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Katrina a tropical depression

By: Dr. Jeff Masters, 9:54 PM GMT on August 30, 2005

Just a quick update on the current state of tropics for now. The incredible stories of Katrina's devastation playing on the news now leave me stunned, and my heart goes out to all the victims and their loved ones.

Katrina now
Katrina is a tropical depression, racing northeastward through Indiana and Ohio at 27 mph, and will be gone tomorrow. No major flooding due to Katrina's rains is occurring in the areas north of the coastal devastation zone. The flooding and rains associated with Katrina's second landfall have been fairly low for a major hurricane, since the storm has been moving quickly and the soils the rain have been falling on are not saturated from previous storms. Katrina should continue to produce rain amounts in the 2-4 inch range for the rest of its track, which should only cause localized flooding problems. A few tornadoes are still possible. So far, Katrina has produced two damaging tornadoes in Georgia, one in the tourist town of Helen that ripped the roof off of an Econolodge.

Figure 1.Total estimated precipication from Katrina from the Mobile radar. Maximum amounts were in the 8-12 inch range. Data from 6 NWS radar sites is still not available, due to the failure of over 100 fiber lines in Louisiana and Mississippi. No repair date is available.

What's behind Katrina
We are watching two areas in the Atlantic that may become tropical depressions in the next day or two, but neither are expected to be a threat to land. Tropical Depression 13 dissipated yesterday, but is looking more organized and may regenerate. If it does regenerate, this system is probably only a threat to Bermuda. Another strong tropical low pressure area is midway between Africa and the Lesser Antilles Islands. This low has a large circulation and a small amount of deep convection trying to build over it. The low has some modest wind shear it is fighting, and a large area of dry, dust-laden air surrounding it. The dry air and shear will probably keep the low from developing into a depression today, but the shear may lessen enough tomorrow to let a depression form. If the low does develop, the early track models forecast the system to track northwestward over the open Atlantic Ocean and not threaten land.

Dr. Jeff Masters

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

Reader Comments

theres a couple of other people i haven't seen opn here since so i hope they are all right. we may never know
Maybe he was blown around backwards.
I'm watching CNN, looks like most of the Quarter is dry. With the water levels topped out, that area may have been spared.
tide is comming in though so she might start rising again. i think high time is 800pm central
Have the water levels topped out? I am not sure I understand how that could be possible.
The Engineers for FEMA have said water levels haev topped out and that high tide will not have an effect on any more rising waters. - per CNN at 1:30
the lake and the city reache a equal level so nomore water is cooming into the city right now.
the water will have to rise when its high tide. it will drop again when its low tide. i don't know what the engineers were saying but allbodies of water are affected by the tide
1009. SEFL
Corp. donations GE $1 million plus medical equipment
Home Depot $1.5 million plus supplies. Johnson & Johnson medical supplies. Food Lion. water and food. Nissan $500,000. Just a few for those who were wondering.

I had lunch at a Florida chain restaurant today. They are matching customer contributions to Red Cross.
I understand that part lefty.lol. I just thought that would not happen for some time. Thought lake elevation was a good bit above city.
French quarter close to the river was supposed to be one of the higher areas (if i remember correctly). However, I believe the quarter is not uniformly at the same height. So, like other areas, some parts may be worse than others, your mileage will vary...
Sorry lefty, i misunderstood what they said, They expect small rises at high tide, but hope to have flooding under control by then.

12:15 P.M. - Army Corps: 1,200 sandbags that are 20,000 pounds each are being brought in to bridge gap...water level is no longer rising.

u have to understand not all of no is at the same elevation, so it has staooped. i can't explain it just to say it was going to take 12-15 hrs. its been over 12hrs and now its stooped

Oh sorry your right, I didn't answer that part of the question. Its yesterday's news pure and simple, we are driven by the 15 mintues of fame (ie reality tv shows, why you here nothing about the anthrax mailings, why OJ is never mentioned on the news, 24/7 news). Basically the name of the game for the Big 3 as well as cable is blare the story 24/7 for a couple of days then move on. Not to mention in today's world news on the Big 3 is going extinct very quickly (ie they don't have the resources to compete with CNN/FoxNews/MSNBC etc.. etc..).

Remenber we live in a nation where you can be on WELFARE and get cable TV.
yeah i wasn't refering to a lot more flooding, just that it would rise with the tide. there bext bet would be to wait till low tide to plug the hole. that way it would be lot less water to pump out, maybe a foot over a wide area is alotofpumping
i can't explain it just to say it was going to take 12-15 hrs. its been over 12hrs and now its stooped

Plus, I heard that the lake is down 2 feet. Wonder where it went...
lol chicago u funny
Afternoon Folks...
looks like rain moving in towards NO (by i.r. satellite)...that won't help any flooding problems they think have stabalized...come on, don't all the creeks and rivers still need to drain into the lake?
lake is going down now...\\

Homeland Security in the first time has now classified this a an event of "national significance"...

Homeland Security is now in charge of NO...local millitary commanders are reporting to Homeland Security...
JPMorgan Chase donated $1 million to the American Red Cross. They are also setting up a fund for employees to donate which they will match penny for penny up to another million for a total of possibly $3 million.
How is erveryome doing ?`
hey 77. yeah i woke up today and texas stepped up and looks like the reds got the caos under control. they will now be removing people fromthe superdome. lets just get these folks out of the city tha is my only concern
hi 77!
1025. SEFL
This is a report I just got from a friend

I just got back from a 3.5 hour flight over the Mississippi Gulf Coast from
Bay St. Louis to Pascagoula.

I have no words--I'm not sure there ARE words--for what I just saw. I am in
shock. The destruction of the Gulf Coast was of a level that Hurricane
Camille only began to begin to approach.

Personal. Janet's and my house is gone. An oak tree from the east side is
lying on top of what looks like a section of the roof. Whatever else is left
is in a pile of debris at the CSX railroad tracks to the north, along with
every other house in the neighborhood, save the one house next door (Archie
& Margaret's). Theirs is a spanish-southwestern style built in 1925, and it
used to stand out against all the other homes. Now it IS the only other
home. The windows are all out, and it looks pretty bad. Grasslawn, an
antibellum home on the other side, is gone.

Going down the coast from east to west...

Ocean Springs has heavy damage along the beach. I don't know how far back it

Biloxi. Point Cadet is gone. The Hwy 90 bridge is gone. The old hwy bridge
is gone. The railroad bridge is gone. All spans are down--every last one of
them--except for the drawbridge in the middle. The Biloxi Casinos are mostly
standing, but the barge from the Grand is north of hwy 90 now. Mary
Mahoney's Restaurant is standing, but most of the surrounding buildings are
gone. The Seashore Manor Methodist retirement home is the only structure
standing on that stretch of beach. The windows are even unbroken. The
Broadwater Marina is gone. What's left of the President Casino barge is
north and west, and across Hwy 90. Edgewater Mall is standing, but it has
large holes in the structure, high, all along the south side. Edgewater
Village strip mall is gone. Everything south of the railroad tracks has
severe damage, if it's still standing. I didn't see the Back Bay area.

Gulfport. The Legacy Condominiums are standing, and apparently did quite
well. Nearly everything around them is gone. The VA hospital complex did
well. Most of the homes on either side of it are gone. The water went beyond
the railroad tracks in multiple places near there. There is a continuous
debris pile pushed up against the tracks all along what used to be Second
Street. Almost every house there is gone. Downtown is mostly standing, but
there has been water up to the tracks. The roofs of most of the buildings
have visible damage. The Hancock Bank building and the MS Power Co building
seem to have fared the best. The Baptist and Presbyterian churches looked
good. I couldn't see the GPT Methodist church. The new courthouse appears to
be undamaged, including the windows. The harbor is mostly gone. The roof of
Marine Life is down. The shipping terminal warehouses are there, but they
have debris on the roofs, indicating that they were underwater. The Grand
Casino hotel (and Oasis) did very well, but the casino barge is blocking Hwy
90 to the west. The homes in West Gulfport did better than on the east side,
but only for a space. Approaching Long Beach it gets worse quickly.

Keesler AFB and the Gulfport CBC. One hangar at Keesler looks bad. The rest
of those structures look intact from where we were flying.

Long Beach. Everything from about 1000' south of the RR tracks is gone. The
Baptist Church is standing, but gutted. St. Thomas has parts standing, but
it is mostly gone. USM Gulf park looks pretty good, and it is the only
structure on that section of Beach. The Methodist Church is standing, and
the New Life Center looks good. The roofs look good. Water came up as high
as the house next door to the Associate Pastor's parsonage. Everything south
of Magnolia Street is gone. North of Magnolia Street, there is heavy damage
up to about 1000' of the tracks. On my old street of Buena Vista Dr., my old
house is the first one standing. It appears from the air to have had water
up to the second story. The High School, Middle School, and Reeves Middle
School appear undamaged. Harper McCaughan is hurt, but I couldn't see how
bad. It probably had water, and it is about at where the survival line
forms. North LB did much better, but there was lots of roof damage. Pecan
Park seems to have fared the best. The Wolf River is flooded so badly I
couldn't see any structures above water. It is up to within a couple of feet
of the I-10 bridge--enough that I worry for the integrity of the bridge. The
harbor is gone. Every structure in the vicinity of the harbor is gone.

Pass Christian. The Wal Mart is standing, but it has been underwater. Some
Downtown buildings are standing. St Anne's is there, but it has had water
over it. From the LB line westward, everything south of Second Street is
gone. The only exception was Scenic Drive, where about half of the houses
are standing. From Downtown west I saw nothing standing anywhere in Pass
Christian. The only houses I saw standing in West Pass were the newer ones
on the North Side, near the Bay of St. Louis, and those two new millionaire
acres-looking houses on the beach about halfway to Pass Marianne. The du
Pont site is there, but we didn't fly north far enough to assess.

The Hwy 90 bridge over the Bay of St. Louis is down. Every span. The
railroad bridge is down. Every span.

Bay St. Louis appears to have had water in the downtown area. Most of the
buildings are standing, but most have roof damage. All the homes southwest
of the downtown area, along the beach road, are gone. The homes west of the
beach road had the heaviest roof damage I saw anywhere except in East

Waveland. We didn't fly all the way to Waveland, but I could see down the
beach road quite a ways, and I saw nothing standing.

Other. Hwy 90 is washed out in sections all along the coast, from Biloxi to
Bay st. Louis. Huge sand drifts obscure many more sections of pavement.
There is a lot more natural sand along the beach, maybe another 500-1000'.
Ship Island is mostly gone. There is a clump of trees on a sand bar on the
east, and there is a sand bar on the west. Fort Massachusetts is there, but
has sand berms about 15' high along the southwest side. Cat Island has a new
shape. It doesn't have "fingers" any more. It is just a continuous stretch,
like Ship Island used to be, only with trees.

My estimates. Based on the debris lines and what I know of the geography of
the MS Gulf Coast, the tides were indeed in the 30-foot range, all the way
from Bay St. Louis to Biloxi. Based on the damage I saw to roofs, and to
structures unaffected by water, the winds would have had to be greater than
100 knots, possilby as great as 140 knots. I couldn't see looting/looters,
but I could see the opportunity for it. The casualty numbers, when they come
in, will be staggering.

In closing. I have never seen any manner of destruction like this. It is bad
in Biloxi and Gulfport...as bad as anything I saw after Hurrican Camille in
1969. The devastation of Pass Christian is indescribable. The news reporting
only scratches the surface. In my opinion, based on my considerable life
experience, the federal government should declare martial law, and rush
every possible measure of aid to this area.

Janet and I are praying for the survivors on the ground there. Please join
us. I will report more later. Please pass this report along to others who
have evacuated, and need to know."

yes ..texas did step up...25k to astrodome...also all refugees will be able to enroll their kids in school in TX...

FEMA -- US Govt not local offcials will determine whether NO is safe to rebuild...cocnern is that the "soft fill/earth" that make up the foundation has not been compromised. This can not be done until NO has been drained.
hi storm
Updates as they come in on Katrina

12:57 PM CDT on Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Tom Planchet

12:56 A.M. - Governor Blanco - Time is not on our side for stopping the levee break. There were two breaches, when we thought there was only one. Communicatiion, or lack of same caused the problem.

12:55 A.M. - MIAMI (AP) -- Miami-based Carnival Cruise Lines says it is considering a federal request that the company use some of its cruise ships as emergency shelters or help in Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in some other way.
All of SE LA, MS and AL are a no fly zone for commercial and general aviation school

NO, Southern LA, MS and AL is now a closed millitary zone

Thanks for the report and mucho thanks for your friend.
sefl,wow what a picture
I couldn't have asked for better.....Thank you, thank you, thank you for this.
Federal officials declare public health emergency for entire Gulf Coast
they need to get those emergency tug boats off the cruise ships and rescue people with them, some can hold up to 500 people....that would be a smart move the cruise industry could do to help since they aren't going anywhere anytime soon....but, will they actually? doubt it....but use for a shelter is a great idea.
radar loop for New Orleans
oh i knew they would have to remove them soon. the city is not ableto sustain life, u might as well be loss in the wilderness
Afternoon 77. Everyone was asleep last night when I posted this so let me try again.

The death and destrution brought on by Kat is astounding and very sad, but I am also very troubled for another reason. I work in a manufacturing plant and I can not believe how many are oblivious to what this storm has done to the area and our nation. There is very little talk among the masses as to what this means for our nation. They are concerned about where the parties are, and who they are going to hook up with, and who is going to pay for their nails if gas prices go up. I just can not understand this and this is what makes me loose faith in our species. What does it take to wake people up?

What's up with the three areas you are watching lefty? Tell me they are all headed N out to sea.
wow sefl. thanks...there are quite a few people here waiting for that kind of info.
people will wake up when they have to pay $ 4.00 per gallon of gas, which is what CNN Money is reporting gas will cost by next week....

also president may address nation tonight and his advisors and he are now debating whether the President should announce a short term energy crisis and ask everyone to conserve energy...
td 13 regenerated and will oikely be named lee here soon. he is headed straight north so no threat. disturbed are east of leaward islands looks likme it has potential but it would move to the northwest out to see as well though it is to early to write that one off, and the new wave off of africa has lot of potential and some models take it west while some take it wnw so it is the one we will have to watch more closely
thank you for the tropical update lefty
no mayor says hundreds maybe thousands dead
The point is 77 that they will only wake up in the sense that it effects them. That still will not cause them to grasp what is really going on here.
thks lefty..thats the first time i heard 1000's lefty -- wow...u get that off the live feed or form the natl news service
i know but thats human nature
Thanks lefty.
lord knows the states can't handle another Katrina...I hope she is the last storm for the century! (I know wishful thinking) But the tropics do look like they are stirring up out there. Gotta keep our eyes open and pray they stay out to sea!
live feed is bout to show I-10 evac...blackhawks taking of every 10 secs...50 ambulances on site...supposed to be amazing
I know 77. It just makes me sad. Has anyone seen gas prices today in the SE?
i paid 3.35 this am...up .65 in 2 days
I'll be happy with them staying away from the Gulf Stormy.
they have tecnical delays...ill lte ya know when its on
If there is a silver linning maybe this will spread a little of the wealth out. This should create a whole lot of jobs.
What live feed are U guys watching. wwl still?
Gas prices at 8AM this morning was $2.43 and at 12:30PM at the same gas station it was $3.02. 59 cent increase in less than 5 hours.

- C
They asked one of the rescuers what it was like doing these rescues...he said, "..it is the greatest privilige of my life being able to participate in these rescue efforts."

Damn...we really can be proud of the job our millitary is doing...
1059. SEFL
I just paid $2.90 for premium. up a couple of cents from last week. And I didn't have to wait in any line!!
Would your friend have any knowledge of the Menge Ave area in particular in Pass?
Storm, one of the reasons people aren't talking about this more is the lack of a good estimate on the death toll. I don't want to get into a real distasteful conversation on this, but remember with the tsunami, the predictions were huge. That was the headline on every story.

The last deathtoll i've heard on this is 120, 100 in MS. They are being (understandably) VERY cautious about releasing any numbers and projections. Now, we know that there are towns that had 20,000+ populations in MS that were hit. We also know that the gov. of MS estimated a 30% evac rate. Finally, we know that some of those towns were erased, in probably a frighteningly short span of time. They are being very careful how they draw conclusions from that, and are focusing instead on the rescue and flood fighting efforts.
But, eventually, that will change, and the headlines will too. Then the shock will set in.
I'm praying that I'm jumping to the wrong conclusions here...
where are u 77
1064. stevego
President to give speech tonight at 5 est
Hi, all of you.
I see on the news that the Army Corps of Engineers and others are struggling to find a solution to the problem of closing the gaps in the broken levees in NO.
Several options are discussed, as you propably know, but one new option which they are actually considering now is pulling in large barges that float high in the water, on the Lake Pontchartrain, and then sink them in front of the defects in the levees. I think this is a promising possible "quick fix" to the immense problem of stopping the inflow of water into the city basin.
thks steve...NY right now
evac live fed now..watch this guys
1068. SEFL
This will create more than "a whole lot of jobs". $30+ billion dollars of construction, not to mention the jobs created in the industries that will supply the construction efforts.
1070. SEFL
Earl, sorry this was from a plane flight over the area yesterday. If I hear more I will post.

Sadly probably will not be, we have entered a period of above average hurricane (both number and power). This trend if historical metorlogical records prove correct (remenber thier is only about 130 years of detailed recorded metorlogical history, so their can be century or even milliuem weather cycles we have no clue about) will last another decade or two before becoming quiet again (in theory).
I appreciate your efforts SEFL.
I agree 77. I have been avoiding pointing out that I think that the toll will rise greatly. I am also praying that I am wrong.
it's good news if the wtaer has stopped rising. once the flow is equalized betwene the city and the lake the engineering problem of repairing the levee will be (relatively speaking, of course) much simpler.

once the cleanup/relief gets under way, it will seem to get off to a slow start but it will gradually pick up steam and soon take on a life of its own. beginning in the next couple of months, maybe sooner, the area will see an economic boom proportionate to the damage. the challenge for people is to maintain their day to day existence until the rebuilding gets going. much harder to do than to say because in the scorching sun an hour can seem like a year. kids have to be fed this afternoon, not next month. babies need new diapers NOW not in a month. but things will stabilized and improve.

but for those who were badly injured or who lost loved ones, no rebuilding will repair the damage.

in her book, "hurricane!" marjorie stoneman douglas noted that there was only one story of a hurricane: that of the survivor.
the mayors comments where from a ap source stated on cnn
thks lefty
Off to work. I will touch base from time to time.

New Orleans mayor says Katrina killed hundreds -- maybe thousands -- of people in city, Associated Press reports. More soon.

CNN Source..

thks Lefty..I was afraid of this all along and am so sorry it seems to have come to pass
cynically i would say if the no mayor says maybe thousand died, he's probably wrong (too high). but having seen the videos of damage there i worry that he may well be right.
Flood Waters are receding BIG Time..canals are back to normal ....
Hi, back
Dauphin Island destroyed according to Fox 22' wall of water
orleans, heard the same about NO waters, stabilized. watching folks trapped in buildings waiting to be rescued, they're safe and ok right now...
david, with the vids that are out, I'm afraid he's right on
Well, again, it's a matter of math. I think it was reported that the population of NO was upwards of 500,000. Your guess is as good as mine how many evac'd, but even at 80%, that leaves around 100,000 souls in that town. With 20k or so in the dome, that leaves an awful lot of people unaccounted for. I'm pulling for attics and high-rises, but I just don't know...

whats the price of gas up there, Have to see a dr up there tomarrow?
Was just shy of 3 bucks for selfserve no-lead. But have heard of 3.50 in other places in the midwest.
100 degree heat + attic = Not good. Sorry ya'll do not mean to be a skeptic. Just worried.
Death tolls are going to be high. In NO according to 2000 cenus report thier is 1.3million people and close to 500,000 of them live in the city proper (ie the bowl). Red Cross is reporting aleast 45,000 in first aid stations and 20 - 30 thousand in the Superdome (depends on who you believe). That still leaves aleast 400,000 un-accounted for from the city proper (say 95% made it out that is 380,000 that still leaves 20,000 that are unknown)...
Anybody know of a live or close to it zoom satilite images (type in your address & look at your house from the sky)? There's plenty from before this. Anything current though? Has technology caught up with my idea of how to see if the house & farm containing a good bit of my family is still standing? I know these were posted after Jeanne & Frances in my area, but I don't know if it was in a timely manner cause I had no power & I don't have that link anymore.
have a good night, will check in tomorrow. everyone, take care and pray for all!
CNN is trying to get an ALIVE list on their website. Not up yet, but should be soon.
1092. stevego
heres a satellite site http://www.terraserver-usa.com/address.aspx
In Delaware OH gas is $3.09. It's time to get rid of the Suburban.
1094. stevego
wisconsin low is 2.59 the high is 3.29

Google Earth aka Keyhole I think offers real time sat photos (but not for sure their site is a little vague on that one)


I don't mean to be terribly cynical - but it was time to give up the Suburban years ago... Hello! Fossil fuels! Not an unlimited supply... A rapidly rising gas price is exactly what this country needs for a slap in the face wake-up call. The Europeans must be laughing their butts off at us right now...
Director of FEMA confirmed Mayor's Statement -- death toll in NO City Proper alone could reach 5,000
President will speak to the nation at 5pm from the White House
FEMA now feels that in addition to those already in the Dome..number of those that syaed behind is much higher than originally thought..feel theer could be as many as 25,000 stil in the city...many of them in the projects...
Mayor: Katrina May Have Killed Thousands
Aug 31 3:03 PM US/Eastern

Associated Press Writer


The mayor said Wednesday that Hurricane Katrina probably killed thousands of people in New Orleans.

"We know there is a significant number of dead bodies in the water," and other people dead in attics, Mayor Ray Nagin said. Asked how many, he said: "Minimum, hundreds. Most likely, thousands."

The frightening estimate came as Army engineers struggled to plug New Orleans' breached levees with giant sandbags and concrete barriers, while authorities drew up plans to clear out the tens of thousands of people left in New Orleans and all but abandon the flooded-out city.

There will be a "total evacuation of the city. We have to. The city will not be functional for two or three months," Nagin said.

Most of those refugees _ 15,000 to 20,000 people _ were in the Superdome, which had become hot and stuffy, with broken toilets and nowhere for anyone to bathe. "It can no longer operate as a shelter of last resort," the mayor said.

Nagin estimated 50,000 to 100,000 people remained in New Orleans. He said 14,000 to 15,000 a day could be evacuated.
CNN is reporting that they have unconfirmed reports that Mississippi offcials feel their death toll could reach into the thousands...but that it will be many many days beforee they know for sure...
2.61 - 2.99 in Rochester,ny (counting burbs and not including member only gas places aka BJ's, Sams)

2.61 - 2.67 in Webster, NY


hey I had bookmarked it areal phots said they did 350 of them so far from Katrina. gonna check it out. probilly haven't done podunk Tylertown, Ms yet. There local paper hasn't even updated yet. There just north of NO across the border. Thanks Steve got a nice look of the place from'98. Good memories. Last contact with the family the shingles were flyin off bad, the one (of 5 chicken houses) they could seen from the house had opened like a tin can (each housin over 10000, 2 days to sale). They had to go a tornado was cominLink
I would think MS would be much higher. Some of those towns are just gone, and their evac ratio was seemingly much lower.
Local TV website has a place to leave messages

chicago..i think MS is going to be in the tens of thousands....its is going to be an unbelievable disaster
Carnival: Feds Ask About Using Ships
Aug 31 2:08 PM US/Eastern


Carnival Cruise Lines said Wednesday the federal government has asked whether its cruise ships could be used as emergency shelters or help Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in some other way.

The world's largest cruise line said that although "to undertake such an endeavor would involve many complicated issues, we are actively taking a look at it."

Carnival operates 21 ships, each of which holds anywhere from about 1,500 to 3,000 passengers.

"It is our intention to work with federal officials to determine the feasibility of moving a ship into the area if that is their desire," the company said.

Carnival is owned by Miami, Fla.-based Carnival Corp.
NY...paid $3.29 for gas this morning .. up from $ 2.69 yesterday..passed by ttheir a few min ago..now its at 3.49
Updates as they come in on Katrina

02:22 PM CDT on Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Tom Planchet

2:20 P.M. - From Weezie Porter: WWL-TV Sales account executive. I evacuated with my family to Nashville. The people we are staying with have a relative in the Chateau Living Center in Kenner 716 Village Road. Their phone is working from time to time 504-464=0604. They report that all of the nurses have left, Only a few aides left there that have been working since Friday. They were supposed to be evacuated by bus but they did not show up. No medications have been given since Sunday,. 4 patients have died.

2:04 P.M. - WAFB-TV video shows hundreds of people in the Uptown area near Claiborne and Napoleon, stuck in apartments and other buildings and waving for help. Helicopters are rescuing one or two at a time.

1:45 P.M. - WWL-TV's Mike Ross says "do not come back (to Slidell and Grand Isle)."

1:39 P.M. - Hoss: Wind damage seen at the Target store on Clearview Pkwy.

1:28 P.M. - WWL-TV's Mike Hoss said the I-10/Causeway interchange has turned into a massive first aid station. 50 ambulances are stationed there, and those who need immediate medical attention are being kept there in tents. Black Hawk helicopters and other rescue copters are constantly ferrying evacuees in to the area.

1:20 P.M. - (AP) Mayor Ray Nagin says at least hundreds of people are dead -- maybe thousands -- in New Orleans. "We know there is a significant number of dead bodies in the water," and others dead in attics, Mayor Ray Nagin said. Asked how many, he said: "Minimum, hundreds. Most likely, thousands."

1:12 P.M. - WWL-TV's Josh McElveen describes the stench coming from the bathrooms in the Superdome as horrific.

1:03 P.M. - Mayor Nagin: Medical ship on the way to New Orleans.

12:56 P.M. - Governor Blanco - Time is not on our side for stopping the levee break. There were two breaches, when we thought there was only one. Communicatiion, or lack of same caused the problem.
NEW ORLEANS - In a surprising assessment of Hurricane Katrinas lethal destruction, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said Wednesday he feared that thousands had died in his city alone and that the entire city would have to be evacuated.

We know there is a significant number of dead bodies in the water, Nagin told reporters, adding that there are others dead in attics.

Asked for a number, he said, Minimum hundreds, most likely thousands.

The frightening estimate came as Army engineers struggled to plug New Orleans breached levees with giant sandbags and concrete barriers.
CNN) -- The Bush administration declared a public health emergency for the entire Gulf Coast on Wednesday in an effort to stop the spread of disease in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

"We are gravely concerned about the potential for cholera, typhoid and dehydrating diseases that could come as a result of the stagnant water and the conditions," Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt said Wednesday after announcing the emergency.
hey here's a better link. This could help if you looking at the coast of Ms for a house. Link
NEW ORLEANS - In a surprising assessment of Hurricane Katrina’s lethal destruction, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said Wednesday he feared that thousands had died in his city alone and that the entire city would have to be evacuated.

ummm, surpising to whom?
Orleans77, I imagine your from New Orleans.. where did u evacuate too?
ccn was interveiwing the head hurricane and no expert from lsu that said they expect 200,000-250,000 people did not eveacutae and their computer estimates says atleast 1/3rd drowned. wow thats shocking.
well at least one good thing is likely to come out of this. I bet people will start taking these evacuations a bit more seriously after Katrina...
1119. Raine54
wow.. just heard on fox that gas is $5.50 in atlanta
1120. BigBabu

Some kind soul posted a link which had satellite photos of the Mississippi and Alabama coastlines. I believe it may have been a NOAA related site. I have many friends wanting to know what became of their families and property in the Gulf Coast area. If anyone can repost this link, the information you will be giving would be invaluable to the people I know!

I still blame the French for building NO where they did,

Bryan Babij