I've just read the article on Greenland's ice melt and followed this up with your Arctic Ice blog.

Whilst all of the information here is completely fascinating, I can't help feeling that there is a terrifying human arrogance at work here. (I am not pointing any fingers at yourself, but at the general pro-global warming lobby, Governments included!)

This arrogance is manifested by the way that participating 'specialists' infer that the way we have known the planet for the last 150 years (or since the dawn of accepted science, industrial revolution and general global awareness) is the way the planet SHOULD BE and should continue to be.

This is very obviously not the case. The planet is in a constant state of change and evolution which has not been conducive to life for periods in the past and may or may not support life in the future. With or without interference from human activities, the planet will follow its own destiny.

The concept that mankind can affect the planet's future is something that I find extremely arrogant. The planet will do what it will do. Sure, there are big problems, not least of which is the current unsustainable human population and the rate of growth is increasing. This will come to an end and it will be an act of the planet that will bring this about. Be it the Yellowstone Caldera, major earth movements, asteroid collision, famine, drought, pestilence, disease or be it rising sea-levels caused by (natural) climate change - all these things and many others have all contributed to global population control in the past and will again in the future. It is wrong for mankind to assume he has any control over his own future, other than through warmongering, or over the future of the planet, because he does not.

This may appear to be an anti-humanitarian viewpoint but at least it is realistic.

Having said all that, I would like to say that the Wunderground site is superb and a constant source of learning and surprise.

Thanks for your time and thanks for the site.