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Hurricane stories

By: Dr. Jeff Masters,

For those of you who haven't read it, the story of my final flight with the Hurricane Hunters into Hurricane Hugo makes for a great read on just how hairy a pentration into the eye of a ferocious Category 5 hurricane can be. On Tuesday, May 31, at 8pm EDT, I'll be discussing that flight and talking more generally about flying into hurricanes as a guest on the Internet weather talk radio station, http://radio.nhcwx.com. They have a weekly show called "Talking Tropics" which features scientists, hurricane experts from the National Hurricane Center, and disaster preparedness officials. They have an audience of several thousand listeners on a typical show. Listeners can email in questions, but cannot speak on-air.

Another more interactive weather talk Internet site during hurricane season is hurricanecity.com. I did several interviews with them last season, and gave away free wunderground.com memberships to callers who correctly called in to answer their hurricane quiz question of the day. Listeners can call in and talk with the featured experts. hurricanecity.com kicks off hurricane season on Wednesday, June 1, at 8pm EDT.

Have great Memorial Day weekend, everyone, and I hope some of you can tune in Tuesday night!

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Reader Comments

Let me expand a little on what Jeff said...

Listen to last Mondays show with Jeff

"Dr Jeff Masters, Chief Meteorologist from the WeatherUnderground joined the TalkinTropics program last Monday night.

He discussed...among other things...his historic flight into Hurricane Gilbert and the evoloution of the WeatherUnderground."

If link doesnt work and for more info, also on Talkin Tropics show generally:
http://talkintropics.com/ ( = talkintropics.com )

For more re show on May 31

** likely on at 8.30 pm, rather than 8pm EDT **

link in plain text...


Have a nice weekend yourself Jeff :)

Great site you've got going here,
now with photos too.
Perhaps you know that many weather stickers and gizmos (another good idea!) are displaying the wrong time, usually by 4 hours...?
[not a refresh/cache fault]
That was some journey, wasn't it?
(Err...am I talking to myself here? :) )

OK see I put some non-functional links above....

Trying again, a proper link to the previous chat about The Flight
Monday, May 2nd 2005

"Dr. Jeffery Masters from the WeatherUnderground.com joined the broadcast. He discussed building the WxUnderground from the ground up...as well as his historic flight into hurricane Gilbert in 1988...and what can be done to stop the legislation currently in congress to privatize aspects of the NWS."

the link!

click on 'archive' link at bottom of page http://talkintropics.com/

-- to see the various listening choices available

AND TONIGHT TUESDAY 31 of course :-|)
at 8.00 (may be changed to 8.30 pm) EDT

TalkinTropics Special - Hurricane Season 2005

"Dr. Jeffery Masters from the WeatherUnderground will join us on the program (LIVE) to discuss his historic close-call while flying a recon mission into Hurricane Hugo. We will also speak about the 2005 hurricane season as well...including the impacts of elevated Atlantic sea surface temps and we will review the newest Hurricane Outlook from Dr William Gray and Philip Klotzbach from Colorado State University."

The live audio link will be:


Talkin Tropics program

bye now

Awesome read. I definately have a new respect for hurricanes.