh..yes..football and Tropical blogging kinda one & the same.Every body pulling for a Scenario..amid chhering crowds of Followers..LOL
if you do the calculations of lat. and long. from since the 5pm advisory from sept.16 .and it has gone .7n and 1.9w .looks to me a little more westward than northward as far as last 12 hours.
2121. wxhatt
Hi Patrap, GulfScotsman, Randrewl, and all the other regulars. Welcome, New Bloogers too!

Good to see you are still keeping vigil on Helene. I have some things to take care of this morning, but I'll be back in a while to check out what is the latest.

Let's hope the Sea Hag stays out to Sea!!
LOL....football and weather work well together. Emotion running high!
2123. Patrap
...G morning wxhatt
good morning folks,

welcome back rand, try and behave now, we missed you.
New Blog up
thanks weather 456 but might be alittle south of your second post . good pics.
2127. Patrap
..Im out for French..er Italian Toast..LOL.Will be back b-4 Noon Kickoff...Saints @ Lambeau Field..!
2128. IADCW
My thoughts on why are really simple. People predict and make plans like they know whats going to happen and the fact is this. No matter how much you believe or have confidence in how you think things will go - without fail, some things wont go that way. Best laid plans and all that !!
IADCW,This is a blog to discuss weather. No one may be right or wrong, It's a place where fellow trackers can discuss. Nothing they say is laid in stone. It helps other people get a different prospective on what is happening. It's not planning it's discussing!
Hello all. I really enjoy all of the comments
and opinions on this blog. I've been reading for
months now, and have only posted once or twice.
I live in Texas in the hill country, and we are waiting for rain from Lane to arrive and give us some drought relief.
I've endured a few hurricane's myself, growing up in the Rio Grande Valley. Beulah's eye passed directly over us in Harlingen, and we also endured Allen and Gilbert. Hurricanes have always been a fascination for me, and I enjoy
all of your comments and posted links. Thanks,