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Tropical Cyclone Sidr devastates Bangladesh

By: Dr. Jeff Masters, 3:22 PM GMT on November 16, 2007

Tropical Cyclone Sidr has devastated the low-lying nation of Bangladesh. At least 496 are dead, 540 missing, and thousands injured. The cyclone's 150 mph winds and storm surge of at least 20 feet destroyed tens of thousands of buildings, and have left over 100,00 people homeless. A nation-wide power outage hit the country in the wake of Sidr, making communications difficult. Power is only now beginning to be restored to some regions. Most of the reported deaths were from collapsed buildings and flying debris hurled by the Category 4 cyclone, which hit the country at 9pm local time Thursday night. The storm moved northeastward across the country, and has now dissipated in the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains.

Figure 1. Population density map of Bangladesh for regions less than 10 meters in elevation (red areas) and higher than 10 meters (green areas). The path of Tropical Cyclone Sidr took it inland over the Sundarbans Forest, the least populated region of the coast. However, the more heavily populated provinces just to the right of the Forest, Barguna and Patuakhali, likely received a storm surge of 10-20 feet. Sidr passed near the city of Barisal, where sustained winds of 92 mph were measured at midnight local time. The deadliest cyclones for Bangladesh have always taken a more easterly track, near the city of Chittagong. Image credit: CIESEN, Columbia University. Thanks go to Margie Kieper for finding the image.

Sidr's storm surge
Storm surge is usually the biggest killer in Bangladesh cyclones, and was responsible for the vast majority of the 140,000 people killed in the 1991 Bangladesh Cyclone. This storm struck eastern Bangladesh as a Category 5 cyclone--the only Category 5 cyclone on record to hit the country. The triangular shape of Bengal Bay funnels high surges into the apex of the triangle where Bangladesh sits, and the shallow bottom of the bay allows extraordinarily high storm surges to pile up. The maximum storm surge from Sidr was probably 20-25 feet, and affected the regions near and to the right of where the eye made landfall. The eye fortunately came ashore in the Sundarbans Forest, the world's largest forest of mangrove trees. This region is the least populated coastal area in the country (Figure 1). Storm surge levels of 10-20 feet probably affected the provinces of Barguna and Paruakhali, which are more heavily populated. Undoubtedly, the storm surge killed many more people in these provinces, and Sidr's death toll will go much higher. However, Bangladesh has done a much better job providing shelters and evacuating people during cyclones since the 1991 storm. Over 650,000 people did evacuate from Sidr, and it is unlikely the death toll will put the storm on the list of the world's deadliest cyclones of all time. Bangladesh already holds ten of the top twenty spots on that list.

Jeff Masters

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

Reader Comments

My prayers go out to all affected. Wow.
Thanks Dr. M...going to be a bad year for Bangladesh,I fear
Thanks for the update. My prayers go out to those affected by the storm.
The area of the Sundarbans is more populated than most official census counts would indicate; I have a friend in Delhi that says the area is laced with squatters and migrants...as many as 150,000 in and around the reserve, living in squalid huts and temporary camps and villages. The death toll will not be accurate, by any means, given the "unofficial" population of the area
Wow, that's no good.
Hello Floodman....

I took a job offer and will be home a bit through the holidays allowing me to lurk a bit during the day! I will occasionally jump in when it gets slow....this place has really seemed to go to a new level, thanks.
wow not good but lets hope officials got most of those in the path out of harms way.

I have heard reports on the TV that up to 1,000 fishing vessels are missing.

Prayers to all those affect by Sidr
That's great, Buhdog! I'm looking forward to your input...
Lake,I know the early reports are encouraging,but communication is down right now,so not much is coming out,I really fear the worst for those poor people.
wow, thanks, Dr. Masters.
I have some questions remaining...
Is there Red Cross mobilization to that area? What kinds of aid is being offered from global resources and governments? How is the security and infrastructure functioning, (or not)?
winds have arrived here

Wind: 25 mph from the NW
Wind Gust: 34 mph
Pressure: 29.68 in (Rising)
Windchill: 36 °F

remember, NE the previous totals were in the hundreds of thousands. There are now from what I can tell well over a thousand missing or dead. These numbers would have been much higher, initially, if Sidr's wrath were to be anywhere near the 1991 Storm.
Bone, the biggest issue with the fishermen is the area where they do their onshore work...the low islands that were completely inundated by the storm...1000 fishing boats x5 crew = 5000; the on-island fishing industry, 1000 fishing boats x 10, plus the families of those working in the industry...maybe 40,000 to 50,000 people, and I'm afraid that's a conservative estimate
Prayers to Bangladesh.
Good morning,

Looks like the Northeast Coast of Australia will be the next target for landmass interaction. The Atlantic seems to have gone into hibernation like a bear in a wintry cave........Have a good day!
Yet another very interesting, extremely well researched and written blog. I am so impressed by the level of research and thought. Far and away the most interesting thing I read most days. I particularly appreciated the complex, but very informative graphic of population distribution inside and outside the 10 m elevation. Thanks to Dr. Masters, Margie Kieper, and the rest of the staff at wunderground!
Exactly Flood. I am fearing the toll will rise substantially once folks get communications back up and find out where the fishing things are
Alright folks, I gotta get some work done around here. Thanks for all your imput and the stimulating discussions.

NE get used to swearing at your TV!

Kudos to grayingwindsurfer.

grayingwindsurfer, we rather like it ourselves...
17. Bonedog 10:07 AM CST on November 16, 2007
Exactly Flood. I am fearing the toll will rise substantially once folks get communications back up and find out where the fishing things are

I'm afraid the body count will rocket upwards...the demographics after the Bhola event and the '91 cyclone indicated that most of the dead were the very old and the very young, as well as the infirm (the post storm data wasn't just for those killed outright by the storm, but indirect data as well: casualty rates due to disease, etc; population counts by age, that sort of thing)
see ya lake,the expletives will be flowing out of buffalo,like the water over Niagra.
thats the other thing we have to consider Flood the after effects. With the surge wrecking crops and stuff plus contaminated water supplies. Could be a larger desaster then originally thought
thats the other thing we have to consider Flood the after effects. With the surge wrecking crops and stuff plus contaminated water supplies. Could be a larger desaster then originally thought

Most assuredly; we waited for disease to run rampant after Katrina but for all of the flailing about and ineptitude by governments, both local and federal, at least that part of it didn't come true...not so, I'm afraid, for Bangladesh
Look at this image of the storm hitting Alaska right now

water vapor of above system. No visables yet

Death toll now over 1,100 - and rising rapidly
And so it goes...we're helpless, and all we can do is watch the numbers climb
amazing MIMIC loop of Sidr

1,100!!! that's a rapid increase.
here is a closeup of where Sidr made landfall. 250m resolution from 07:40UTC. Starting to see alot of mud in the waters of the delta :(


next pass will be at 19:40utc by then the clouds should be moved out farther to see whats left behind.
27. CrazyC83 4:37 PM GMT on November 16, 2007
Death toll now over 1,100 - and rising rapidly
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Did anyone read some of the remarks written by people on this news article? Shows you were this world is heading to when you can actually write crap like that for anyone to read.
Storm Continues to Rock Western Russia

Gulf of Alaska

what remarks?
Med-Cyclone from Last night

At least 650,000 coastal villagers moved Thursday to cyclone shelters where they were given emergency rations, Ali Imam Majumder, a senior government official, told reporters in Dhaka.

Didn't I see that there was shelter space for only 1 in 5?
Flood I have seen reports that of the 1million folks evacuated they had room for 500,000 all the way to 1 million. so 650,000 falls right in there.
ah ok misquoted there

although sheltering was only available for about 500,000 of the over 10 million residents of coastal areas.[13] A total of 650,000 people in Bangladesh evacuated to emergency shelters.
yikes :(

At least 1,100 deaths have been reported.

Most of the deaths confirmed thus far were due to the winds, although 13 of them have been as a result of capsized boats in the Faridpur district of Bangladesh. The hardest-hit area was Barguna district, where nearly 500 people were reported to have been killed according to local officials. Over 3,000 other fishermen were reported missing on over 500 fishing boats.
rays of hope

After the storm, five Bangladesh navy ships were immediately dispatched with food, medicine and relief supplies for the hardest-hit areas. The European Commission also released €1.5 million ($2.4 million USD) in emergency relief to Bangladesh. The United States Navy also released over 3,500 Marines aboard USS Kearsarge and USS Wasp (located in the Gulf of Oman) and USS Tarawa (located in Hawaii) to aid in the recovery efforts.

Other agencies quickly followed in providing aid. World Vision released volunteers to help house more than 20,000 people left homeless. The Red Cross also brought a significant presence, while assessments of the damage were underway.[24]
Yep, Bone...it's going to get worse over the next couple of days. Figure for official counts in the tens of thousands, and unofficial counts in the hundreds of thousands.
simply ashame that that many people can loose their lives to nature.
The issue here is undocumented people, and people whose entire families have been wiped out...much like the '91 event and Bhola, the true death count will never be known
just ashame Flood. Makes you realize exactly how good we got it over here. Media outlets, transportation, OEM...

yes there are times it all breaks down but at least we have resources like that.
It's very much like yelling at the sky cause it's raining...you can sure get it off your chest, but in the final analysis, you're just soaking wet, yelling at the sky.

It is a shame, but the emphasis is always somewhere else, instead of being on what's important
Very true Flood very true.

Like that analogy story I posted a few days ago about the professor with the jar and life. Alot of folks forget whats really important and worries about the stuff that they cant do anything about. Mother Nature being one of them
Bone, we're a lot closer to Bangladesh than we like to think...after Katrina, the town of Bogalusa in Louisiana was closed off; the roads in and out were blocked, they had no electricity, the phones didn't work...they were on their own for 8 days after Katrina, no help, no news, nothing...because no one thought to look in Bogalusa. Take down a couple of key points in the pwoer grid, knock off a couple of decent telecommunications hubs, and we're in the 19th century, without the knowledge and tools that people in the 19th century had to cope
This is a good way to Help Immediately with the Cyclones Impact.
Weve sent together this am,...$550 in Credit Card gifts in cash amounts by Phone thru friends and family.

Donate to provide emergency food and supplies to victims of the typhoons in the Philippines.
World Vision relief teams are on the ground now, providing shelter to thousands of children and families in the face of deadly Cyclone Sidr.
sad but true Flood. I remeber the big east coast black out. Folks didnt know what to do with themselves. Granted it wasnt a natural disaster but gave alot of folks the fear of what could happen
bbl meeting
51. Bonedog 11:52 AM CST on November 16, 2007
sad but true Flood. I remeber the big east coast black out. Folks didnt know what to do with themselves. Granted it wasnt a natural disaster but gave alot of folks the fear of what could happen

10s of millions of people with no better idea of how to feed themselves than "I go to the store and buy food...issue resolved"

I grew up in the country, spent time on a farm, I've hunted and fished; I have tools that I can use...taking everything we have as a society for granted will be fatal to 90% of the people in this country if anything should ever happen, because they don't have tools...
I'm out for a while too...BBL
Hi all...

Are these numbers confirmed?? more than 1100 dead??? This is terrible...

Thanks for updates. Trying to get some work done & able to pop in & out briefly.
CNN also says that 1,100 deaths are reported.
It's confirmed
57. KRL
Comprehensive lists of most deadly storms and other natural disasters.

Man, the numbers on some of these lists are mind boggling.

Good afternoon all.

I can't believe I am even saying "GOOD" afternoon, when this is not a good afternoon. God help Bangladesh! No amount of words can describe the disaster that just occured there. I will be compiling some clothing and food items to send over to Bangladesh. They need as much assistance as they can get. In my opinion, this is worse than Katrina. It would not surprise me in the least to say the death toll rise into the tens of thousands. Taking a look at the pictures and video coming in off the wire from the region, it just makes me want to cry. And to have this happen to a poverty-stricken area makes this even worse. They were basically defenseless.
Reuters AlertNet, select the preceding link for stories on Sidr. many document the relief that is flowing in, a good place to look over and see what various groups and agencies are doing that may consider contributing to.
this is sad,even the elephants had to help remove fallen trees and bus,i think they really need help.
55. Beachfoxx 12:29 PM CST on November 16, 2007
Hi all...

Are these numbers confirmed?? more than 1100 dead??? This is terrible...

Thanks for updates. Trying to get some work done & able to pop in & out briefly.

Beach, darlin', that's just the beginning...the toll is going to end up in the tens of thousands, I'm afraid
Its kind of neat to look at another countries wording on a Cyclone Watch as opposed to our on Hurricane Watch......

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre

Media: The Standard Emergency Warning Signal should NOT be used with this

Issued by the Bureau of Meteorology, Brisbane
Issued at 5:04am on Saturday the 17th of November 2007

A Cyclone WATCH has been declared for coastal and island communities from
Lockhart River to Cape Tribulation.

At 4:00 am EST Severe Tropical Cyclone Guba Category 3 with central pressure 970
hectopascals was centred near latitude 11.6 south and longitude 146.9 east which
is 400 kilometres east northeast of Lockhart River and 465 kilometres north
northeast of Cooktown.

Severe Tropical Cyclone Guba is expected to continue to drift slowly southward
over the weekend. Gales are not expected to affect the Queensland coast within
24 hours, however gales may develop in coastal areas between Lockhart River and
Cape Tribulation late on Sunday.

Details of Severe Tropical Cyclone Guba Category 3, for 4:00 am EST
Central Pressure : 970 hectopascals
Location of Centre : within 46 kilometres of
: latitude 11.6 degrees south
: longitude 146.9 degrees east
: which is 400 kilometres east northeast of Lockhart River
: and 465 kilometres north northeast of Cooktown
Recent Movement : south at 5 kilometres per hour
Destructive winds : out to 75 kilometres from the centre
Maximum wind gusts : 175 kilometres per hour

People between Lockhart River and Cape Tribulation should consider what action
they will need to take if the cyclone threat increases. If you are unsure about
the actions to be taken, information is available from your local government or
local State Emergency Service.

The next advice will be issued by 11:00 am EST.

This warning is also available through TV and Radio Broadcasts; the Bureau's
website at www.bom.gov.au or call 1300 659 212. The Bureau and the State
Emergency Service would appreciate this warning being broadcast regularly.
Lastest Satellite view of Australia and GUBA

WeatherboyFSU or WeatherboyChris???

that pic kind of makes you dizzy
afternoon to all
Reuters Video and News

They need help, and they're getting it. Patrapshould be particularly proud of this, as, once again, the first on the scene from the United States, are 3,500 Marines! Semper Fi!(not a Marine, just tremendously proud of them).
Gulf of Alaska

thats a pretty impressive storm in the gulf of alaska
Cold, NE, think C-O-L-D
73. Floodman 9:46 PM GMT on November 16, 2007
Cold, NE, think C-O-L-D

don't have to think flood,just have to walk outside
Mostly Cloudy

(5°C) Humidity: 47 %
Wind Speed: W 17 G 31 MPH
Barometer: 29.53" (1001.4 mb)
Dewpoint: 22°F (-6°C)
Wind Chill: 32°F (0°C)
Visibility: 10.00 mi.
More Local Wx: 3 Day History:
I have a question that I hope someone can answer.

I know that we are not allowed to advertise directly on the blogs, so I was thinking about sending an email to everyone with an offer regarding my site. How would I go about sending an email or message to everyone on the blogs?

I hope someone can answer that question and thanks in advance.
Sorry, dude...it's 67 here and I'm very unhappy about it...I ordered cold weather!
Question...In light of the very quiet seasons (for the U.S.) over the past 2 years, is it possible that the busy cycle that the experts have said we are in has ended? It ran about 10 years. I know that we had a high number of storms this year but everything north of 20 degrees was minimal.

Just wondering.
Ordinarily the active cycles run 25-35 years...we're not out of the woods yet
Posted: November 16, 2007, 3:15 PM ET

Deadly Cyclone Ravages Coast of Bangladesh

More than 1,000 people are reportedly dead after a cyclone hit the coast of Bangladesh Thursday night, leveling homes with 150 mph winds and powerful waves, according to the United News of Bangladesh and the Associated Press.

Family near destroyed hut

The category 4 Tropical Cyclone Sidr caused a 15-foot high tidal surge and forced 3.2 million people to evacuate, officials and aid agencies told Reuters. Most of the deaths were caused by flimsy homes made from bamboo and tin collapsing or being crushed.

The U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs told reporters in Geneva that 1,000 fishermen are missing.

"Significant damage is expected. However, information collection on casualty and damage figures is still very much in the early stages," spokeswoman Elisabeth Byrs said.

The Bangladesh government initially put the death toll at 242, but acknowledged that making a count was difficult and that the numbers were expected to rise. The southern districts of Barguna and Jhalokati were hit the worst.

"I cannot describe how devastating it was. It was like doomsday, the most frightening five hours of my life. I thought I would never see my family again," businessman Mollik Tariqur Rahman told the AFP.

The government's disaster agency is also concerned about damage to the recent crop harvest.

By Friday morning, the cyclone was downgraded to a tropical storm, but some inland areas could still be at risk.

CNN meteorologist Kevin Corriveau said possible rainfall in the mountains would swell rivers, and by Sunday night or Monday the run-off could reach already flooded lands in the country.

Many of the country's 140 million people live on low-lying river deltas that are especially vulnerable to tidal surges and flooding.

Members of the Bangladesh Navy have started search and rescue efforts.

U.S. military officials said the Department of Defense was ready to dispatch Navy vessels and 3,500 Marines to the region, according to CNN.

Bangladesh and northeastern India are regularly hit by cyclones that form in the Bay of Bengal. A cyclone in 1970 left 500,000 people dead in Bangladesh.
Question...In light of the very quiet seasons (for the U.S.) over the past 2 years, is it possible that the busy cycle that the experts have said we are in has ended?

Well... 2004 and 2005 were exceedingly abnormal (for the U.S.); how many storms hit in 2000, or 2001, or 2002? Only one hurricane (and a Cat 1 at that, though it was a Cat 4 hours before landfall) hit the U.S. in those three years combined, which also had 42 storms combined, with the worst U.S. storm being weak and mostly subtropical. Also, the first year of a strong La Nina tends to be bad mainly for Central America (example, 1988, Gilbert devastates Jamaica and Mexico, as Dean did this year, and Joan hits Nicarauga, as Felix did; only one minor hurricane and a few weak tropical storms hit the U.S.; in 1998 only one major storm hit the U.S. (Georges) with most of the damage in Caentral America and the Caribbean). On the other hand, what were 1989 and 1999 like for the U.S.; Hugo, Floyd? Of course, there are other patterns as well; for example, tropical cyclone activity has been supressed across the Northern Hemisphere during the last couple years, with ENSO being the main difference between 2006 and 2007 (true to form, the Atlantic was a lot more active and damaging this year, with a La Nina, than in 2006). Also, the other two years that had two Category 5 hurricanes besides 2005 and 2007 had only 7 and 11 storms (1960 and 1961; in the former both of the two major hurricanes were Cat 5s). Some stats for this year's tropical cyclone inactivity, which helps to put the Atlantic season in perspective:

2007 fewest Northern Hemisphere tropical cyclone days since 1977 (to date)
2007 fewest Northern Hemisphere hurricane days since 1977 (to date)
2007 lowest Northern Hemipshere tropical cyclone activity on record since 1977 ACE (to date)
2007 second lowest Northern Hemipshere tropical cyclone activity since 1977 and 1981 PDI (to date)
2007 lowest NH September activity on record since 1977
2006 and 2007 lowest NH October activity on record since 1976 and 1977

For comparison, 1977 had only 6 storms and one major hurricane (coincidently, it also hit Mexico as a Category 5 hurricane, except in the Gulf); this year was more than twice as active (both number of storms and ACE) even with similar levels of inactivity hemispherewise.
81. MichaelSTL 10:48 PM GMT on November 16, 2007
Question...In light of the very quiet seasons (for the U.S.) over the past 2 years, is it possible that the busy cycle that the experts have said we are in has ended?

Well... 2004 and 2005 were exceedingly abnormal (for the U.S.); how many storms hit in 2000, or 2001, or 2002? Only one hurricane (and a Cat 1 at that, though it was a Cat 4 hours before landfall) hit the U.S. in those three years combined, which also had 42 storms combined, with the worst U.S. storm being weak and mostly subtropical. Also, the first year of a strong La Nina tends to be bad mainly for Central America.....

My god its refreshing to see someone make a comparison versus previous years.. and not use the words "Global Warming" or "GB".

1 month 18 days 18 hours 54 minutes :)
1. New WMO/IWTC Statement on Tropical Cyclones and Climate Change

Given the high degree of interest in the possible relationship between climate change and tropical cyclones (including hurricanes and typhoons), a new summary statement on the topic has been developed by the global community of tropical cyclone researchers and forecasters as represented at the 6th International Workshop on Tropical Cyclones of the World Meteorological Organization (November 2006). A more comprehensive statement was also developed at the workshop.

The summary statement notes the following: "The surfaces of most tropical oceans have warmed by 0.25-0.5 degree Celsius during the past several decades. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) considers that the likely primary cause of the rise in global mean surface temperature in the past 50 years is the increase in greenhouse gas concentrations....

full story and more Link
LSU esl page Link

86. H2PV
With Hurricane Katrina, at T plus 24 hours the news media was still saying they dodged the bullet. The 1,100 dead in Bangladesh are counted bodies, not estimates or missing persons reports.

If America couldn't count it's own dead in 24 hours, with two navy ships in NOLA port waters, cell phones, internet, ham radio and all, don't expect better from Bangladesh. If Bangla had FEMA, it would still be three more days from now before they understand there are unfed survivors at the convention center.
My god its refreshing to see someone make a comparison versus previous years.. and not use the words "Global Warming" or "GB".

LOL... Well, any changes caused by global warming would be gradual, thus can't explain why 2004 and 2005 were so bad for the U.S., or why 2005 was so active and broke so many records when the seasons before and after were much less active. At least not directly; the natural year to year variability in the Atlantic, the most of any ocean basin worldwide, is much greater than any long term trends; for example, the previous record year, 1933, had 21 storms but 1932 and 1934 both had only 11 storms, the latter didn't even have any major hurricanes; 1935 (corresponding to 2007 when comparing to 2005 and the following years) had only 6 storms, but one was the Labor Day Hurricane.
that alaska storm looks like a polar low

At 0:00 am UTC, The Forte Tempête Tropicalé Ariel located at 11.5ºS 87.3ºE or 3,515 kms east-northeast of La Reunion's coast weakened into a Tempête Tropicale Modérée with 10 min sustained winds of 40 knots and gusts up to 60 knots. The tropical storm remains quasi-stationary.

Dvorak Intensity: T3.0

Central Pressure: 990 hPa

Gale Warning Area
90 NM radius from the storm center

Additional Information
Forecast Position and intensity

12 HRS - 11.6S 86.8E 40 kts
24 HRS - 11.9S 86.3E 40 kts

Ariel is quasi-stationary since 6pm UTC and the center has been relocated more northern thanks to new advailable satellite imagery. The system keeps on weakening within the next 24 hours and is actual constraints are expected to slacken and could also begin a new phasis of intensification. There is a strong dubiouness of the forecast track and also intensity due to another cyclongensis at this time very close to the vincinity of the Chagos.

Ariel is however expected to keep on tracking slowly globally southwestward then recurve west-northwest undergoing rebuilding subtropical high pressure in the southwest.

The Severe Tropical Cyclone Guba (CAT 3) located near 11.6S 146.9E or 470 kms east-northeast Lockhart River and 530 kms north-northeast of Cooktown had 10 minute sustained winds of 75 knots with gusts up to 95 knots moving northeast at 4 knots.

Severe Tropical Cyclone Guba is continuing to move erratically and is expected to remain fairly slow moving for the next two days.

Storm Warning Area
25 NM from the storm's center

Gale Warning Area
90 NM from the storm's center

Forecast Intensity
12 hours = 975 hPa 60 knots
24 hours = 975 hPa 60 knots

The Cyclone WATCH for coastal and island communities between Lockhart River and Cape Tribulation has been cancelled.

The weather is definitely here!
T-MINUS 339hrs 15 mins
remain of the 2007 ALTA.HURR.Season
I KNOW THIS IS WEATHER, AND I do CARE!! I just wondered if anyone can see me? I can't get into any blogs tonight! THANKS!
excuse my off topic post....but is everyone else only able to view the featured posts?
Hello! It is down to 37f here! I am freezy.
U.S. Navy Sends Two Ships After Cyclone Devastates Bangladesh

Nov. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Two U.S. Navy amphibious assault ships are on their way to Bangladesh after Tropical Cyclone Sidr slammed into the Ganges Delta, killing at least 1,100 people and making thousands more homeless.

The USS Essex and USS Kearsarge, each carrying helicopters, hovercraft and equipped with hospital facilities, have been dispatched, pending a formal request for help from the Bangladesh authorities, said Major David Griesmer, spokesman for the U.S. Pacific Command in Hawaii. More ships may be made available once Bangladeshi officials know what they need, he said.
its 55 degrees in west palm beach thats pretty cold to us floridians
The powerful storm by the name of Sidr really did it's damage to a intensely populated part of our world. It is showing us that we have a lot to be thankful for this year. Let us remember them in our thoughts and send good thoughts to them. Sidr had it's way by staying in shallow water and keeping it's strength before hitting land. It will now be destroyed as it climbs into the mountains but not before bringing massive amounts of rain.

The Tempête Tropicale Modérée Ariel located at 11.6ºS 87.5ºE or 3,530 kms east-northeast of La Reunion's coast weakened into a depression tropicale with 10 min sustained winds of 30 knots with gusts up to 45 knots. The tropical depression remains quasi-stationary.

Central Pressure: 997 hPa

Dvorak Intensity: T2.5

Additional Information
Forecast Position and intensity

12 HRS - 12.0S 87.1E 30 kts
24 HRS - 12.3S 86.6E 30 kts

Ariel is quasi-stationry since 6pm 16November and the center has been relocated eastward this morning thanks to new available satellite imagery. System keeps on weakening and re-intensification seems to be unlikely at this stage. It should continue to move very slowly during the next 24 to 36 hours (Erratic motion is possible) before accelerating a little bit westward as it dissipates as a remnant low.
55 simply means the A.C. got turned down a notch. I miss the cold winter weather. Thing with S.Florida, it wont even stay this moderate but a day and then back to 80 by 2morrow.
..Bangladesh,so many People...

Certified Gold: 1/4/72

The Concert for BanglaDesh is rock reaching for its manhood. Under the leadership of George Harrison, a group of rock musicians recognized, in a deliberate, self-conscious, and professional way, that they have responsibilities -- and went about dealing with them seriously:

My friend came to me,
With sadness in his eyes,
He told me that he wanted help,
Before his country died,
Although I couldn't feel the pain,
I knew I'd have to try,
Now I'm asking all of you,
To help us save some lies

One can ease the suffering with this link. Link
"U.S. Navy Sends Two Ships After Cyclone Devastates Bangladesh"

That's a perfect example of why we celebrate Veteran's day. I've experienced the chaos after a major cat3 landfall over here. Could easily be 1000x worse, our heroes are going in there and probably(hopefully) saving alot of lives.
There are 3500 US Marines on those Ships.
They will get er done.
That you can take to the bank.
Morning, its 32 outside today brrrrr. i live 40 miles northeast of tampa in zephyhills fl. just wanted to send my thoughts out to the people over seas that went through that hurricane god bless john
Patrap, I never had any doubt of that.
Just heard on CNN that the death toll in bangladesh is 1,700

And here's a little more info
Here is an article from The New Nation newspaper in Bangladesh/

The New Nation
Death toll now up to 2,185...

Now the deadliest storm in the world since Hurricane Jeanne, and the second deadliest this decade. (The last to kill more than 3,100 was the Orissa cyclone in 1999 which killed over 9,000)
I hope that article (from The New Nation) had a typo in it...

The government officials confirmed 740 dead while reporters from different parts of the country said the figure might be above 15000.

... wow ...
Patrap, thanks for the video from The Concert for Bangladesh. I've had that song running through my head for days, watching Sidr approach.
I saw a quote from a Sidr survivor last night. He said, "We are born to suffer."
I feel such sadness for the people of the region.
Does anyone know what the maximum sustained wind speed was when sidr made landfall?
maximum sustained wind when it made landfall i think was 150 mph,that's a strong category 4 cyclone.
Thank you for the info decimus.I went through hurricane charlie and jeanne.A&M university said sustained winds my town were 150 mph gusts over 180 in very compact charlie.
119. H2PV
117. decimus785 5:01 PM GMT on November 17, 2007
maximum sustained wind when it made landfall i think was 150 mph,that's a strong category 4 cyclone.

Without Hurricane Hunters on the scene with dropsondes falling through the eyewall you can't get within 15 mph of what the true wind speeds might have been -- could have been 135 mph or 165. Hurricane Dean ramped up another 10 to 15 mph in it's last hour before landfall and nobody could know that without the Hurricane Hunters last mission. Land based instruments blow away by 135 mph winds -- there wasn't a working anemometer left in southern Louisiana after Katrina came ashore at estimated 135 mph winds, and most failed well below that wind speed.

Some people have a NEED that Sidr not go to cat 5, others an equally strong need that it was cat 5. The categories are supposed to be "informative", descriptive of the typical damage patterns of that class storm. Whenever the windspeed gets to the borderline, within a mile or two or three of the next category, I'm not in a hurry to shove it down into the next lower category just because the statistics on strong storms might be skewed. Sidr was a cat 5 by visual evidence on the satellites. There is never going to be any hard evidence beyond what we already have.
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