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Katrina stronger than Camille

By: Dr. Jeff Masters, 10:52 PM GMT on August 28, 2005

The 6:30pm EDT NOAA Hurricane Hunter mission found a central pressure of 904 mb, up from the 902 measured at 3:30pm. These pressures make Katrina the fourth strongest hurricane ever, and the strongest hurricane ever observed in the Gulf of Mexico, surpassing Camille. However, the winds of Katrina are 165 mph, far from Camille's 190 mph winds at landfall.

Although the pressure has stopped falling, there is no indication that Katrina is about to undergo weakening, like we saw yesterday during her eyewall replacement cycle. When that cycle started, the eye diameter was 9 nm, but the present eye diameter is 28 nm. Eyewall replacement cycles usually begin when the eye shrinks below 10 nm, and there are no indications that Katrina's eye is going to shrink.

The list of strongest hurricanes of all time now reads:

Hurricane Gilbert (888 mb, 1988)

The Great Labor Day Hurricane (892 mb, 1935)

Hurricane Allen (899 mb, 1980)

Hurricane Katrina (902 mb, 2005)

Hurricane Camille (905 mb, 1969)

Landfall location and intensity
Katrina has continued to expand in size, and now rivals Hurricane Gilbert and Hurricane Allen as the largest hurricanes in size. When hurricanes reach such enormous sizes, they tend to create their own upper-air environment, making them highly resistant to external wind shear. The global computer models are not really hinting at any wind shear that might affect Katrina before landfall, and the only thing that might weaken her is an eyewall replacement cycle. Even if one of these happens in the next 12 hours, the weakest Katrina is likely to get before landfall is a Category 4 hurricane with 145 mph winds. Katrina is so huge and powerful that she will still do incredible damage even at this level. The track forecast has not changed significantly, and the area from New Orleans to the Mississippi-Louisiana border is going to get a catastrophic blow. I put the odds of New Orleans getting its levees breached and the city submerged at about 70%. This scenario, which has been discussed extensively in literature I have read, could result in a death toll in the thousands, since many people will be unable or unwilling to get out of the city. I recommend that if you are trapped in New Orleans tomorrow, that you wear a life jacket and a helmet if you have them. High rise buildings may offer good refuge, but Katrina has the potential to knock down a high-rise building. A 25 foot storm surge and 30 - 40 foot high battering waves on top of that may be able to bring down a steel-reinforced high rise building. I don't believe a high rise building taller than six stories has ever been brought down by a hurricane, so this may not happen Monday, either. We are definitely in unknown waters with Katrina.

I have focused on New Orleans in much of my discussions about this storm, but Katrina will do tens of billions in damage all along the coast of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Mobile Bay could well see a 10-foot storm surge. And inland areas will take heavy damage as well; Katrina will still be a hurricane 180 miles inland, and cause widespread flooding throughout the Tennessee Valley.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you in Katrina's way, and I urge all readers of this blog to do the same.

Jeff Masters

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

Reader Comments

1001. JeffM
theCTgrower....okay I KNOW you will be up for awhile after the RB/Vodkas! lol
*hand up*

I don't sleep a whole lot when there AREN"T hurricanes in the area. *wry grin*

Crawdaddy 031 -- How are you "seeing" the tornado?? Please advise or provide the link.
ill be here all nite with you ..lefty and fll girl...i saw that too open to sw ..then closed....convection looks stronger round eye on each pass
1005. afs
One point of this disaster I find a little humorous is the fact some of these floating casinos could break loose from their moorings and could bring casino gambling to some random location on the Gulf Coast.
1006. furstie
Could the improvement in radar presentation be due to the fact that the eye started on the edge of the radar's range and is moving closer? We used to have a radar out of Binghamton, NY that was miscalibrated or something, as it always showed "light rain" radiating in a starburst pattern on all sides of the radar location. The point is, the radar was more sensitive to noise closer to the source. As the eye moves closer to the location of the radar site, it seems reasonable that its radar presentation would improve, even if it's not a "real" effect.

It could be improving as well, I'm just saying that there could be two sources of that improvement.
WWL French Quarter just shut down....going to BR for "a while". Hope they end up ok.

1008. AySz88
WWL-TV is evacuating and moving the broadcast to Baton Rouge.
Wind direction at Grand Isle and SW Pass should indicate direction of storm and point of landfall. See:



My thinking is that since the storm has been generally headed towards the Grand Isle WX station, a shift of wind direction towards the north at that station would indicate the eye will pass to the east of that station. A wind shift towards the east would indicate the storm track would be to the west of Grand Isle.

The latest data point shows a slight wind shift at GDIL1 towards the north. Similarly, the SW Pass WX station just to the east shows a recent shift in wind direction towards the north, meaning Katrina should pass to the west of that station. Thus, the storm is headed right between these two stations. A continued eye on the wind direction should be a good indicator of the point of landfall.
is there a land based radar? all i'm seein is the goes imagery...
is there a land based radar? all i'm seein is the goes imagery...
I wouldn't trust what you see on the Doppler to be accurate with regard to intensity until it is on the 124nm (short range) radar. The long range radar is rarely used for a reason. Basically, the beam height at that distance makes things appear much weaker. The NE quadrant is closest to the radar site, so can you say that it does not appear stronger just because of this effect?
1013. AySz88
fortlauderdalegirl: There's the analyzed radar (purple triangles = tornadoes) and they're occasionally talking about it on the webcast.
1014. LALady
(hand raised)
Got to get some sleep, have to report in to work tomorrow, (military). I expect intensivication by 0600. Things are getting bad here. Already one tornado warning near Destin moving my way. Hope for the best.
that is unlikley to account for the radar presentation due to the eye not moviiing much closer and the imgs over the past couple hours show this building up. we will see the truth will be found in the recon vortex messages. remeebr that at this time last night they could barley find winds to maintain cat 3 status, within 3 hrs we had a cat4 headedn to 5. thats my concern is that the timming of here inner mechanics would allow for a final push in intesity right befor landfall
1017. deb1
If you would like to see webcast from the Mobile Alabama area, especially if you are waiting for people coming East from NOLA, wkrg is broadcasting on this link:

Tried to send this about an hour ago, but my cable signal degraded enough to kill my internet connection. It's back up, but I don't know for how long...


I live on Oak St., which is basically the west end of 3rd St., over just west of the park in Long Beach. And this house didn't get any significant surge or other floodwaters during Camille, so I am hoping it can do a repeat.
here is link to doppler Ftlauderdalegirl, make sure you have show storms clicked.
AySz88 - Thanks, but I don't see it. Can you give me a link??
1021. K8tina
I have to head off to bed soon. *pout* I have 18 mos old triplets to take care of in the morning and I don't think they'd appreciate mommy sleeping late (they get REALLY cranky when breakfast isn't served on time! *LOL*).

I have to agree about this whole group of webloggers -- you all have been a great source of info and comraderie throughout the day/evening/night! Good luck to all those pulling an all-nighter. And I'm saying prayers for all those in the path of this storm, along with prayers for everyone who is/will be affected by this storm.
Ok im back its been six hours and i see pressure is up 2 mb is this a temporary thing or an eyewall replacement?
Governor Perry is sending a 90 member urban search and rescue team to assist NO...
Crawdaddy031 -- WOW, I see them now. Thanks!!!

1025. Carbo04
This is just crazy. Do you guys really think it's going to blow up again? I was thinking so, but I don't know. It's too hard to tell.
And thanks for the well wishes. Stay safe and good luck.
1027. AySz88
Stormgator: I don't think that proves anything other than the triangle currently formed by those two stations and Katrina is acute.
- Counterexample: imagine two buoys both to the east of Katrina, one slightly north, and one slightly south. Although the same thing would happen (One would register N-NW, the other N-NE), Katrina would certainly not be passing between those two buoys, since it is moving north.
ft laudgirl any damage in ur area
I don't understand. Lefty, Orleans77...an emergency management official from Jefferson parish stated a few moments ago that we may have avoided the "worst case scenario", giving the impression that it would be better for the center to move a bit eastward. But I am under the impression that such a scenario would be worse because of the lake overflowing the south shore. What do you all think?
1030. AySz88
Some helpful links:

Projected Flooding from Katrina

WWLTV webcast (switched operations to Baton Rouge)
CBS affiliate; guest had claimed WWL was the only remaining news feed out of NO

New Orleans Long-Range Radar Loop (Alternate Presentation)
NO Radar Analyzed on Wunderground (for tornadoes, etc.)

VORTEX Recon Decoder (Raw)

GOES Ch.4 IR Loop (Updates every 30 min)
GOES-12 Interactive Map (Updates every 15ish min; set options then click hurricane in picture to animate)

Lake Pontchartrain & Area Water Levels (1, 2, 3)
Near-Katrina Buoy Measurements

New Orleans Winds (click a site, then "Real-Time")
(Direct link to real-time winds at WWL-TV)
1031. TheEdge
See Y'all later gotta get some zzzzz ..... I want to get up for landfall though...Thanks for all the info and ummmm entertainment. LOL
The eyewall is looking pretty damn clean. and throwin tornados almost 200 miles out!
Large band approaching New Orleans capable of producing 3 inches per hour
at this point all scenrios are bleak fro no but a east of no landfall would make the flooding a little less but still significant. i don't think u can downplay a cat 5 hitting u from either side period
FortLauderdalePunk -- No, not really. Basic stuff -- tree limbs down, power flickered, some stop lights out, etc. Boy, S. Miami got hammered though.
Tilda west of NO would be worst..but its still goingto hit very close to NO..will be plenty bad..first water wil come in from east..then as storm passes it will come in from N...that and the eye seems to be still slightly sliding west...
1037. AySz88
I think the officials are only taking account winds, and not thinking about flooding. The "worst case" from those articles I think would be if you start with the result of flooding New Orleans. Then it'd be the passage just to the east.
1038. sewmap
Pensacola getting another band. Probably the strongest winds we've had so far.
im in plantation i just got power back today
1040. Carbo04
On the NHC site, looking at their infrared, and Dvorak images the eye wall still looks the same as about an hour ago. Erroded on the NW side.
brb gotta do a restart of the comp
1042. Canenut
Sat blackout soon. I hate that!!!
If i understand the scenarios, the key always seems to come back to the levees. Surge from landfall, surge from the lake, it seems to always come down to how much water can they keep out.
Lefty it looks like the real cold air is trying to complete the circle, Goes east sat loop is showing a build up I think.
1045. Canenut
I just lost the TV feed, anyone else??
1047. iyou
fll - two really good GOES links up at 3:44 a.m. post
fortlaudpunk -- We tried to go out to dinner Friday night in Plantation. None of the stop lights were working -- I told my hubby "get me out of here!!" People were driving NUTS. We ended up with take out @ home :). LOL. I'm in Sunrise.
1. Good luck and I will pray for those in the eye of Katrina, which will leave me up all night seeing how this thing is hundreds of miles wide.

2. 2 other possibles brewing in the atlantic...what does anyone think about NC landfall for TD #13 and a possible TD #14 in 2-3 days...

- C
tv feed is in and out...very intermittent
sw to ne track, with western eyewall just on eastern nola, would be the worst.

pump the lake full with surge, hit the city with eyewall winds, then dump the lake into the city on the backside.

yeah crossing university and broward was good fun
I lost the tv feed as well
tv feed is crapping out u guys. could be do to badnwith issues on their end for many reasons. most likley the storm but also the giant amount of people trying to access it
well the tv feed is very intermittent... i lose it every 10 seconds or so

I understand your example; however in this case, the wind direction at each of the two stations has been fairly steady for several hours, meaning that the storm has been generally headed directly at the two stations. My hypothesis is really only valid in such a scenario. When (and if) the storm is directly between the two stations, then the easterly station would register southerly winds and the westerly station would register northerly winds. Indeed, we are starting to see a right rotation of wind direction at SW Pass and a left rotation at Grand Isle.
They must have a smaller pipe in BR. too many people getting online. . I dropped off as I am not local. The local folks need it more than me.
No live feed. Must be stratign to get rough.
too early to tell with 13. it's getting sheared, reminescent of old td10. Some models show it developing tomorrow, some dissipate it. Will need to wait and see.
FtLaudPunk -- That's the one! That's when we said "forget it" and went home! You were risking your life in that mess - not worth it. People drive crazy enough around here w/o storm damage! I think people had cabin fever from Thursday.
we went shopping at publix on broward and there was no perishable departments...it was insane
im sure bandwith is the issue
1063. sewmap
Which are the best Sat. images to look at. I always look at all of them and try to pick out whatever I happen to see. I guess I don't completely understand the difference in say normal IR and Dvorak IR or does it even matter?
I lost the live feed. I'll BRB -- need to do a few things in my house. I'll catch some t.v. reports - back soon.
It looks like the front from the west will weaken the storm before landfall! This is good news! Along with the begining of eyewall replacemet, the shear could weaken to maybe a strong cat 3. Let's hope so!
I do not think we should ever invoke the name of 10 again.
deep convection si startong to build back from the neside around to the south west of the eye on ir loops. we have seen a drop in this convection through out the night. this build back up might not be a good sign
Where's this info on the supposed turn toward fla?

*ice in the stomach*
sorry bad juju
PLEASE don't tell me it's going to shift east and hit Florida. I think I'll have a heart attack.
ok, since everyone else lost the wwltv feed, i guess i should stop rebooting the laptop in an attempt to clear memory...


and i WORK in technology...

amazing what sleep deprivation and catastrophe myopia can do to you...
New Orleans Lakefront Airport
Last Update on Aug 28, 10:53 pm CDT

Thunderstorm in Vicinity Light Rain and Windy

(27C) Humidity: 82 %
Wind Speed: NE 39 G 49 MPH
Barometer: 29.50" (998.9 mb)
Dewpoint: 75F (24C)
Heat Index: 87F (31C)
Visibility: 6.00 mi.

WWL feed is available at khou.com
SW pass windspeed in excess of 70 kts
1075. AySz88
This is odd, it's giving me some error message like it can't recognize the protocol, and not like the feed/file is gone or anything.
at this time based on ir imagery and radra i doubt we will see any more weakening, not sure if we will see stregthening but no more weaking is a good bet. also this storm at 11pk adv last night barely could find flight level winds above 85 kts. by the 2am adv we had a 145mph cat 4. this si the prime time for stregthenong and it appears we may see the same thing again. also must note that this history shows a cycle and no reason to belive she would break from that cycle
recon is moving through the NE quad right now
thanks blue eyes...much better feed!!!
thanks blueeyesaustin. i got the tv feed back
Here in Cayman Islands remembering what it was like with Ivan bearing down on us....unlike u though we didn't really know/think it would hit us that bad until quite late on. Try and get a life vest or make one with something that floats. Tidal surge was far worse than the winds
Turning toward Florida? What? How? Where at the NWC did they say that?
1082. sewmap
why the sudden talk about FL?!? For the sake of NO, I hope to endure a direct hit here in P-cola...
1083. AySz88
Some helpful links:

Projected Flooding from Katrina

WWLTV webcast from KHOU (switched operations to Baton Rouge) (Open in Windows Media Player)
CBS affiliate; guest had claimed WWL was the only remaining news feed out of NO
Old: http://www.wwltv.com/perl/common/video/wmPlayer.pl?title=beloint_wwltv&props=livenoad" target="_blank"

New Orleans Long-Range Radar Loop (Alternate Presentation)
NO Radar Analyzed on Wunderground (for tornadoes, etc.)

VORTEX Recon Decoder (Raw)

GOES Ch.4 IR Loop (Updates every 30 min)
GOES-12 Interactive Map (Updates every 15ish min; set options then click hurricane in picture to animate)

Lake Pontchartrain & Area Water Levels (1, 2, 3)
Near-Katrina Buoy Measurements

New Orleans Winds (click a site, then "Real-Time")
(Direct link to real-time winds at WWL-TV)
I think someone just made it up (the Florida thing).... the path should take it north to the east of New Orleans by about 20 miles. There is a chance it moves NNE before landfall but even then it would only take it to the Mississippi/Alabama border. It will NOT stall and move eastward.
1085. mratos

Lateral forces are considered in building design similar to earthquake forces. Most people realize that a building is designed to withstand vertical gravitional forces. It is built to stand up. But, a building is also design like a cantilevered beam meant to resist lateral forces, such as wind and vibration. When a tower is designed, the maximum sustained wind taken from historic data assembled with charts provided in the applicable building code, is applied across the face of the building to calculate it overturning moment. The building is then designed structurally to resist that moment. The wind speeds accompanying Katrina could be in excess of the maximum known winds for the towers designed in New Orleans. The lateral forces presented by this storm could very well be in excess of the resisting moments of these buildings. Add to that the additional force of waves battering the lower floors and the danger is exponentially worse.

Understand this. In structural design for lateral loads in modern buildings, maximum wind loading is never, repeat never, considered in conjuntion with a seismic event. The odds are so great against the possibility that it is simply not required. Combine sustained winds in excess of the maximum design load, combined with lateral wave loads stiking the building in similar fashion to a seismic event, and there is a very real possibility of building collapse during this storm... ESPECIALLY highrises.

I will supply supporting references in future updates, but do take this into consideration. I'm no storm expert. But, I do design buildings for a living.

1086. AySz88
I have a theory: they probably turned the video server off while evacuating their NO office.
1087. kirsy71
This might not sound encouraging but I saw what a compared with this tiny north sea storm could do to a 24" by 24" steel I beam. It just looked like a bend spagetti. Anyone considdering staying in harms way should think about that this storm is 2-3 times stronger. And most buildings are not constructed from 2ft thick metal beams! Material thinks can be replaced hanging onto them might leave nobody there to replace anything! Our ELCA Lutheran church is parying for all people affected. Anyone who draws alegories with Sodom should not dare to call themselfs christian.
1088. Shader
Lefty, a question. Last night, did it surprise the NWS and the TV media when it strengthened to a 4? Did anyone see that coming? Likewise, it seems strange that if it in fact may be weakening that no one on TV is mentioning it...
Well, I am high and dry now. Has anything changed in the past hour?
1090. konch
for those who need the direct link to the news feed, the new one is mms://beloint.wm.llnwd.net/beloint_khou . (e.g. if you use xine).
would be prudent for them to shut everything down, turn off the lights and get outta dodge AyS
mratos thats exactly ther point i was making earlier that a 60 foot wave and the tremendous PSI that comes with that as well as 160 - 200 mph winds will be too much for high rises
Nap time I will see ya'll around 5. Be safe.
1094. SFLborn
Here are some cams that are still refreshing at this time. Some already aren't working but the street, bead, oyster and quater cam are.

Aysz88, i think you hit it right on the dot. I dont think we should expect that website feed to work for the remainder of the storm
feed is back up
from AP...

That's exactly what Katrina was as it churned toward the city. With top winds of 165 mph and the power to lift sea level by as much as 28 feet above normal, the storm threatened an environmental disaster of biblical proportions, one that could leave more than 1 million people homeless.

"All indications are that this is absolutely worst-case scenario," Ivor van Heerden, deputy director of the Louisiana State University Hurricane Center, said Sunday afternoon.

The center's latest computer simulations indicate that by Tuesday, vast swaths of New Orleans could be under water up to 30 feet deep. In the French Quarter, the water could reach 20 feet, easily submerging the district's iconic cast-iron balconies and bars.

Estimates predict that 60 percent to 80 percent of the city's houses will be destroyed by wind. With the flood damage, most of the people who live in and around New Orleans could be homeless.

"We're talking about in essence having _ in the continental United States _ having a refugee camp of a million people," van Heerden said.
Hi guys...things arent looking any better...I talked to my mom in AL. she said they are getting ready, couldnt find batteries had to go to several stores for basics...here in TN its already raining and we've had storms popping up ..we are under a Tropical weather advisory already until Tuesday and also a flood watch..kind of strange this far away.My thoughts and prayers are with all who are in this storms way..she's proving to be one hellacious tyrant.
I am at my new location. Has anything changed with the path or direction?
they are mirroring 60 to 80% destruction rates on the live feed as well now
I have spent the past several hours registering evacuees in a red cross shelter. Most have been on the road for 12 to 15 hours. They are exhausted and thunderstruck by this storm. My thoughts and prayers go out to all who are affected by this storm...everybody stay safe..
yje feed is back up. we are watching the storm she will likley pass over or just east of no. she looks like she is slowing down some
link to no live webcast

What time is the expected landfall currently?
1105. towlady
the live feed is originating in Baton Rouge now. They left Ch 4 in NO. I am guessing they are feeding through KHOU. I am still picking it up on the original link for WWLTV.
Eating a snack.....keep the updates coming until I can type again.

PAC where did you move to? I'm in Hattiesburg
Orleans, what are they mirroring?
From CNN now:

Floodwaters from the east will carry toxic waste from the "Industrial Canal" area, nicknamed after the chemical plants there. From the west, floodwaters would flow through the Norco Destrehan Industrial Complex, which includes refineries and chemical plants, said van Heerden, who has studied computer models about the impact of a strong hurricane for four years.

"These chemical plants are going to start flying apart, just as the other buildings do," he predicted. "So, we have the potential for release of benzene, hydrochloric acid, chlorine and so on."

That could result in severe air and water pollution, he said.

In New Orleans, which lies below sea level, gas and diesel tanks are all located above ground for the same reason that bodies are buried above ground. In the event of a flood, "those tanks will start to float, shear their couplings, and we'll have the release of these rather volatile compounds," van Heerden added.

Because gasoline floats on water, "we could end up with some pretty severe and large -- area-wise -- fires."

"So, we're looking at a bowl full of highly contaminated water with contaminated air flowing around and, literally, very few places for anybody to go where they'll be safe."

He went further.

"So, imagine you're the poor person who decides not to evacuate: Your house will disintegrate around you. The best you'll be able to do is hang on to a light pole, and while you're hanging on, the fire ants from all the mounds -- of which there is two per yard on average -- will clamber up that same pole. And, eventually, the fire ants will win."
something must have happened at th other office than

landfall around 7am
what do you think the chances are that she re-intensfies before landfall. My gut feeling with the ERC and the light wind shear is that she wont be able to reintensify and that there will be some slight weakening leading up to landfall.
evryone is now reporting estimates of 60 to 80% buildings in NO will be destroyed
Canenut..are you reading my mind buddy...
1115. Canenut
Wow Orleans, sorry! lol
can u guys here mike ross (the caller) on the live tv feed? He's inaudible on mine
1117. Manny
Does anyone know when we cna expect the next report from a RECON flight?
i feel she will atleast not lose much of anymore strength. this sucks someone tell them we can niot hear the phone call on the feed man. want to know what happened at the no office. sothing happened and they are evacing out now
1120. Canenut
I'm going deaf or I can't hear him either.
cane u cut and pasted almost word for word...the fire ants were especially chilling/.

man..this biblical..apocolyptic...revelatiosn kind of stuff
recon should be in real soon
These predictions for New Orleans are starting to sound like the scenes from Isaac's Storm by Eric Larson. Good Lord, I hope it is not that bad.
okay folks, i am soley depending on this blog for reports as i have no television and radio cannot be played at the moment (people asleep). any new info is greatly appreciated.
looks like a double wall forming according to recon
1126. AySz88
This is weird, I think they're trying to shuffle around servers between http://www.wwltv.com/cgi-bin/bi/video/makeadplaylist.pl?title=beloint_khou&live=yes and the KHOU feed . I can't seem to keep either feed up for more than a couple minutes.
Camile had a central pressure of 908 and winds of 200mph sustained?? Her winds are catching up to her pressure and her pressure might just drop 1 more time before landfall.
Pasc where did you relocate to?
1129. susiel
For those of you that lost the live feed, the last forecast said that due to Katrina's size and strength, the storm is not being as strongly impacted as the trough to the west as they originally thought. Thus, she isn't moving to the east and might not.
OIL in Signapore now up to 73.25
i am still in goula, just further inland, higher up and in a rock of a house
Richandcoup -- Can you post the RECON you're seeing??
feed direct from KHOU has been 30 mins solid for me...not a single dropout.

Correction. Her pressure will drop!!!! She is still intensifing. The highest convection is wraped around and the Eyewall has actually tightened up again maybe 24-26 miles 30 at most. But this is a new Huge eye.
Seems to me a little late to be telling fire-ant disaster stories NOW...the people still in NO can't really get out safely now, can they?
here is the latest discussion for you PASC. also looks like we lost Sat/vis/1 for a bit.
Pasc how long do you think you'll have internet?
In that shaky WVUE video feed they keep showing on fox, you can see waves crashing up over the back of the parking lot every now and then.
Switch over to new blog post please.
1144. afs
The WWL news net feed isn't being run off a standard pay commercial server. They relocated to the LSU Communications School, and the net feed is being put out through the LSU academic web infrastructure. A major univeristy like LSU has big macho web servers as well as significant independent electric generation capacity. We should be able watch WWL through this feed through most of the worst of the storm.
1145. spewey
Hello, new poster watching from the Tennessee Valley, but have been reading this blog for several days. Sending best wishes and prayers to NO, where we got engaged 15 years ago at Brennan's. Such wonderful memories and our prayers go out that the city will somehow avoid the brunt of the worst and we can see it again in its glory.

Middle Tennessee is under an inland tropical storm watch for Tuesday; weather stations here calling for 45mph winds with higher gusts, five inches of rain or so. Nothing compared to what the LA/MS coasts will face, but driving across the state, I noticed the massive reservoirs were spilling water down the spillways to provide for extra storage. TVA and CoE hate to do that--every gallon spilled is a lost watt from power production--but they are preparing for the worst. Unfortunately, all this water is headed downriver--and will be in New Orleans in a few days. Hopefully, by then, the river levels there will have dropped (unless the Mississippi breaches its levee into the Atchalafaya and leaves NO on a little creek.
1146. AySz88
Some helpful links:

Projected Flooding from Katrina

WWLTV/KHOU webcast (switched operations to Baton Rouge) (Open in Windows Media Player)
CBS affiliate; guest had claimed WWL was the only remaining news feed out of NO
Alternate: KHOU Server

New Orleans Long-Range Radar Loop (Alternate Presentation)
NO Radar Analyzed on Wunderground (for tornadoes, etc.)

VORTEX Recon Decoder (Raw)

GOES Ch.4 IR Loop (Updates every 30 min)
GOES-12 Interactive Map (Updates every 15ish min; set options then click hurricane in picture to animate)

Lake Pontchartrain & Area Water Levels (1, 2, 3)
Near-Katrina Buoy Measurements

New Orleans Winds (click a site, then "Real-Time")
(Direct link to real-time winds at WWL-TV)
3 in Baton Rouge died evacuating.

Please God watch over there souls.
no telling, i'm guessing through early morning, as long as i have power and/or a telephone line, plus battery power.
TOO MANY PEOPLE STILL ON THE ROADS!!!!!! I am really getting choked up.....
Where do you see that Recon
No way it's coming here! This is making me far more edgy and nervous than riding out Ivan & Dennis.
Doppler is showing sustained 50 to 60 mph winds from the ESE going thru NO. Pasc
53rd where did you get the report of the deaths? I am not getting any confirming secondary reports. Thanks
1154. Nado
News of the 3 Baton Rouge deaths reported at www.nola.com
Fox is now reporting bus crash with three deaths. Very sad...
not a crash, dehydration from too long w/o water....
1157. Levi32
One more blog crash before I go lol!