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Last day of hurricane season?

By: Dr. Jeff Masters, 2:08 PM GMT on December 08, 2005

Epsilon is finally dying. Fifty knots of wind shear have ripped away Epsilon's deep convection, and Epsilon is now just a swirl of low clouds. Today will be the final day of Epsilon's life, and likely the final day of the Hurricane Season of 2005. There is still a possibility that an extratropical low expected to form from Epsilon's remnants and drift slowly westward may be able to generate into Tropical Storm Zeta by the middle of next week, but I give this only a 30% chance of happening. Water temperatures are a cool 22-23C in the region. While both Delta and Epsilon did form from similar extratropical lows in the same region, the computer models are predicting that the new storm will have a more limited amount of time to develop (four days) before it gets recurved northeastward by a trough of low pressure. This probably is not enough time for it to make the transition to a tropical storm.

Jeff Masters

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Can't believe it!

Thank you Dr. Masters for great info this season!
LOL gamma, the beautiful 'sister' you beat me to it! Hope your PC problems resolve.
Dr Masters,
Thank you again for the update and for all of your updates especially this year! We all really enjoy your site and you and your staff do a fantastic job at keeping this weather site and blog site up and running. It is great and you have drawn a lot of really good people to this site. It is the #1 place to go to get updated weather information. And I do so hope we can put Hurricane Season behind us at least until next summer.
Thank you again for all you do for us.
Hey Finn,
we meet again. just left you a note on your blog!
Good morning to you! I think we are the only one's up right now...LOL... got to step back into "work mode" for a while. talk to you later.
Good morning all!
Since the new blog came up so quick after I posted last, here's a repost:

In answer to a previous question, "what happens if a hurricane crosses the equator":

Hurricanes dont cross the equator, the Coriolis force that creates them is too weak near the equator, and hence they dont get created in a ~10 degree band around the equator

The Coriolis force getting larger the further you are from the equator also causes the winds of the hurricane/cyclone furthest from the equator to move faster which due to Bernoullis principle creates a lower pressure region that pulls the hurricane/cyclone away from the equator.

If one did start heading towards the equator then the Coriolis force would get weaker as it travelled further and hence the storm would weaken - if it crossed the equator the Coriolis force would start pushing it in reverse and slow the winds down until it was no more.
good morning palmbeacher and everyone :-)
Ugly day here....how about you?
Nasty and drizzly here!
Supposed to be 82 today though.
Stormy, have you been getting the
oh, its blowing like a tropical storm out there...well, maybe a depression...
Wind Speed:E 17 G 23 MPH
we probably won't even reach 70 here...
good morning to all on this wet and windy day in central florida
good riddance Hurricane Season of 2005! :)

Thanks for the ride this season Dr. Masters! ;) Look forward to the discussions next season!
HI Weatherdude, It is
coming down here too. Hopefully
it wont last too long.
Good morning. All of you Florida people complaining about the weather, I'll gladly trade with you. Here in Kansas, the temperature is 0*F, the windchill is -15 and we've got half a foot of snow. Every school and college around here is closed (except mine of course). >:(
hey 65, just dodging raindrops today
sorry KS sounds cold burrrrr, but I'd love to have the snow...and not have to work. :-)
mornin palmbeacher...sprinkling here right now.
Hey stormy....I tried to dodge the drops this morning, did not have an umbrella in the car.
I can almost here the sigh of relief in the new advisory: ...Epsilon weakening rapidly...this is the last advisory...It is about time...

i think we can all agree with that. What a year.
Ks, that is why I live here,
Hurricanes yes but no 0 temps!
I have had enough cold weather to last
me for a looooong time.
weatherdude, everytime it rains
I think I need to put my umbrella in
the car, Never do. So I am always
getting soaked. So you are not the
only one.lol
at times I do miss the snow...not the shoveling part lol
Hello........... crappy day here in Orlando......the tropics are boring...........
Hello Palmbeacher........are you having a problem with moisture?
ah, shoveling is excellent exercise.... :-)
Hi Ho Hi Ho.....
Yes I am weatherboy. Are you?
yes fsu, hopefully the tropics STAY boring until June 06...
Hey all, how is everyone this morning?
stormy....I got plenty of exercise living in northern maine...my brother and I were the ones who had to do all the shoveling
good morning 21
Hows your weather?
Hello 21. Nice to see you
this morning.
Ya, I raked the leaves and shoveled the sidewalk when I was a kid...I don't miss those hand blisters...
Hey Dee - Cloudy and sprinkles... Temp 53
morning 21...I'm wet, how are you?
Hey Palm, how are ya? :-)
chilly up there 21, but I guess all of FL is dealing with light rain and plenty of clouds....
Hey Dude - Sorry to hear that, lol... I'm pretty good here.. Ugly, sad day...

looks like in the last frame, the outflow to the north is better, and some thunderstorms are starting to re-fire......

this storm is crazy! LOL
21, true..but on the upside, the weekend is supposed to be very nice...so I guess we can handle a day or two of this lol
21, can you send down that 53 degrees to
me for Christmas?lol
yes, I'd rather have a nasty week day than a nasty weekend.
I agree Stormy, it doesn't
matter when you are stuck in the
office all day. Yuck
I'm really sad because someone I know only has 6 months 2 live. She has cancer..

I know it sounds stupid, but for every morning for 2 years, I have went to the same gas station (to get my gas, candy, etc.). I go there because the nicest lady I ever met works there. We talk every morning for like 30 minutes. She is like a friend to me, we talk about everthing, and I hug her everytime I see her.. Well for 2 weeks she wasn't there, so I asked about her. (She had told me before she was a cancer survivor) So I kinda knew what was up before I asked.. Anyway, they told me she was in the hospital with cancer again.

Anyway, before I could send her a card or call she was released.. I got her address and I am going to send her a card and present for Christmas... It's just sooo sad, she had kids and grandkids... Such a great person.
21, that is so sad, I am sorry
to hear that for your friend. And its
not crazy to be close to someone that you
see during the morning. Look at all of us
on here, its the same thing. We don't know
each other in person though, but would be so hurt
if something bad happend to anyone.
21, i will certainly say a prayer for her and for you.
Yeah, I know. I saw her in K-mart with her daughters over the weekend. I didn't know who she was until she said "hey Katie". I was so shocked. She had lost her hair... I just hugged her and we talked for a minute, and I said she would get through this.. I had to hurry up and walk away b/c I didn't want her to see me cry..

I didn't know she only had six months to live until this a.m. when I asked about her and the other lady at the station told me..
Be back in a minute...
so sad 21 :-(
Epsilon actually looks good, except for the total lack of convection.
nice day down here in Ft Lauderdale... sun's shining.. breezy and warm...
sad story 21 :( ..
how do you do it Bill? Its ugly everywhere in FL but for you...its nice...lucky!
I am hoping we will see
the sun today.
Thanks Palm, Weatherdude, and everyone else...

bills, that's because the warm front has already passed you...it is sitting right over us
Yeah, I wish the sun would come out... It is so ugly here!
clear sky is so close and yet so far away lol Link
yeah, it rained all last night... they said it would be "iffy" today, therefore it is sunny! some clouds ...
21..you have mail

the snow here in ks was so cold and dry. it had a 20:1 snow:liquid ratio. so the 10" we got in overland park was only 0.5" of liquid. Very easy to shovel, really, you can't shovel it, you have to sweep it. more like sand than snow almost.
Overcast and light rain here...currently 67 on its way to a high of 74 today...hey, at least it's not snow!
sweeping snow? Now thats a new one... :-)
sweeping it is a lot easier than shoveling...the only real problems are where the snow has been packed down to a thin sheet of ice.

the snow pack also makes it easier to cool down at night. we probably will go below zero tonight with all the snow on the ground. it's pretty early in the season for that.
The best thing I liked about snow was sledding!!!
I hope this
is the end of the long lasting 2005 hurricane season.

Hilarious comment by Avila!

I hope this
is the end of the long lasting 2005 hurricane season.

amen brother lol
weatherdude, there is a shortage of good sled hills here in ks...there are some long hills but not steep enough to get a good ride.
Yes, Dr. Masters, thanks for the great job this season..

That goes for all the rest of you on here like lefty, stormy, weatherdude, etc. You know who you are..

One hell of a season. Should be an interesting '06 as well.

Merry/Happy whatever holiday you celebrate this season! And go Canes! Beat LSU!
thanks canesfan...have a Merry Christmas! Go NOLES beat Penn State....that is going to be a great game.
About hurricanes etc. near the equator .. it is rare, but it can happen:

Looks like Vamei got it's initial kick from a cold front rather than the Coriolis effect...that's baroclinic energy...kind of like how extratropical storms form in the Atlantic...

Don't forget that in 2004, Ivan formed less than 10 degrees from the equator, and went on to become a devastating Cat 5 hurricane...so anything is possible...
Here's one from Wikipedia...it developed even closer to the equator than Vamei and actually crossed the equator...twice!

Cyclone Agni (5A)
An area of convection developed in the southern North Indian Ocean on November 26, 90 nautical miles north of the equator. It drifted west-southwestward, where it crossed the equator while retaining its counter-clockwise spin, an extremely rare event never observed before. The area of disturbed weather crossed back over on November 28, and became Tropical Storm Agni later that day only 42 nautical miles north of the equator. Agni headed west-northwestward, and reached cyclone strength on the 29th over the Arabian Sea. Vertical shear and dry air weakened Agni until dissipation on the 3rd, not far east of Somalia.

Steve - just goes to show that the rules man makes regarding our earth don't always apply!
stormy: Ah, but man does not make the rules...we just try to understand them!
Im not sure if we will ever understand them. LOL
Well, boss is letting everyone go home early today cause they can't work in the rain...lucky me! :-)
See ya all in here tomorrow!
Have a great night!
Quick Question:
"Officially" When Would The NHC Start Using the Next Year's Atlantic TS/H Cyclone Name List??
First Tropical Cyclone (Not Sub-Tropical?) to Form After January 1, 2006? Correct??
NOT Looking To For ANYTHING To Develop!! Just Curious?
The A names begin again on Jan 1 or perhaps sooner if you look at Hurricane Alice2 (was there a 1 or something?)(1954). She was a tropical storm on Dec 30th, last 2 advisorys of the year on the 31st she was a hurricane, remaining so til the 4th as a cane & 6th as a TD. Here's a neat spot for off season storms.

TampaSteve~ what year was that storm?
FlCrackerGirl, I found this on the NHC website.

In the event that more than 21 named tropical cyclones occur in the Atlantic basin in a season, additional storms will take names from the Greek alphabet: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and so on. If a storm forms in the off-season, it will take the next name in the list based on the current calendar date. For example, if a tropical cyclone formed on December 28th, it would take the name from the previous season's list of names. If a storm formed in February, it would be named from the subsequent season's list of names.

From what is stated a storm that forms after Jan 1 would take it's name from the 2006 list. If I'm wrong someone please come up with right answer. .....Back to work...
Skyepony, agree with my post?
That doesn't explain Alice2, but i think what does is it was '54. Perhaps all the naming rules weren't ironed out.
I'm not familiar with Alice 2. I'll check the link and then send a reply.
Most agreed, haydn:)~ funny how there always seems to be the exception to the rules with these storms, the nature of chaos. I think i'll go check out 1953. See if i can find Alice1.
had TS # 14 , dec7-9, '53. They weren't running out of names or anything.

from what i see Alice2 was only jan cane recorded
see why we had Alice2 ~ there was an Alice in may of '53
Here's some stuff I found.

Name Changes for Tropical Storms.
1. A tropical storm enters the southwestern Indian Ocean from the east

In the south Indian Ocean, RSMC la Reunion names a tropical storm once it crosses 90E from the east, even though it has been named. In this case, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) will put two names together with a hyphen.

Examples: Oscar-Itseng(2004), Adeline-Juliet(2005)

2. A tropical storm crosses from the Atlantic into the Pacific, or vice versa, before 2001

It was the policy of National Hurricane Center (NHC) to rename a tropical storm which crossed from Atlantic into Pacific, or vice versa.

Examples: Cesar-Douglas(1996), Joan-Miriam(1988)

In 2001, when Iris moved across Central America, NHC mentioned that Iris would retain its name if it regenerated in the Pacific. However, the Pacific tropical depression developed from the remnants of Iris was called Fifteen-E instead. The depression later became tropical storm Manuel.

NHC explained that the Iris had dissipated as a tropical cyclone prior to entering the eastern North Pacific basin, the new depression was properly named Fifteen-E, rather than Iris.

In 2003, when Larry was about to move across Mexico, NHC attempted to provide greater clarity:

Should Larry remain a tropical cyclone during its passage over Mexico into the Pacific, it would retain its name. However, a new name would be given if the surface circulation dissipates and then regenerates in the Pacific.
Up to now, there has been no tropical cyclone retaining its name during the passage from Atlantic to Pacific, or vice versa.

Also, Typhoon John crossed the Int'l Date T line twice yet retained it's name because it did not dissipate and then reform.

Hey all..

Palm - You must have gotten busy..
they didn't even name Tropical Storms in '53 if they didn't reach hurricane stength. That explains one reason we ran short on names.

last one 1954 season begins & ends with Alice,lol(scroll down)
Alice 2 formed at the end of the year and became a hurricane on Dec 31. Since it did not dissipate in Dec and reform after Jan 1 or form after Jan 1 it retained the name given to it in Dec.
Hello Pensacola21, getting rain? I've been following this system. No rain yet where I'm at in SC.
I meant how much rain.
Hey Hadyn - We are getting sprinkles here and there... Should be getting some heavier stuff soon though, at least that's what it looks like on the radar...
Getting rain now. Must have started comimg down good while on the blog. When I came in just a few drops were falling.
my winter rye grass seedlins have enjoyed near 2 1/2 inches since yesterday evening
That should get the grass growing. Did you read any the previous blog last night? I put up a song for the NHC.
I'm NOT sure about this but I thought I read somewhere that Hurricane Alice in 1953/4 was given a name from the following year because it wasn't detected until January! (no satellites back then)

Based on decades old bathtub vortex experiments (do try this at home), I believe that if, by some miracle, a hurricane did cross the equator & (before it had time to weaken) met another hurricane they would destroy each other. Should be spectacular if it ever happens.
Wheres my Palmbeacher?

Here's the link for Alice 3. You are right about the name. If they had the current satellites we have, the storm would be Irene.

My user name "feylady" was somehow automatically generated when I registered last week. I'll have to say I'm sure Epsilon has kept surfers happy in Bermuda and The Azores and perhaps the Iberian coast for days now...wish I was in the lineup with them.

Indeed reflecting as comments mentioned above...this is one great weather blog maintained here. It seems the local TV stations have weather blogs popping up all over the place, but the comments are clogged with folks complaining that the forecasts are slightly off, or the weather they want isn't to their exacting specifications.

I'll say here in LaGrande we've had a cold snap--in the past five days there has been temp's above freezing only for five hours...and we have three more days of subfreezing conditions predicted. The sun is out and bright, and no winds either, and that for me is perfect walking weather as I get conscious of being stuck indoors and falling out of shape during the winter.

(if only a few folks in town would shovel their sidewalks...)


La Grande, OR
"where every other garbage can left out overnight for next-day collection is tipped over by stray dogs"

Q.: Why do joggers in LaGrande like to run when it's below freezing? Ans.: So the dog doo doesn't stick to their shoes.
100. haydn

I think alice2 is the third Alice. One tropical storm then two hurricanes. I'm trying to find where lists were started.

Hello weatherboyfsu.
Afternoon all. Been taking a break from this crazy season and just started a project that has been taking some time. Check this out. Just a start, but hope to have some good info and links up in the next couple of months. Also have to redesign the thing as this is just a pre made page from my weather station.

102. haydn
Hey all I put this on last night. Here it is for those here now. lol!!

I have a song that the NHC would want to hear.

To the tune of Santa Clause is Comin to Town

You'd better watch out!
You'd better not cry!
You'd better not pout!
I'm telling you why,
Epsilon is leaving us now.
The 'cane is gone now.
We all know why.
The big bad wind came and made it fly.
Epsilon is leaving us now.

The shear has come a lurking,
Waiting for it's chance,
To sneak up on a hurricane and change it's circumstance.

You'd better watch out!
You'd better not cry!
You'd better not pout!
I'm telling you why,
Epsilon is leaving us now.

103. haydn

Pretty impressive. I just looked at the site. Can you get stuff for more than one city. I'm in Aiken.
Hurricane Alice2 formed on Dec. 31, 1953 and was named after Hurricane Alice of June of 1953. There was another Hurricane Alice in June of 1954, but Alice2 was probably named after the 1953 storm.
105. haydn

We are technical yet sometimes people put stuff here for a little humor now and then.
I'm baaaaaacccckkk lol. It has actually stopped raining here, but I know it wont last long, cold front still to come by
Oops! Make that 1954/5 not 1953/4.
108. haydn

There's a term for two hurricanes meeting up. I remember seeing it somwhere. I'm going a lookin.

I think it is called the Fugiarwa effect....I know the spelling is wrong
110. haydn
I'm back.

Here's what happens when two canes meet in the ocean.
It's called the Fujiwhara effect.
It seems I recall earlier this season three or four hurricanes (or at least well-defined tropical cyclones) lined up about 500 miles from each other dancing across the Pacific from the Mexico coast to almost south of Hawai'i. Make you wonder if one would catch up with another...
of course I would imagine the outward spiraling forces would tear up any storm coming close to it...
113. haydn
That has happened too, but I can't remember when it happened.
great link Haydn. I'd like to see an animation of the merge!
115. haydn
This year Max ate Lidia in the E Pacific. If one storm is smaller, it is swept in the larger circulation of the other. Wilma and Alpha is an example in the Atlantic.
The Fujiwhara effect is when 2 storms spinning the same way meet. If they're spinning the opposite way the result could be entirely different.
Looks like Epsilon may have a little convection in one the outer bands. Then again, that could be from something else.
118. haydn
Most of the time they greet one another and go their separate ways if they are of equal strength. Merging is uncommon.
has a cyclone ever crossed the equator? It would seem the Earth's coriolis effect wouldn't allow that to happen
120. haydn

That convection looks like it is part of the trough that sheared Epsilon. The IR images of the Atlantic on this site show a front where the circulation is. I think we have seen the last of Epsilon. Keep tracking, I have been wrong before.


Wouldn't that be rare? In the north storms spin counterclockwise and in the south clockwise. One would have to cross the equator and encounter another hurricane. The chances of that are slim. Given this year, it is possible.
121. haydn
"It is possible" I'm not so sure. A storm is south of the equator spinning clockwise, crosses a zone with no wind to spin it, and then encounters winds going the opposite direction that formed it. If it survives the area of no wind, the next area of wind would shear it apart.
wow there is a hurricane teen too wow that makes like alot of hurricane people hurricane king hurricane queen and now hurricane teen then ther is hurricane ispy ok got sidetracked back to weather
123. haydn
124. haydn

Still here? Catch that link about the fujiwhara?
125. haydn
I just rented the Fantastic 4 and want to see it. ...

After I do some research about canes crossing the equator, I'll be back.

Audios(be back later)
126. haydn
Sorry, bad spanish.

It should be extremely rare for a hurricane to cross the equator & encounter another hurricane. The hurricane would (A) have to be moving towards the equator (B) quickly so it doesn't have time to weaken (anyone have any idea how quickly a storm would weaken as it reaches the equator?) and (C) there would have to be a hurricane on the other side (hurricane seasons should be opposite (i.e. Dec.-May rather than June-Nov.) on the other side (are they?) (D) in the right place. Not likely.
Dr. Sakuhei Fujiwhara wrote about merging vortices in water back in 1921...and y'know...if your ever satin a bathtub when you let the water drain out, you know about the whirlpool spinning above the drain counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere. You can manipulate the water by whirling it with you fingers to go the opposite direction and it powers on its own...and if I recall correctly, you can start new whirlpools alongside the original one, and they will merge together quickly.
Skyepony wrote:

"TampaSteve~ what year was that storm?"

Agni was in 2004.

Feylady wrote:

"has a cyclone ever crossed the equator? It would seem the Earth's coriolis effect wouldn't allow that to happen"

Cyclone Agni did it in 2004...TWICE!
The theory about bathtubs always draining counterclockwise only works under ideal conditions in the lab (I remember reading about this somewhere long ago). In a real bathtub imperfections in the shape of the tub & drain, leftover spin from filling/moving around in the tub, etc. overwhelms the small effect from the Earth's spin.
Indeed the bathtub manipulations are very extracurricular. I still think it's fascinating to learn today that large cyclones have merged when I previously assumed it was impossible.
An area of convection developed in the southern North Indian Ocean on November 26, 90 nautical miles north of the equator. It drifted west-southwestward, where it crossed the equator while retaining its counter-clockwise spin, an extremely rare event never observed before. The area of disturbed weather crossed back over on November 28, and became Tropical Storm Agni later that day only 42 nautical miles north of the equator. Agni headed west-northwestward, and reached cyclone strength on the 29th over the Arabian Sea. Vertical shear and dry air weakened Agni until dissipation on the 3rd, not far east of Somalia.

Wikipedia article on Agni...whiskey tango foxtrot??
Actually, I've lost many a favorite bathtub toy to these vicious vortexes
It's depressing when you drive by the septic ponds east of town & see a few of them floating out there. Intimidating military-style fencing puts my late-night retrieval mode instinctions at bay.
I remember one time there was a hole in the fence, just to the left of the "No Fishing" sign.
Okay--I got silly & a bit off topic there--uhm...back to the weather!


"I get all the news I need on the weather report..." - Simon & Garfunkel, 1969
I certainly hope this is the last day of the season but I wouldn't bet on it either way (may be I've learned something from this season).
The rule for this season is:

Unless the storm sucks, it'll be stronger than you think.

Sucky storms:
"The Fujiwhara effect is when 2 storms spinning the same way meet. If they're spinning the opposite way the result could be entirely different."

They would annihilate each other.
What is the record for fastest dissipation of a hurricane? Is Epsilon close?

That is a personal weather station in my yard linked to my PC. That is a generic web page that the software builds. I will be putting up a more custimized page/site in the next couple of months. I am using the Oregon Scientific WMR 968 weather station and Virtual Weather Station software from Ambient weather. Son I do not think you can find that page for Aiken unless some one has a weather stion set up and is publishing it to the web.

For those that did not see here it is again.

Gipp, it might be notable that the last advisory on Wilma was while she was still a hurricane. Somehow fitting that such a storm wouldn't go quietly into that good night.
Hey, StormJunkie, that link is now added to my favorites, esp. since it's my local weather!
145. melli
I put my money (or lack of it) on Ep reforming. The wave that tore her apart is departing and tomorrow we will see his rebirth. JMHO
146. Inyo
Hey guys..

i may be totally, totally off here and make me look like a fool.

but i thought that the coreolis effect actually caused winds to turn in a CLOCKWISE manner.. and since high pressure systems are much larger in area, they are more affected by the coreolis effect, which is why they spin clockwise... and the low pressure areas are simply eddies between the highs. Am i totally off here? If this were true, the coreolis effect actually goes AGAINST hurricanes but since they are relatively small it doesnt hurt them... and a hurricane crossing the equator would actually slightly beneifit from it.

I mean if you do the popular chalk on globe experiment, it curves towards the right in the northern hemisphere, not the left, right?
I'm pretty sure Wilma went extratropical rather than dissipating.

By the way, what is the record for most category 2+ storms in a season, 3+, etc.? The NHC site gives the record for major storms (3+) as 7 in one place but 8 in another (agreeing on 1950 as the year), and I read somewhere that the record for 5 was 2 until this year's 3. I don't think we broke the record for 2+ and I have no idea about 4+. The totals for this year are 26 tropical storms+, 14 cat 1+, 8 cat 2+, 7 cat 3+, 5 cat 4+, & 3 cat 5.

the records are:

cat 1+ hurricanes - 14 (2005)
cat 2+ hurricanes - 10 (1950)
cat 3+ hurricanes - 8 (1950)
cat 4+ hurricanes - 5 (1999, 2005)
cat 5 hurricanes - 4 (2005)
4 cat 5 you mean 3 cat 5 right? oh was the 4th cat 5 hurricane and what kind of winds did it had?
i am 95% sure that emily will be reclassified as a cat 5 in the final report. she had max sustained winds of 155-160mph and a minimum pressure of 929 mb
atmosweather when will they be done with the final report and what about the W storm did they updat that to winds of 185mph can a 882mb of 185mph winds or will they updat that to 190mph or 195mph?
The recon found cat. 5 winds in Emily shortly after the advisory was issued that night as the plane reached the storm. By then, the pressure was rising, and the NHC did not issue a special advisory. However, it is quite clear that Emily was a cat. 5.
the final reports should be done within a week or two

i think the nhc will update wilma's maximum winds to 185mph, with the official pressure record remaining the same at 882mb
wow 4 cat 5 in one hurricane year wow hve we ever had 4 cat 5 in one hurricane year be for?
We doubled the record for cat. 5s in a season.
nope that is one of 2005's many records
atmosweather and is that is the time that they will updat Retired Into Hurricane History or will that be later on? and why one 185 mph winds with the W storm and what about the R and K storm will they keep that at 175mph or will they updat the winds
previous record was 2 in 1960 and 1961
the retired names should be completed before the year ends. i dont expect any changes to the peak intensities of katrina and rita, although landfalling strength may change
If I had the money I would put a station in my backward.
atmosweather do you think that the K storm made land fall as a cat 5 hurricane? and oh do you think they will retired this year and how could we have winds of 150mph and a 894mb with the W storm?
yeah lightning its quite an investment

i have a davis vantage pro 2 plus, $450. well worth it because its the best in the market for under 1000. got some great wind data from last year's hurricanes that came thru central florida.
I couldn't think of a better name. It signifies my age and my fascination.

A cyclone crossing the equator would be quite an oddity indeed. Low pressure circulations spin in a clockwise direction in the Northern Hemisphere, and in a counter-clockwise direction in the Southern Hemisphere. So if you had two low pressure circulations from opposite hemispheres meet each other, it would be sort of a hurricane tug-of-war, one would completely die, the other would be quite weak once it has "defeated" the other circulation.

Everyone here seems much smarter than I in this field, so I'm probably just preaching to the choir. But still, this reverse Fujiwhara effect fascinates me.
in my opinion, katrina was a category 5 hurricane at landfall, maybe not in winds, but certainly in storm surge and total damage. it would be a tremendous disservice to all those affected by katrina for it to be considered a cat 4 or even cat 3 if the nhc take dr. powell's advice from the hurricane research division. unfortunatley, the nhc may listen and downgrade katrina to a cat 3 125mph at first landfall, and a cat 1 95mph at second landfall. this is totally ridiculous for so many reasons (which hurricanechaser provided a few days ago).

lol it was actually 155mph and 894 mb pressure. it was the most intense cat 4 storm in history, no cat 4 has ever been below 900mb!!! (at least in the atlantic). i agree that it is a little foolish for nhc to believe it was a cat 4 with a 894 pressure.
atmosweather by looking at the photo it look like it made land fall as a cat 5 to but my be not but we will see what the nhc will do and the R storm if the mb was 897 do you think they will updat the winds to 180mph?
i dont think they will change rita's peak intensity, 175mph is about right i think
atmosweather do you think the R storm made land fall as a cat 3 i think thenhc was a lol on that night i do not no the mb on that night of land fall but do you think it mad land fall with 140mph winds or 145 mph and not 115mph winds and what was the mb at the time of land fall?
at the moment rita's official landfall intensity is 120mph and its pressure at landfall was 937 mb. i do think it was a little stronger than that at landfall because the eye was contracting and so it was probably intensifying. i would say it made landfall as a cat 3 with 125-130mph winds. we will see what the nhc think
atmosweather and the K storm was 918 mb at land fall right
yes, 918mb for 1st landfall

ok im going to get some sleep. hope u have a good night everyone.

atmosweather when was the last time a cat 5 hurricane made landfall in the usa and was the K storm one of them?
Hi people

IM glad this season is finally over with all the stress it caused it will be great to forget about it and rest and relax
oh and just to make sure no one in here is going to confuse with someone else and ban me right?
sup guys hey david did you get some good rain with this last little system that came through ca i think the foothills got a little more then the valley7
hey it is this you and me where is ever one tonight?
just checked the station got .24 of an inch dont know what you got i think your a little higher in elevation then me did ya get any snow.
hi theboldman yes i got a nic rian storm last night but no snow i will try with the next storm lol
i dont know with hurricane season finally ending i think everyone is getting some sleep they neded lol
yeah no snow here either for some reason these storms have been warmere then normal i think the lowest snow has been at 5500 feeyt and higher
theboldman i do not like high snow leve it is more fun when it is 500ft or 1,000ft lol
Looks like our 30 straight hours or rainfall is finally winding down in South Georgia. Fortunately it's not cold enough for ice, but it is supposed to be about 30 - 33 degrees on Saturday morning. We were dodging tornadoes a few days ago, so it's been an interesting week.

I wonder why the National Weather Service always seems to have rainfall chances lower leading up to an obvious widespread rain event only to raise the chances of rain from 40% to 90% just before the rain arrives. That is not too impressive to me. The local meteorologists seem to have a much more accurate forecast a few days in advance than the NWS.
haha hey do you remember that time when the bayarea had snow like oakland man that was soo cool lol
wow you know i think the local people know the weather for that local then the national people do
im mean better lol
theboldman when did they had snow?
i remember it i know it happened something happened like cold air got trapped in the valley and it snowed it was like back in like the 90s or something
well ever one oh is on her good night be back when DR M have his new blog updat but in tell then good night
hey see ya david keep wishing for that snow i just might happen
190. Inyo
in janurary 2002, i believe it was, it snowed up to an inch around Woodland, CA and enough snow to stick in Davis. It also snowed in the low hills around SF.

It rained on the snow a few hours and it was all soon gone. but it was pretty neat to see Davis in snow.. i still have pictures around somewhere.

A few years before that we hit snow around Coalinga on highway 5. Ironically, the Grapevine was totally free of snow. It must have been cold air trapped in the valley like someone said
yes thats what i think it was sometime i dont remember when but parts of the vsalley had snow
wow your in ca too wow what aprt im in sacramento i remember snow like i said i just dont remember the time it happened saw it on the news i think
Good Morning all,
Beautiful morning in SE Florida, Broward county has nice mild temps, sunny skys and very light breeze. This is the type of weather we move to the tropics to get in the winter time! Hope you all have a wonderful day. If you are getting bad weather, please bundle up and stay warm. Gamma
KatrinaRitaWilmaZeta wrote:

"atmosweather when was the last time a cat 5 hurricane made landfall in the usa and was the K storm one of them?"

Prior to this season, there have been three hurricanes that made US landfall at Cat 5: Andrew in 1992, Camille in 1969, and the Labor Day hurricane in 1935.

Partly cloudy and 68 here in Tampa...on the way to a high of 78 today...ya gotta love it!
good morning....partly cloudy today high of 76....a lot better than yesterdays rain....
Sunny and 43 degrees here... Beautiful, but cold..
Looking at the loop, the remnant of Epsilon appears to have lost most of it low clouds, and the outer surviving bands that looked to be refiring are also dissipating. Of course, I could be wrong, but I think the likelihood of this storm reaching less sheared parts of the Atlantic, much less reforming, are slim indeed.
Good morning. The
sun is out!!
good morning everyone...hows everyone doing?
Im not doing good...Ive been sick ever since I got off that boat Monday...and today, I feel even worse...I think I have the flu....not sure... :-(
Hey stormy...sorry you dont feel good :-(
so sorry Stormy.. my son had the flu and bronchitis this week.. he finally started feeling better yesterday....go home and rest!
Hey everyone, Stormy, I'm sorry you feel bad...
No sun up here...yet!
I just want to sleep.....Zzzzz! Thats my weekend plan!
Good plan Dee :-)

Now it is getting kind of cloudy here.. hmmmm..
see, a bunch of oriental people cut in front of us getting off the boat...now Im freaked cause I read this article China Treats fifth human bird flu successfully:
She got feverish on Oct. 30 with 38 degrees Celsius of body temperature. Then her condition worsened with more flu symptoms like coughs and shortness of breath on Nov. 3. She suffered from respiratory exhaustion on Nov. 7, about one week after falling sick.
But, I haven't handled any chickens....thank goodness!
Deeee - Yikes!! You need to go to the doc. just for precaution... :-)
oh well, Im heading home and to bed...catch up with you next week.
please everyone, have a better weekend than me.
Hey Palm wherever you are!!
Palm must be in hiding :-)
lol, i wish she would come out!!

Bye Dee!

Dude - You have mail.
I seem to miss you guys all the time!
Dee, Feel Better get lots of rest.
If you start clucking and growing
feathers then you need to worry!
Hey palm!
Happy Friday
I am actually working (for once!)
I will check back in a couple of
Hey PALM!! You go girl!!!
Hey Dude, 21, Dee, Bills, Palm and whoever else I missed.
Just a quick hello, I really don't need to be reading blogs today at work! LOL...catch you all later.
Feel better
Thanks to all the folks that have been posting on my Christmas blogs. It's been interesting to see what stories everyone has to tell. Stop by and share, if you have a chance!
Nice to see some sunshine here today!
hey... you guys are contagious.. clouding up here now
Hey Billsfan, how are ya?
Hello! I am back
done working, still cant leave
though. Happy Happy
Friday to all in Wunderland!!
Hey Palm, I missed u!!!
My boss is out golfing so
I am watching tv and playing around
on here. Hoping to leave at 2 I have
so much shopping to do its not even
Ohhh girl, don't even say that word to me... You JUST DO NOT KNOW, ohhhh you dont know......lol
It's coming to fast isn't it?!!
My kids want everything under the sun.
Hello Bug,
I still got to do my story on your blog.
Will get it done, I promise. I do enjoy reading all of the others' stories.

Also, for those that do not know. I now have a blog; in the learning stages and no Wilma pictures yet, but hope to get them up soon. I do have a few family pics. Please anyone, please feel free to drop by and say hello!

And yes, our weather was beautiful this morning now we have some grey clouds moving in. Bummer!!!
LOL, I bet...

I might as well have kids, with all my nieces and nephews and little sis and bro's... Ohh lord!!!

Last year my little sis wanted a Neo Pet Desk Set (try to say that 5 times fast).. I couldn't find one anywheere!
LOL that is good I cant say it twice!
Oh I know you can't find a xbox 360 anywhere
and they are sooo expensive. But, they have to
have the newer and better things. It never ends!
HI Gamma, Great pictures!
Hi everyone,

Tomorrow is my birthday. It's December 9th and about 85 degrees out.

Just want to rub it in to all you people dealing with winter storms.

I am dreaming of a day at the beach on Christmas.
Gamma - I agree with Palm, great pics...

Hi 21, Palm
Happy b-day 7days

I know what you mean about the shopping.. I haven't even started yet and I have ones to ship up North.. and my daughter......yikes.......IPOD/cell phone .. you name it..
Boss doesn't know it yet, but I'm planning on taking off Monday...

First off, great blog Jeff.

I was unexpectedly surprised that Epsilon managed to hang-in there for so long considering the harsh conditions it had to put up with. Epsilon was a hurricane for 23 consecutive advisories bar one - that's near enough 6 days.
Just how did it manage it? What exactly was driving it? I could only think that it might have been the temperature differential alone between the SST and the 200mb level. I felt really sorry for the guys at the NHC, they sure were glum at times as Epsilon faded then immediately bounced back on the next advisory.


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