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Tropics quieting down

By: Dr. Jeff Masters, 4:27 PM GMT on November 05, 2005

An area of disturbed weather continues over the southwestern Caribbean off of the coast of Nicaragua. Both the intensity and the areal coverage of the thunderstorms in this area have decreased since yesterday, and the amount of rain drenching Central America has lessened. Some observed rain amounts for the 24 hours anding at 7 pm EST Friday:

Puerto Lempira, Honduras 44 mm (1.7")
Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua 83 mm (3.3")
Puerto Obaldia, Panama 78 mm (3.1")
El Porvenir, Panama 98 mm (3.9")

The disturbed area of weather should persist for at least two more days and continue to bring 1-3 inches of rain per day to these regions. However, tropical storm formation is looking more unlikely, due to higher amounts of wind shear. The GFS model continues to show a steady increase in wind shear over most of the Caribbean Sea during the coming week. It would be foolish to declare that this portends an end to the Hurricane Season of 2005, but odds are growing increasingly long that we'll see another tropical storm.

Jeff Masters

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Reader Comments

subtropic - Wow, long time no hear! Welcome back! Your photos clearly show the destruction you and others are coping with. I am glad you are alright.
Jeff.. hope you are right.. don't know about everyone else, but I find it a bit disconcerting to be in Lowes purchasing roofing supplies for damaged roof and in the next aisle Christmas trees! ... KMart had all their Christmas stuff up way before Wilma hit..
thanks Subtropic... that's how everything looks in Broward also..
thanks bro.
LOL!!! WHAT, Bill!!! You aren't buying strings of lights to hang from a twisted rain gutter? No sense of the absurd...
subtropic is showing all what parts of our Sunshine State look like. In Miami-Dade County we have blocks that look like that and then the next block's signs look almost untouched... bizarre...
the more I drive around the more tree damage I observe, of course, along with the building/signage. What hurts is to know that the trees can't be repaired... It'll take YEARS for that growth to be replaced. In some cases, like around my city and some other sections of the county, decades...
what will the mb be for 29.39in?
995 mb
I love the sign pic.
They shouldn't repair the McD's sign; it looks better that way, like two raised eyebrows in the sky, as if it was surprised by Wilma.

Just got finished watching the Carlin special on HBO; I'm logged in here on my friend's laptop in front of the fireplace, a good way to spend a Sat evng in MN. Carlin was as dark and edgy as ever. He mentioned the natural disasters of this past summer and fall, in passing.

And now that it is starting to really feel like the end of the season, I can start to look back on it, rather than have it be constantly present tense and part of my daily routine.

It's been a lot more than a hurricane season, this past four months. I've been thinking about it a lot, not just because I'm dealing with the effects on my immediate family, every week, not just from the viewpoint of statistics and number of records that have been broken, not just in terms of all the jaw-dropping meteorological moments we've experienced pretty much real time, due to the availability of information on the internet, not just in terms of the social and political implications, not just in terms of feeling as though I'm living through a truly historical period in time, not just in terms of the coincidence that I only started doing this in mid-July, even though it continues a thread that began with Camille when I was a child living on the MS Gulf Coast. It feels like one of those things that is just going to take time to put into perspective, but definitely a period of time that will stand out and be remembered, no matter how many more seasons I see. I also don't think I can ever go back now to not being an online hurricane watcher/tracker/whatever you call it.
squeak, you have put into words what so many feel everywhere, not just here in the great state of FL. Well said, my friend! With winter hard on the heels of this tropical season, know that we in FL will be watching out for you up north as you all have kept us in your hearts and minds as well. I thank you.
Dang! Carlin was on last nite?! Hope HBO repeats it.....
12. iyou
Powerful gusts blowing through here - Toronto - right now, and thunder - gray, but not angry skies, and warm - 15 deg. celsius .. Gold leaves in sharp contrast against the sky. I'm starting to wonder what our winter will be like - always keeping an eye on the squirrels at this time of year; usually little butterballs by now, but they are still fairly sleek and trim.
CGables....LOL..... I don't even have gutters left to hang lights from.. they're all gone!
On a serious note, I have already discussed with hubby the importance, that even though we probably won't feel like it, we will have to go through with putting up decorations for the mental well being of our daughter... she LOVES the holidays and all the lights etc.. I know lots of South Floridians who will feel the same.
Put up the Christmas lights everyone. Last year after we got hit by Charley my husband and I both said why bother putting up the lights this year? The roof is trashed and it will look stupid. We had just got our gutters and soffit repaired so we put up lights. The roofers came along the week before Christmas and stripped our tile roof. In the process broke alot of lights and dented the brand new gutters and garage door. I was so mad looking at the damage. Then we had a rogue winter storm blow through with winds of about 35 mph blow decorations in the canal and the santa and his reindeer in the neighbors yard. I am afraid to talk lights with my husband this year LOL You have to try to get back to normal as soo nas pssoible. It is going to take alot longer to repair and rebuilt than you are being told so try to have as much sense of normalcy as you can. It is long road to recovery unfortunately. Our roof was just put down one year to the day of Charley August 13 and it was stripped off like I said the week before Christmas. Gather up all patience, you will need it.