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Gulf of Mexico disturbance creating dangerous floods and tornadoes

By: Dr. Jeff Masters, 1:43 PM GMT on October 16, 2006

The tropical disturbance (92L) that formed over the Gulf of Mexico this weekend has moved inland over Texas. The storm is affecting Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi much like a tropical storm would. An upper-level trough of low pressure is interacting with 92L and bringing very heavy rains, flooding, and tornadoes. The Houston NWS weather discussion from this morning calls this a "very dangerous heavy rain event". Four to six inches of rain have already fallen over some coastal regions, with another 3-5 inches expected today. With high winds and high tides over the Gulf, draining of rivers along the coast is being hampered, adding to the flooding problems. The disturbance is generating sustained winds of tropical storm force over the Gulf of Mexico. Buoy 42362 off the coast of Louisiana has seen sustained winds of 45 mph with higher gusts this morning. Numerous waterspouts and tornadoes have been spawned in some of the heavier thunderstorms. At 3am this morning, a tornado ripped into a boat yard in Leeville, LA, hurling boats around, flipping two mobile homes, and injuring four people. Tornadoes have also been reported in Lumberton, China, and Magnolia Beach in Texas this morning, with some damage reported. Radar in Lake Charles, LA is showing numerous severe thunderstorms with possible tornadoes this morning. Heavy rains in coastal Mississippi triggered floods this morning in Waveland, forcing evacuations in that city, which was mostly destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Figure 1. Total estimated rainfall from 92L measured by the Houston radar.

Elsewhere in the tropics
The tropical disturbance just north of Puerto Rico (90L) is under 20 knots of wind shear, and should get torn apart by Tuesday. The disturbance will bring heavy thunderstorm activity to portions of Puerto Rico today. We'll have to watch the Gulf of Mexico this week, as shear is expected to remain low and more disturbances like 92L may develop.

I'll be back with an update Tuesday morning.

Jeff Masters

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

Reader Comments

Wishcasterboy...You are going to be a good boy aren't you?
502. BtnTx
It's going to take a couple of days for all of the Houston area to drain off. Hope the tornados stay away from all in the watch areas.
I hope that Miss does not have to go through what we just did
504. BtnTx
Not looking good for Miss. Hope they are all honkering down over there!
Whishcasterboy, Welcome back and remember why you were band. I will personally get band if you start as you did before because the lashing that you will recieve will get me banned but I dont care ok?
I was banned for way more then three days! I started to get a little worried if I'd ever get back in.
The line is on the Move..now comes round 2.The storms are re-firing a new N to South line west of New Orleans. And lots of big storms forming in the Mississippi sound..off their coast.
Heres the radar..Link
Very,..tropical here..inflow at the surface is like during a tropical event..
Wishboy...You owe Gatorx a personal blog apology for what you said here. Give it up!
Name and address BOY is all I need I fear noone or definately not you your only hope is that you are a minor or the rath od reality WILL sit in.
straps tight pat?
SquLinkaring Off..
Patrap - i don't see this line coming to NOLA. I hope that I am correct. Yall don't need an abundance of water for awhile.
522. BtnTx
Does anyone know in the future how we refer back to this weather event? Oct'06 92L ?
F-5 heading your way so get the message
I'm sorry I am a teenager and act like one!
I'm a tormented sole who's had I life ten times harder then yours. Sometimes I can't help being such a bad boy!

You seem to relish in the fact that you suck
How come you no like me Randrewl?
easy easy........
Have a sense of humor please!
did I miss something here?
You all need to lighten up!
Strapped in JustRick..wheres my Dang Helment!...Link
Go to the punk sites like your associates
I demand that apology to Gator.
LOL Patrap
538. BtnTx
Patrap, what do you think this no name event should be named? bickering'06 ?
Randrewl, you can get in trouble for what your saying please stop for your own sake!
got to go bury the dead....and hit it....niters all....
If you would me nice to me I think be could be good cyber friends!
jjjjeessssssshhh need taz to translate
547. BtnTx
Not discussing weather, maybe?
Will take the Politician road and say,er No Comment..
SHOWING UP change your screen name and get some manners
have a joyful...evening all.....catch up on the outcome tomorrow
Here's the radar that Patrap showed before, except at 248NM instead...Nola has a few hrs before the steady rain.

Long Range Nola Radar

You guys have a good night.
I will always defend those that help others I will not tolorate those that disrupt the very reason we share.
Pseabury I never thanked you for the Google connection thanks it awsome.
At least I was Man enough to apologize for my little indescretion.
This bag made unkind remarks about a member's 14 year old daughter! I have no room for that!
I was there Rand and thats a bit of what set me off. Sorry folks the boy has it comeing and Rand let me take the hit you offer more here than I do.
FLOOD WARNING..Mississippi..Link
Thanks Crab...no problems here. I get way off when this crap happens friend.
Sorry everyone.....this one had it coming.
Please people, no more character bashing.
Randy...were you defending my little girls honor? Your wonderful!
You try to share and there are those that want to play we all laugh and get off topic but with respect for each other. Some just want to stop the whole process I have made friends here that we laugh and joke in quiet times but share a lot of information when things are cooking and for that I will always say thanks.
A solution..here Link
Gator...demand an apology please.
Right....then what are you that you cannot apologize to the parent of a child that you had unmerciful thoughts about terrorizing?
To all my good friends here..and there..Link
Part 3 of Terraforming at my blog is up
Mars is todays topic
575. BtnTx
On another subject...Link
Your fighting me for all the wrong reasons.
I dont know nor do I care....but at any age, one should have manners.
The line has power..and is a mean one..nasty
I'm 15 and until I am 18 I am a minor. Respect the next generation.
Well..Do what the Lady asks...Punk!..LOL..Link
If one to fighting in truth your fighting yourself: Translated: Ok shut the
heck up and lets talk about weather or space
585. BtnTx
and those lines seem to move right up the line continually pounding those in the line. I don't ever remember seeing this before.
Why don't you just apologize. I do not know what happen but clearly you offended a number of people. Be a man and take responsibility for your actions and apologize
Let me give you a lesson in humanity wishyboy....my gatorlou has so much class and love in her heart...that she would forgive your obnoxious remarks without an apology...however I won't.
Hmmmmm..Wise is Cyberteddy,..to the radar!..Take Me!....Link

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patrap.... i like the link (can't not like the beatles), but sticking to weather, this might be a little more appropriate with recent events. Link

smart not to play with the boy, he's baiting.
Wishcasterboy can't figure it out. He's back on but on such thin ice that he doesn't even show up when you choose 'show bad'. I don't think we will have to be concerned with him much longer if he doesn't apologize at once instead of trying to worm out of it. LOL
I agree Btntx. It appears that it has formed into one slim line instead of the broad line that we had earlier.
The joke was unacceptable at any age, because it pertained to my daughter.
No warnings presently..Link
599. BtnTx
Way to go hornfan as this is suppossed to be a Wx blog..
Tornado that is,,still some severe ones though
excellent choice heatmeiser. still have it playing in background
Its ok guys...we just ignore him...he is insignificant in the whole big scheme of things...and it is not fair to others on this blog to belabor the point.
Wishcasterboy..come to my Blog..and have a 2 Minute conversation with me..I have a message...of some importance for you.

Please just give me a break, lets be cyber friends!
whats going on in her lol
I'll never do it again, is that not enough?
lol...one of my favorites. and it stays on topic. = )
craziness taz
Apologize in public now to Gator. It will not stop until that happens!
off topic -- but I love stevie ray vaughn -- got to see him live in college while I was in Austin. It was great. back to weather
Tell the lady "Gatorx" "I am sorry for the comments about your daughter" I will never say such things again.
Wishboy...just do what Crab is asking. He's older than me and I respect him!
You got me kicked off for over a week, what else do you want to take away from me?, my dignity?
Dignity, show some and you may get accepted.lol
Randrewl, I'm hurt. I'm so old I hold Patent No. 1 which is for air.
Sandcrab, not you two!
Your comments took away my girls dignity...so I guess thats fair...I'm outta here...not wasting anymore time. see ya all tomorrow...have a great evening.
Maybe I should give you a minute to cool off.
Geez you are a moron please someone get this fool outa here
By Gatorx!
Gatorx I'm sorry.
Gatorx-If your still here you have mail
Hemm? were is she?
Apology accepted.....I am proud of you wishcaster...your becoming a man.
play nic all lol
Thanks whishcaster good job welcome
Sorry Goof...I respect you as well...being you are our resident elder.
so wishboy...is this why you wanted back on? To get all this attention?
Just apologize and blend in like the resto of us.
OK folks back to them lil micro storms that been buzzin over my head.lol
%Thank you for apologizing! Keep trying to be a Man!
so any comments on these videos
So what is up there Crab?
I love all of you guys...thanks for being my friends...good night.
Somehow I feel that was not the right thing to do.... Oh!! my dignity. I knew if I said that you'd do something like that!
WE wuvs ya Gatorx. lol
8 minutes till the Daily Show...
We all luve ya Gator!
glad that is over. now can anyone help me learn why the line of storms got narrower as it moved east. just trying to get back on topic. i just want to learn
thats cold hornfan...really cold...lol
The main low ejecting NE..has elongated the line like a cold front...in the short version...
Look caster dont be an as especially a smart-ass we been there many years so DONT PLaY GAMES ok set back and ask questions about the discussion at hand.
hornfan...It's a pressure gradient there causing the high winds and rain....a trough and a cold front that turned warm...kind of hard to explain. Things should clear by sometime tomorrow afternoon.
Daily Show, thanks dude thats one of my favorites! It takes a man to apologize for not doing enything wrong.
did anyone look at the videos of Aliens
i posted?
sorry -- I did not mean it was cold. I just could not believe that he was take so long to say the right thing and take responsibility for waht he said. sorry if it sounded insensitive. i was not here to know what was actually said. i just know that yall (you, rand and sand)have not done anything on this blog that I have ever taken offensive and do not believe that you would. it is just a wonder to me that someone could say something that offended so many people and not apologize. Please accept my apology if I offended you.
Heres my last look till I hear thunder..Hope the Lake Ponchatrain split effect comes into play tonight...Link
was just kidding...no worries:) good night for real everyone!
This is a civilized community. I'll be the first banned keeping it that way. Debates are great....long as they are civil.
Idiots have no place here!
98C is up
Evening everybody - In my opinion that low in the upper right hand corner of this image is looking like a sub-tropical cyclone. Anyone agree?

Ok well sorry I am not 15 so I could open a can of woop-ashes on a lil twerp boy ya better get exercise in bend over cause wiyh your attitude ya gonna be a good canidate. Later all had all the punk I can take just email me and tell me how we can rid him forever.
Bowing here..thats not good..Link
LMAO Crab! Thanks for the help!
cool - gator
pat sure this is familer to you
Pat...that don't look so good!
Rand-I hope you realize how rediculous that sounds
No problem hornfan. I was also here when Wishcasterboy got way off base. I hope he has learned that we won't put up with that behavior from anyone, regardless of age or I.Q.
ROFL......glad you guys are still awake!
spent 8 hours with that girl teddy
oh 91S and 98C are up
Good Night im going to bed!!!
Still getting my temperment seddled while watching lil micro cells beam across me.lol
One more thing...(just like a woman!).....tomorrow....Tuesday Physics Question of the Day....10:00 sharp est. thanks
(its a little tricky)
good night
10:00 cst. lol
weres 91S
off of Australia?
Whoops I goofed 9:00 cst
i think 91S is out in the open sea right now
I can answer whatever she asks....I just don't see the point?
I have much larger questions begging for answers.
686. BtnTx
Night Patrap - it has been a long weather day - turning in myself
Ok all have a good nite we will see if I can still log on tommorrow. LOL
I'm a math major but I will give physics a try but may have to email my nephew.
91S forecast: Landfall in Africa.
Yeah, Michael....about time for that one.
wow its like the green room at the springer show in here.lol. JERRY JERRY JERRY!
Maybe Houston is clearing out a bit.

I catch heck for not being weather oriented and when I am....Y'all are gone!
naw i am still here. i like reading about the weather but i usually don't say much. I try to only talk when I have something to say. thanks again with your comments earlier today as the weather was in Houston. Is Miss and LA going to see the same weather that we saw?
LA and MISS will have their their share. This weather is not exiting as fast as the NAM was saying. Looks like the GFS solution was correct. Some of this could hang around the upper Gulf coast tomorrow and maybe drift East causing some heavy waves, wind and rain.
Thanks Rand. Gotta go to bed so I am alert and thinking straight to make intelligent guesses to the physic questions tomorrow.
With this latest forecast, what are we going to do until Thursday?

ABNT20 KNHC 170209
1030 PM EDT MON OCT 16 2006



im here, im from buffalo, in florida now my family still no power.its a big mess.
Well, Goofoff....things change don't they?
Well, Goofoff...things change don't they?
Now they both show up!!!!!!!!!!!!@
I sure hope that squall line falls apart somewhere between La and Miss....looks kind of wicked..
Rand u got mail
I just wanted to see the Tropics for a sec.
Ally...here's your shot!

Most of this was forecasted to be in Tennessee tonight....didn't make that trip did it?
I guess that we will be saying adios to tropical weather early this year..this year has been kind of dull..that is both good and bad, depending on where you are and what you do! Ivan, Katrina, Rita, Wilma, etc. provided jobs for lots of people who are now finding themselves out of work..
Kind o bittersweet Ally. Hopefully no Wilma type thing this year.
Tks for the shot Rand!..we are under Tornado and Flash Flood watch until sometime in the a.m...I hate when bad storms come thru at night while I am trying to sleep...geez...I can't hear any "trains" because of hubby's snoring! lol
I agree Rand..it was nice not having to worry about somebody loosing their house or their life!..plus so many people are still recovering from last year and the year before (Ivan!)..
AllyBama, while I agree that it created many construction jobs, those storms also damaged many businesses which put people out of work. I'm not sure that it didn't balance out much more than we might expect. Most of the repair in Florida is done, but the job market is still growing.
Ally and Goof...great points. I'm sure that covers most of it.
More pressing business. We're posting hot girl photos on Weatherguy's blog!
That's always fun.
714. AndyN
Very windy in Tuscaloosa. Squall line approaching from MS. Temp and dew point rising as warm sector pushes NW. Rain getting heavier.
Goofoff..I can see where you are coming from on this..also, there were quite a number of people from Mobile who are adjusters, government contractors, etc., who are fixing to be unemployed because they work with catastrophes. People from around here were heavily recruited and are now being let go..
kylejourdan2006 this is a cold-core system i think the chances of it becoming a tropical low pressure system are very low in my opinion.Looks impressive never the less.Adrian

Hey Andy!..yes it is windy here too..tonight when I left work, the winds were kicking, the leaves swirling around, and with the dampness in the air and no moon..tonight would have been a great night to TRICK OR TREAT!!!!
So what you all going to do on the first day of
719. AndyN
I know Ally....I kept looking for jason and the girl that always falls while she is running when I went outside
23 - I said sub-tropical, meaning that it would have features associated with a cold and warm cored system, although I too highly doubt any thing will be named out of this because convection is low and it will reach Spain soon.
721. AndyN
15 days until our Fall tornado season begins in Alabama, which historically has the most Tornados. Ironically near Thanksgiving.....
kylejourdan2006 my bad....Its over 20C and cooling even more.
That's okay 23 - I've made more than my fair share of errors! LOL - Anyways, I've been able to get more sleep this season - less late night tracking! Good night everybody!
Andy..you know I never realized how many tornadoes Al has each yr until several yrs ago..have always tried to avoid "tornado alley"..went to IL one yr in April and just about worried myself sick every time it clouded up..lol

pls take care..hope you have a safe room or basement to seek shelter in!
725. AndyN
Thanks!! I do...basement at Sheriff's Office.
I am sure it will cause people to have to relocate and for some, such as adjusters, look for different types of work. I think most in construction will probably be okay because construction work seems to be pretty good around the country. Some of the people who went into the repair business probably should be unemployed because we had our share that ripped people off, did shoddy work or a combination of the two. It is harder to judge where I live as it is, and has been, one of the fastest growing areas in the nation.
A quick thought If El Nino stays strong for another six months or so and it very could the 07 season may also be a bit on the quiet side but i think its still a bit too early to make that call.

Someone tell me how my personal WU email address could be accessed from outside this community please?

If you want to see a hurricane you have to wait till next year. Sorry Shows over.
I wasn't really quite tired yet, and I stuck around. To the post by G35 - I re-itterate Dr. Masters' comment above:

Elsewhere in the tropics

The tropical disturbance just north of Puerto Rico (90L) is under 20 knots of wind shear, and should get torn apart by Tuesday. The disturbance will bring heavy thunderstorm activity to portions of Puerto Rico today. We'll have to watch the Gulf of Mexico this week, as shear is expected to remain low and more disturbances like 92L may develop.
Not sure it could be as think it is an internal email system such as found on many large company servers. That is also the reason we don't receive junk email as there is no internet server, only an intranet one. Would have to know more about it to be sure.
Okay - SPECIAL OFFER! Free Premium Weather Underground membership goes to the first person who can give me both:

a) the longest word in the English dictionary & its meaning
the longest word in the English dictionary consisting entirely of continuously alternating vowels & consonants


b) the longest word in the English dictionary spelt completely of consonants (that includes y!)

Good luck!

Contest ends at 1:00am EDT.
kylejourdan2006... LOL!
If you could spell correctly Kyle the contest might have more meaning.
Randrewl - Maybe this blog would be a lot more friendly if you weren't such an ass, but I guess nobody really gets their way in here!

And blame me for one spelling error - I can easily pick out at least 5 grammar errors in your sentence (probably everyone one of your sentences) - think before you post!
Nite all
It was not so fun earlier today!
Contest is closed!

Too bad that no one answered - maybe tomorrow night. THE TEST WILL BE DIFFERENT!
g35 and allybama......

the tropical season isnt over yet. wilma, which was the strongest storm EVER recorded in atlantic, formed at this time last year. even the Dr says that the gulf will have to be watched over the next week or so as shear will be low. the season is not over just yet
I leave and this is what I find when I return!

Posted By: sandcrab39565 at 2:57 AM GMT on October 17, 2006.

Ok well sorry I am not 15 so I could open a can of woop-ashes on a lil twerp boy ya better get exercise in bend over cause wiyh your attitude ya gonna be a good canidate. Later all had all the punk I can take just email me and tell me how we can rid him forever.

Posted By: GoofOff at 3:00 AM GMT on October 17, 2006.

No problem hornfan. I was also here when Wishcasterboy got way off base. I hope he has learned that we won't put up with that behavior from anyone, regardless of age or I.Q.

When are you guys going to get it through your heads that it was a joke! For your information I am very highly regarded by all my teachers for being one of the most mature students. I'm not an idiot and hate being called one. Believe it or not I still respect most of you, and through this whole thing, I did not once engage in character assassination. I am still au-struck that one little phrase could leed to such vile controversy. This is the internet not real life. I can't tell you all what right and wrong is, your adults afterall you should know the difference. You wanted sorry, you got it. You wanted to bask in your glory of beating me down with words, you got it. Most of you jumped on the boat without even hearing the whole story. I can't stress the importance of thinking before you speak. Well ya, maybe I should have known you'd all go nuts if I said something like that, but, strange as it seems I'm a human being who is vulnerable to making mistakes, maybe even more so at my age, and I paid more than the full price. I feel no need to go into detail of why Randrewl treats me the way he does. But I can tell you from day one he never liked me. Reading between the lines is what I do best and most obvoius to me is why he attacted me, not because of what I said, but something much more personal. You say "were a civil group", read what he posted earlier, before its deleted, ya its that bad! I am personally sickened that no one took note of that. I could go on and on all night, but I feel it would take up way to much space as it stands, lol!
What do I have to say?
I have a name Randy, it's Mike, please respect it would you?
What makes you think you know anything about me huh?
Get some sleep Randy. I can tell you need lots LOL!
I know you are a trouble making troll wish
Ha!.. please!
Listen to Auburn wishpunk!
take it off the Docs blog...you want to act a fool in your blog thats fine but get it off here
Do you have anything intellectual to add?
Please...now thats a start...now i will ask you to Please take it off the Dr.s blog and to yours
All you have to do is stop and I'll do the same.
I add much content here all day...you are a Punk! Get off.
Auburn whats your grudge?
If you want to mess with some one go to their blog and do so...please dont do it here..I would thank you if you would do at least that.
Something new please.
We ne some resolve.... some type of conclusion would me great.
I dont have a Grudge...I just dont want you to do down the wrong road...you could prob contribute to this blog in the long run
But till you settle down you need to stay in the private blogs...I dont even come here, the people here are out of my league when it comes to weather
Thats all I ever came here to do, not to make enemies, but to express my love for the weather. But unfortunely the damages has been done and I'm not asking for and apology.
Go to your blog ...or come to mine...or rands...just get off this one...ok?will you do that?

Nobody in their right mind cares about how much or how little you know. If want to say something but you think its a stupid thing to say, say it anyway. There are no stupid questions and I'd be knowhere in life if I didn't ask them. Thats how you learn important things.
we will talk there...you me and rand...

I don't care what you say, I still respect you.
But you need to learn how to ask them
Rand is good with weather and people you could learn alot from him...I did
I'm in the Waffle House.
come on over wish...you are invited
Me and him for some reason tend to be an explosive mixture. I'm not exally a rucky myself.
Ok you clowns, cut it out. If you can't post about the weather, then get off the blog please..
Snowboy - I agree - how boring it has been reading all this. I used to enjoy this blog, but I think I will give it a miss in future.
Weather...Boy! Who has some?
I thank I see your point of view a little clearer now.
I have to go to bed, or else!
Maybe Houston is clearing out finally.

night ...enjoyed
Its headed my way now rand.
See ya Auburn.....thanks.
Yeah it is....
night wish me luck with this weather...the wind is getting strong here
going to be a long night I think...no rain yet just wind and lightning
Well, looks like this is not moving out quite as planned.

Yes, Auburn...it ain't gone yet! Look out.
I hope you Panhandlers in Florida are happy...some rain is on the way.

I am where the + is
Dang Auburn...you're right in that shit!
not yet..but the wind is really bad...lightning ...thunder...but still no rain ...kinda odd ?

Hope things stay cool there Auburn.
wrong link...try this one
can you have a tornado ahead of a system like this...with no rain?
Howdy all, Hey Randrewl you think it's safe to put away the storm supplies for this year now??
Looks like a nasty band heading your way Auburn.
Yeah...especially with no rain yet. Happens on the dry side all the time Auburn.
Fish man...what's up?
sirens are going off from time to time...dosent look that bad though
No, Fish...the season is not over till the end of November. What are you thinking?
wind just got one of my trees...wow that was loud...big pine on the ground
Here comes another shot.
Well Randrewl Ahhhhhh I am starting to think that "maybe" this one is indeed over......
not for me its not fsh...lol
Yeah Fish....must be Global Warming!....LOL!
Man...Pat's FEMA trailer must be rockin right about now!
I bet it is ..he is under fire right now
This wind is unreal...
going to shut down...power is blinking...night rand
OK...See ya.
Y'all in the Florida panhandle that were begging for some of this....it's on the way. See how this trough is flattening out the Northward push.
There's also a lot of old Norman stuff in the mix. Lots of tropical moisture.
Rain-drool...it's me here in Jax that's been begging for this stuff!! All year!!
buenos dias i am registering a 1001 mlb low with my weather station this morning
Hawaii has a Severe Thunderstorm watch up
825. KRL
Wow, that's one big storm.

Please all those who have not seen my web Site or who wish to see my web site come to it here
it was a booming line..but the worst is past us..here..Link
Its been a busy night ..Link
Morning everyone. Anyone see the 00z NOGAPS? Has a storm approaching the western tip of Cuba at the 144hr mark. They have been showing a storm for several runs now.
I yi,yi...
How did you hold up Pat? Everything ok?
..a lil power outage..everything with a clock blinking in the trailer..we HAd 6 tornado alerts on the noaaa radio..so ..was busy up & down night.
Glad to still have you here man.

Now, let's see if Dr. Masters mentions the storm the NOGAPS has been showing consistently now for a few runs.

THAT could be the last gasp.
This trailer life is getting freaking old...Geez
Well rough float in this am serious rain here. Good morning
Hey sand..the storm killed my House phone..LOL
It wwas worse than yesterday mornin here Pat hail wind serious rain lots of flooded roads
Made my dog run it tha house.lol
SAme here..was wild .NOAA radio chirping like a Spring Swallow..
Heres the night in short..Link
Jackson,New Orleans,Jackson,..New Orleans..LOL
LOL Pat I understand my 2 cell phones buzzing with weather alerts from Slidell
Not complaining though appreciate those guys in Slidell
Power took a hit round 4:30am..but wasnt out long..The Tornado near LArose had me alil spooked..but it never hit near us...no damage reports on the Local CBS news here..so hopefully..we made out okay.
Pat I hope the snail mail gets there today will be out of touch till Monday after today.
Dont mind being awakened ..this cracker box life is getting a lil weary...LOL
Im sure it will.Have good trip.
I bet so got any prospects of getting something else yet?
I could lug a laptop but change flights 3 times dont want to lug it through the airports
Not unless I get a Lump sum...LOL..The rents are doubled from the storm..Wife is Disabled.So..am Kinda waiting to see what will happen.AM expecting settlement across the board on Fathers asbestos Lawsuit..now 4 years old.SOme small contractors have settled.But they close to settling the whole thing.Maybe,Kinda..
The NOGAPS appears to be the only model showing development later this week. It'll be interesting to see if any of the other majors pick up on this.
Many dont know Teresa disabled...I keep that on the need to know ..Its rough..some days better than others.Family all think their land BArons..LOL...Could rent from my sister..But when her tenant moved .My brother and His wife moved in,got rid of their trailer.ANd they havent even Invited us to Dinner.Thats the way it goes..LOL
hi everyone. had a presure of 997.2 mmb last night as low moved over head.
Heres a tidbit .THat org I mentioned,Boys Hope Girls Hope.My Daughter has been in it for 4& aHalf years now.She has a full scholarship to Dominican High. Shes Carrying a 3.8 avg.Shes my Life..and the light of our lil Family.She comes home every other weekend.SO that whole org is my Project in works.They wonderful.
here is the link for it.
3-day history.
Samantha & Patrick Jr..Last October..Link
tornadodude...where are you located?
Near Vincenes Indiana
i gotta go to school so i'll "see" ya'll later
How did SWLA make out?
Good morning all....Nash are you free at 10:00 for quiz time?
Sorry back again lost power for a bit
Morning Gator. Yeah, I should be, unless I am running around the hospital working on something....
No running...bad ankle..lol
hey Pat...hows the afternoon looking here
looks dead still out there right now
Up & running again..too