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Gamma Dying

By: Dr. Jeff Masters, 8:51 AM GMT on November 20, 2005

As per the latest NHC forecast track, it appears Gamma has been nothing but a tease. The system is barely holding on to its tropical storm status and is not expected to intensify any due to strong shear that is only expected to increase further. Deep convective has greatly diminished as per the lastest satellite imagery.
The official track of the system takes it very gradually east-northeast, and then curves it even further towards the east-southeast. It appears that no large landmasses will be effecting by the system as it moves through the Caribbean. Some areas of heavy rain can be expected, however, as local regions of deep convection persist.

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

Reader Comments

Gamma-Lenny is on the way to salute thee Dr. Masters
man.... this is 1 weird storm................
cannot believe that there is even a hint that it could go south towards south america as a hurricane!!!!!!!!!!!
Fshhead, I don't think its possible, Gamma is dying and will not be a hurricane
i wont have my friend david be picked on
the guy before had a link to a map that showed it going south. then said it would be outta the wind shear & it could reform & head to the south.Man..... these are different times now.....nothing would suprise me!
i think it will be dead my 2morrow
remember storm off Spain 1st time.... storm off the south american coast I think last year 1st time.... all the major storms in the past 2 years we live in different times like I said
well fish you are right on that
by the way the south american storm was on the south of it. like in the real cold water....unheard of before
we really as a world need to start wakin up & doin something about before we no longer exist on this planet!!
global warming is for real
hey man im not one to argue but acually saying stuff like that can get people arguing on here
trust me its amazing like when someone says something it gets into a bog debate then a arguement
I still cannot believe that we are still using gasoline for fuel..... the oil is the biggest problem this country faces for sure. on all fronts!
boldman, that last attack dcw made on KatrinaRitaWilmaZeta former 88888888egg was beyond cruel and really blew my top

dcw stay at AHC. You have serious ego problems, which harm too many people here
woah I am not lookin for any arguments.. thats for sure!!
fshhead your pushing for someone to argue with you i mean it man it really happeneds
hmmmmmm some of these people get upset if u mention global warming???????
you know what i do willtell i just flag their comments and dont type nothing trust me oce you have fought with some people one here you learn fast man i cant name all the people that have been picking fights on here lol
acually yeah some do i dont really care if you talk about it from being on here for a few months and reading alot some of the littlest things gets some of these people going
just my humble opinion..... it seems to me we had waht??? 3 cat 5 storms in 1 year??? I never thought I would go through another Andrew type storm again in my lifetime before..... boy, my thinkin is changed now!!!!
heck yeah mine would be too
lol boldman I'll take your advice, have been lurking for months but never posted till now, just got too p....d off to keep silent :)
Tell u what.... a cat 5 storm is not something u want to experience thats for sure
i will still drive my lawn tractor woth pride though lol
yeah trust me you know what i do is if i get really mad use the private emaul system to do you know what thats what i do instead of putting it on the blog
Fshhead, you rode a cat 5 ???
lol at the tractor........... it can use alternitive energy or fuel... u can still ride with pride lol:)
im sure it is i dont think ill ever get one here lol
yeah maby they will invent a hydrogen powered tractor lol
yea unfotunately Andrew not something i'm proud of u know. Scared me to death I will never forget the sounds. Thought for sure we gonna die.
Lord looked out for us.... no shutters, no broken glass..
he did not ride it he road it out lol
yeah i lassoed and ride a hurricane lokl
trust me it changes ur outlook on storms with a quickness............
i wish i would get more bad weather here its soo boring but part of me wants it part of me dont want it
u guys heard about the country walk community???? right around the corner from my house
atmosweather said 2006 was going to be a rough year again, I don't even want to think about it. Ft Lauderdale has no trees left to be blown away!
hey willtell whats AHC
i dont live in flordia
so i wouldnt know lol
gotta go but, if u see me on here again I got a graph from the NHC showing like 130-140 mph winds BEFORE the weather devices broke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
which community?
see ya fsh
AHC = Amateur Hurricane Center
ther was also a rumor that there was 220 mph hour winds measured at the nuclear plant here by us WOW!!! that is scary!!
allright take it easy all
tell us about the country walk community???? before you go pls
heck yeah almost lost all of flordia lol powerplant get it
oh crap nooooooooooooooooo i swear i did not knwo it was that big oh man
LMAO boldman
you srewed the whole blog, I'm rolling on the floor LOL
welldontjust stand there helpppppppppppppppp
ok, I've clicked obscene AND spam buttons, can you write to the webmaster? LOL
yeah i will do that right now
I wasn't standing, I was rolling on the floor! Man that is funny!
I've seen a name somewhere, Aaron or something, he might be able to help. Let me see if I can find him
k i am back....
so u still want to know about country walk??
just in time spam that huge pic please
i allready send a mial to aaron
yep, while boldman is trying to fix this blog lol
lol really dont rub it in soo worried now
hey maby we should go to the chat room or something
well its goign to have to wait till aaron deletes it or until enough people spam it i need some sleep so im going all night guys
k country walk is place like 5 mins. from my house. it was built very very cheaply. almost like prefab houses. MAN!!!
all I can say is if u have seen waht a f-5 tornado does to a building... thats what country walk looked like! The people that live in that community are upper class folks they were freakin that that kinda damage could have occured. To be honest with u I dont know how they survived it was that bad.... Whenever they showed pics around the nation of the damage they totally centered on them.All I can say is u had to see it SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
don't worry boldman, I'm spamming all post-pic comments,
night bold
& like I said before... there was a rumour... I never heard it confirmed but, 220 mph wind gust at our power plant
yea we should go to chat room... dont have to wait for comments to post
u guys leave???
sry Fshh, I was spamming the pic and comments to get attention. What a horror you have lived hopefully never again. I think there are some miracles sometimes, like probably at country walk. I think boldman went to bed, I'll do the same, getting zzzzzzzzzzzzz
good night
wow that Ivan pic is real nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cya all
those are the links to the windspeeds during Andrew. I live right near Tamiami airport where the graph says 139mphgusts & 140 mmph gusts. U have to kinda follow some other links there that tell ya wind speeds were probably higher than recorded there cause the weather devices failed.
well i know you're trying to get rid of the pic due to its size, boldman, but personally i'm glad you posted it. what a beautiful image!
I've had that photo on my HD for a while. In fact, I've been collecting images of hurricanes (satellite ones) for a while now. There is some fantastic stuff out there.

It's amazing how beautiful these things are from space.
Glad to see Gamma is just about gone . . . hope it doesn't regenerate . .
Good Morning from The Bahamas :)
I was glad to see Gamma taking the sharp projected turn. Now, Great Pumpkin, let it die before getting to Jamaica :)

jeeez... am i glad i wasn't here last night... just dropped in to say good morning and to give an update...

it absolutely poured here (boynton beach) all night long! thank goodness the MH park was so good about cleaning up after wilma... they brought in people from out of state and picked up every bit of debris even though these are public roads and not there responsibility... otherwise our storm drains would have blocked and our cars would be under water today...

and i did the unthinkable... slept till 8am! i awoke to a beautiful sunny day :)

i hope billsfan, subtropic and all of you with roof damage, etc., made it through the night ok... maybe we can have a dry thanksgiving...

Gamma? A tease? Someone should've been here the past three days!!! If so this was NOT a funny joke! Niether was it "teasing" last night as we got deluged and wind-lashed again here on the Bay Islands of Honduras.

Headed south may sound good to you guys--but to us --after Wilma, Beta, and Gamma all in the past 6 weeks, it feels like we've seen the wrath of a vengeful God!

I DO want to see the sun again! I DO! I DO! I DO!
bayisland, i am praying ts gamma dies and does not even shed a single drop of rain on you... those of us who read your posts know how bad it's been in honduras...

i have asked people who have been fortunate to have some compassion for those who have not, but of course there are some people who think they are the only people in the world... not that they don't care, they don't even realize anything outside their little world exists... and please note i have nobody special in mind when i say that because we are all guilty of it at times...lol

again, i will say that everybody in a virtual community needs to be aware that there are others here in different circumstances... different age groups, different nationalities, different economic classes, different cultures, etc... if we choose to participate in such a community we have a duty to do so responsibly... and then remember that there are also all levels of maturity here and make allowances for others...

ok, that's the last time i will climb up on that soapbox... gonna go make breakfast and hope with the passing of the rain here my physical pain will ease...

hope when i come back there will be a new blog so i can see it only one page wide...lol... i almost wrote for technical help till i came to that huge pic of ivan!

This is for Florida but had to chuckle at how many apply to everyday living on the Bay Islands lately too....

>You know you live in Florida if...
>You have FEMA's number on your speed dialer.
>You have more than 300 'C' and 'D' batteries in your kitchen drawer.
>Your pantry contains more than 20 cans of Spaghetti O's.
>You are thinking of repainting your house to match the plywood
>covering your windows.
>When describing your house to a prospective buyer, you say it has
>bedrooms, two baths, and one safe hallway.
>Your SSN isn't a secret, it's written in Sharpie on your arms.
>You are on a first-name basis with the cashier at Home Depot.
>The road leading to your house has been declared a 'No-Wake' Zone.
>You decide that your patio furniture looks better on the bottom of the
>You own more than three large coolers.
>You can wish that other people get hit by a hurricane and not feel the
>least bit guilty about it.
>You rationalize helping a friend board up by thinking "It'll only take
>a gallon of gas to get there and back".
>You have 2-liter coke bottles and milk jugs filled with water in your
>Three months ago you couldn't hang a shower curtain; today you can
>assemble a portable generator by candlelight.
>You catch a 13-pound redfish - in your driveway.
>You can recite from memory whole portions of your homeowner's insurance
>At cocktail parties, women are attracted to the guy with the biggest
>There is a roll of tar paper in your garage.
>You can rattle off the names of three or more meteorologists who work
>at the Weather Channel and every single newscaster and reporter at all
>of the major stations in town.
>Someone comes to your door to tell you they found your roof.
>Ice is a valid topic of conversation.
>Relocating to South Dakota does not seem like such a crazy idea.
>You spend more time on your roof then in your living room.
>You've been laughed at over the phone by a roofer, fence builder, or a
>tree worker.
>Having a tree in your living room does not necessarily mean it's
>The hurricane shutter guy and your roofer are driving BMW's.
>You know the difference between the "good side" of a storm and the "bad
>You go to work early and stay late just to enjoy the air conditioning.
>A battery powered TV is considered a home entertainment center.
>A chain saw, generator or a gas grill comes as a free gift with every
>new Florida mortgage.

Thanks mouse--but we NOT out yet.

Soon--we hope--VERY soon. I'd like to see my electric poles back up again SOMETIME during my life.

rofl bay... but some of those made me wince...
like about the tree in the living room... we had several
homes destroyed by trees here in the last two years...
and it is sooooooooo weird to see xmas stuff in the
stores... i keep thinking it can't possibly be time to
shop for presents!
Morning from The Bahamas :)
Glad to see Gamma's projected path moving south. Hope it dies out without affecting anyone else.
Here's a music track to start your morning called "Early Morning Run." Get your exercise the easy way :)


Smile :)
i would estimate we received upwards of 20 inches of rain in the last 4 days. teased??? i'd say we got pretty well slammed. 6 deaths on the mainland. dont know yet how many houses have slipped off their hillsides here on the island. if thats teasing its not ok. i wish this season to be over for everyone. not just for us.
bayislandsinn... your list is actually too funny. its good to chuckle about something... the real truth is not as funny but thanks for the smile.
hey all

how about this then if any one is thinking of moveing out of FL or the gulf do it now do not wait in tell next hurricane year to do it
it's a funny thing about humor... so much of it
comes out of pain, whether that of the comedian or
of the world at large... but i grew up in a household
like a concentration camp and can tell you that laughing
at our problems is a good way to release the tension and
keep sane... so while the truth is not funny, we laugh and
then we wince and maybe laugh again...
Morning all. KRWZeta, I want to tell you
how offended I was by dcw's comments
aimed at you. I appreciate your presence
on the blog and enjoy your posts. You
are often a breath of fresh air, and your
curiousity is infectious.
KRWZ... i would love to live someone where, but my grown children and grandchild are here...
but what i WILL do is move out of this mobile home into something safer...
my mother loved it here (she was 84 years old) and she died from the stress of
francis last year... but, really, where is the place on earth that does not
have the potential for natural disaster? rivers flood the land beside them,
earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, mudslides, volcanoes and draughts hit so
much of the globe... the north gets some very bad snow and ice storms... i think
the best thing is to be as prepared as possible wherever you live...
and btw: where do YOU live? is it a nice place?
i was also offended when i came on and read the blog this morning...
i know a lot of adults who have a hard time writing what is easy for them to say...
my only advice to KWRZ is the same as to anyone... before you hit POST,
read what you have written and see if you can make it better in any way...
but keep on posting, we can understand what you say! and, yes, we enjoy your thoughts :)
lol... make that i would love to live somewhere else... see what i mean about mistakes?
morning nola... how's the weather up your way? what's up with cold fronts?
and where can i get one? LOL
LOL mousey, it is COLD here by my standards.
The big problem is that we've had NO RAIN since
this summer and it is getting very dry. I'm
finally getting used to the winters here, though.
I really do miss the warmth of the deep south,
though. BTW, good morning to you too!
i will see what i can do for all of you

so what going on with ts gamma ?
whay dos this mean?

IWIN has been proposed for termination. NOAA's NWS will be accepting comments on the proposed termination until January 31, 2006. Please learn more about the termination and how to leave a comment here
any one thinking of come out to ca or movieing out to ca at this time and ca is where i live and we have nic weather all the time but the summer are hot but we do not get any hurricane out all that is the good part of liveing in ca
Too many fires in S.CA. Too many people. And then there are earthquakes (shudder).

I'm used to the hurricane preps. Firestorms seem to me to be another (not acceptable) proposition altogether . . .

Who was it that gave the good advice? Be prepared wherever you are, because adverse weather is everywhere.
argghhh!!! someone broke a water main in our park... third one in a week and a half... gotta go deal with the 'real' world... bbl
105. dcw
Gamma is gone, check out the I.R. loop. I can't beleive the NHC didn't lay it to rest at 10.
Hey Zeta,
I visit San Francisco several times a year. My husband and I vacationed in Marin County this year (Bolinas, Pt Reyes) We love it out there but it is VERY expensive to live there.

Baha, you are right. Disasters happen everywhere. We keep water, a crank powered radio, batteries, a little propane stove and some other supplies on hand all the time.

Writing that entry made me realize that
I don't have any propane left for my little
stove. Hopefully a disaster doesn't hit today!
NOLAinNC i got back to you in my blog and i do have hurricane video from 2004 and 2005 year
KRWZ~ All about IWIN (a link to), as well as link to comment site is at the top of my blog (click on my name above). It's a great site, too bad they want to cull it to help reduce the number of weather info farms. This goes along with the compitition that private weather industry claims NWS has created & has really been pressuring & paying the gov't to get rid of some of the more friendly user sites. While pushing to do away with them all. Some of these matters have been settled with less than 1500 public coments ~ so please comment it counts.

As for weather the ponys are crazy ~ seems atleast part of the strong extratropicals low that's mostly gonna give the east coast a good beating is forming in the breeding grounds next to me. Hope the loop works for you non- members~ looks like a sideways tornado:P
Hey Zeta,
Do you study science or meteorology. I think if I had it to do over again, I think I would study weather.
Sorry for the bad grammar in the
last post. I'm trying to watch
morning news programs, talk to
my daughter and post at the same time!
A developing upper level short wave trough over the Southern Plains States will sweep across the lower Mississippi Valley Monday lifting NE'wrd across the SE'rn US on Tuesday. As a result a developing surface low will form over the Florida Panhandle or Georgia by early Monday moving NE and deepening into a significant coastal low over the Middle Atlantic States my early Tuesday enroute to Northern New England by early Wednesday. This system should bring strong winds and rain to most of the east with some significant snow possible over western sections of PA, NY State and New England
Looks like 95L.Invest might have a shot at becoming tropical - http://moe.met.fsu.edu/cyclonephase/compare/05112000/M14.html.
I have been following this blog the entire tropical cyclone season. I have noticed that the vast majority of bloggers are from the areas prone to cyclone activity. That makes sense since most people that are not apt to see severe damage from tropical cyclones wouldn't have much interest in this blog unless they were involved in meteorology.

The comments posted by 888888889g (KRWZeta) have been the most disturbing and least helpful. When so many people living near the east coast and gulf coast are worried about the track of a major hurricane, this young person who lives in California is hoping to see a catagory 5 hurricane hit the U.S. He stated more than once that would make him happy.

Now he is advising people to move from Florida and the Gulf coast because of the threat of hurricanes to California (the San Fransisco area). Does he not know that there are days of advance warning to leave a hurricane landfall area, but usually little to no warning to leave an area before an earthquake. Besides that, the cost of living in California is much higher than Florida and the Gulf Coast.

I don't know how old he is, but he spells on the level of a second or third grader (special ed). Now that the tropical cyclone season is almost over, I will leave you all now to discuss next season's potential for disaster.
I am saying this. What would people think if I went on a blog dealing with earthquake potential in California and wrote something like this:

Do anyone no if a big eartqwak might hit San Fransisco this seson. Plese let me no. that would be cool. i would be happy.
dawgfan... does that mean we won't be following any other weather? most people do NOT live in FL...
and the state is physically a small part of the whole USA... i live is SE Fl now but grew up in PA,
as well as living 5 years in the UK... i am interested in weather everywhere... i see people posting
about tornadoes and severe warnings for other areas, and i realize that the winter weather may hold
some surprises for the country... i hope this blog doesn't end with the end of 'hurricane season'...
and it would be nice to see blogs that address other weather phenomena...
Hey Dawgfan,
There is room on this blog for all kinds of people.
Zeta has been made aware that wishing for disasters
is not appropriate and that although we are all
fascinated by extreme weather, we do not wish it upon
Zeta has never said anything unkind and has apologized
for wishing for storms to hit. Your comments are ex-
tremely insensitive. Let's say hypothetically that Zeta
did have some disability, would that make him ineligible
to post here? Should a person with Down's Syndrom or someone
with no hands who has to use voice recognition software
to type be forbidden to post? It is only by pure luck that
any of us have fully functioning bodies and minds, you
should remember that.
I don't live in FL, never have, probably never will. I just like weather.
i like any kind of weather but the only kind of weather i do not like is ice and freezing rain and that is the only weather i do not like
121. dcw
That invest is looking very healthy. Ignore 8889/KRWZ, complaining about him does nothing.

Anyone have an image of Ekaka?
ok, dcw, you're talking way over my head...

what is an invest, where is this one, and what does it mean for the weather there?

123. dcw
An invest is a system which is being watched by the NHC or other official agency for tropical development. They're designated by a number and basin letter (this one is 95-L, the ninty-fifth invest in the Atlantic) and get preferential treatment on the navy imagery site and usually gets a floater. This one is a currently extrtropical low which is looking more subtropical by the hour. The GFS makes it a Hurricane in a week.
ok, so extratropical... above the tropics? or does it have a special meaning to meteorologists?

what is this one's long and lat? if it gets a 'floater' does that mean it is one of the two
on the nhc site?

if it becomes a hurricane or TS, do they expect it to threaten the us or nearby islands?

thanks for taking time to educate me... i am interested but unknowledgable :)
Uh, the 95 isn't "95th invest", all the invests are assigned numbers 90-99 (or was it 91-99?) on a rotating basis.
so the 95 is just temporary? they don't care to keep track of these areas to study weather patterns?
i know nothing about this stuff, and am trying to learn
128. dcw
Sorry, my mistake. An extratropical storm is one fueled not by strong convection around the center, but by differences in air temperature (nor'easters are effectively extratropical hurricanes). Once the convection exists in one strong band closer to the center, it's generally considered subtropical. When a central cloud mass is established, then it's tropical. For imagery on it:

130. dcw
They do keep track of them, but I don't think historical invests are included in, for example, models.
lol, paradise... it's HIS FAULT! how do we get shaun or someone to start a new blog for the day?
Try Mechanics of a Tropical Cyclone and Midlattitude (Extratropical) Cyclone at Wikipedia (if you get an error, refresh).
speaking of models, i was shocked to see how many of them there are... i understand the two types, but are the ones inculded in the computer models feature on this site the main ones the nhc relies on? i go to one site where it looks like spaghetti with all the models!
I was thinking the same thing, mousey. Time for a new blog.
thanks, ay, that looks like a fantastic place for a 'layman' to learn about hurricanes...
it's written in such an easy-to-understand format...
i have bookmarked it so i can reread it later and follow all the links, etc...
Tip: Sort by "newest first" and "50 comments" to cut down loading times. (Or press the "end" key to go to the bottom of the page)
137. dcw
Yeah, Gamma is only still a T.D. because they can't declare it dead until the center is bare for 18 hours.

If the scrolling is getting on your nerves that much, just use my site until a new entry is made...general discussion should be open to guests.
138. dcw
Yeah, Wikipedia is great. I finally found something they didn't have an article on and wrote it (Hurricane Ekaka)
maybe i'll start my own blog and ask some of the people here to drop in and teach those of us
who want to learn more about weather...
I'll go to your blog if you start one mousey.
That Wikipedia article is great, I will read more
tonight - it will help me fall asleep, lol. J/K, I
LOVE wikipedia and use it all the time.
ok, i am going to start a blog later on today... i want to find out what idiot broke the water main first and shove him in the ditch... LOL...third time in a week...
Good luck with the water and the ditch.
I'll be looking for your blog.
I have to go cook and look over my
children's homework, fun, fun, fun.
Hey everyonbe!:)
144. dcw
I have an FAQ page on my site, which answers alot of questions from beginning trackers:

And WTF are these models?!?!
145. dcw
The BAMD is expecially funny...I think it merges Gamma with invest 95-l.
146. dcw
Sorry, link didn't appear. Link
LOL..I did that on purpose..the typos... anyone who has seen me try to keep up with all the many commets on an try to quickly respond knows I have a typo per comment generally and I agree with NoLainNC...we only aren't disable through no specific choice of our own. Its sad to be honest that some people take their respective health and good fortune for granted and think those who aren't quite as fortunate through abnsolutely no fault of their own are somehow less superior than they are. Truth is we all have diffrent abilities and experiences...why can't we all look to build one another up and look for the positives in others rather than have all this unnecessary competition as to whose smarter, who types more effeciently, and when we disagree, why can't we give outer opinion in a thoughtful and respectful manner as how we'd wish to be treated. There is too much arrogance, selfishness, and a complete lack of desire to look our ourselves and apologize to those we may inadvertingly hurt through our actions and words. Misunderstandingswill always occur but when they do we need to see take responsibility if we unnecessarily contributed to them and likewise be uderstanding to those who may have misinterpreted what was meant and be forgiving when they offer their sincere apologies...just a thought...I certainly don't feel inferior whatsoever to anyone on here nor more importantly superior, if I have more knowledge about storms than another for example..its most likely because I became interested in it at a younger age or I've had more time to devot to such studies where another may simply be too busy raising her family and caring for the needs of someone other than herself for example. In such a scenario, how does that make me superior..it doesn't. We all have a unique purpose in this life and if we use our gifts to benefit another instead of competing or belitting others, we will be sucessful in life where it truly counts. In respect to my analogy, the woman who continually sacrifices herself and her amitions to help another is by far accomplishing a greater good than I personally would be if I learn as much as possible about storms yet present my knowledge in a insensitive and arrogant manner as to make others feel insecure and intimiated to participate in discussions where we can all learn from one another.
Hey Mousey and NoLainNc and everyone else ...hope everyones had a good restful weekend.
See...about five typos in the previous post..LOL
go away to AHC,
those interested will go there.
Your deperate and continuous efforts to advertise yourself
and your blogs, begging people to go there,
are boring and shows how few followers you have
- unlike Lefty...
And asking us to kill a fellow blogger makes you an idiot
hi chaser... i'm starting my own blog soon... it's gonna be for novices to learn from those more experienced...
i hope you will come and share with us.... i want to take one topic at a time, explore it and see how
we can learn to be more prepared for all types of weather...

i am working out the initial blog... want to let people know my rules (like play nice... lol)

i will keep track of links to sites like dcw's and hope people will share a bit of background so we
know each other a little better.... that may cut down on misunderstandings...

maybe it'll be up by 6pm est...

i will let people know...

Ty Mousey..one thing is certain...our truly an inspiration by how you treat others and handle unfair adversity with grace!
Shoot!..my keyboard has buttons sticking together this afternoon..sorry all with the typos.
that's pathetic!
Speaking of being a third grader..its one thing to have the intellect of a third grader, but the maturity of a wise old man or woman and the heart of an innocent child. Its quite another to have the maturity of a third grader such as is apparent with your rude and unnecesary comments.
well, thanks, chaser, i think it helps that i am a woman and that i was raised to be a lady...
i don't think ego is as big a problem, not having all that testosterone clouding my vision... lol...
that's mean of me.. but a gentle tug on a few chains never hurt anyone :)
besides, you can't call yourself mouse and act like a pit bull... LOL (picturing mousey the pitbull)...

You nor noone else will ever be able to intimadate me to change my user name because although I make my fair share of mistakes..I unlike you try to reconcile them and accept responsibilty for any inappropriate behavior or my participation in amisunderstanding but make nomistake that you have NO chance of getting rid of me! Fact is I like who I am most of the time and consider compssion and sensitivity the trademarks of a real man..something you obviously haven't achived but I hope you do one day..otherwise you will have to try repeatedly to cover up your insecurity by attacking others.
I agree Mousey..but having testoterone has nothing to do with being insensitive and rude..its a choice not a gender thing.
I see you are a good friend of Lefty..LOL..that explains alot.
I will not have KRWZeta abused without defend him fiercefully
= defending
Not a friend of Lefty's just an admirer - his knowledge is far beyond anyone's here today
You have a reason to be jealous of Lefty!
If we stand up for our values and convictions..we are assured of being attacked..but thats what having principles is all about..yet there is no excuse whatsoever for unnecessarily critizing and being insensitive to others.

I can say a REAL man is compassionate, thoughtful, appreciative, giving, forgiving, apologetic when wronging another, and geniune. These are usually things that come more easily to women because us Men are too competitive. That being said...any guy out there...maybe WILTEll if you think you are such a so called real man want to challenge me on the typical macho standard like getting in the ring with me..that I'd certainly gladly accept. I was a golden gloves champion and made it to the quaterfinals i the Olympic trails before I broke my hand and had to be disqualified because of injury before my semifinal bout. This was for the 1996 olympic games if you wat to research to verify my truthfulnes..I wouldn't share such info because its quite irrrelevenat except my assertions that compassion and sensitivity are trademarks of a REAL man are sure to be viewed by some immature guys as weak..LOL
LOL..Lefty mor knowledable than me...that shows how much little knowledge you do have... I am a trained forecastr not one that plays one on the internet yet I don't brag on my own abilities.. and I don't admire anyone who isn't sensitive to others...LEFTY falls short in both area...Meteorologically and more importantly...as a sensitive person..as you apparently do as well..thing is thats something you and he can change.
I never attacked anyone and thats who I was taking up for when you attackedmer....David..someone was making insensitive remarks about his typing for example.

I was about to close the browser to get back to work,
but you chaser just crack me too much with your comments to leave! LOL You really are a true man!
Did you somehow misinterpret my comments? because my first statement today was a defense of the same person you say youre defending..?
I agree WILLTELL..we finally agree on something..thank you youre wising up the more you learn from me>>LOL...
I am also a friend of Davids and proud to be so as much as I know of Him.

What a waste of time for us to be exchanging sarcatic remarks..I honestly wish you the best...but simply ask you to leave me the heck alone for your own good!
Lefty has a blog why dont you go to his and become more uneducated about real forecasting techniques...a forecaster knows how to read and analyzing data and make predictions appropriately...but as I always say its still an EDUCASTED GUESS...as with Lefty hes doing the best he can with the knowledge he has and I resperct him for that..just no respect for his insensitivity name calllng and cursing when others may offer a different analysis.
For the benefit of others who really want o enjoy this site without this bk and forth drama..I will leave till youre gone...not for your benefit.
Enough drama, back to the tropics.
173. dcw
You know, Willtell, you attack other people quite a bit for someone supposedly so caring.

that's pathetic!"

I assume that is a typo for my name, and I assure you I am doing no such thing.

Now, back on topic:

Gamma is dead, Delta is forming, and theres one nor'easter of total ownage coming.
Hesres WillTells email to me...


I can back up all I say because I am honest with myself and others...

I am a certified forecaster from Penn State, working on actual degree from N.C. State, and was did make it to the quaterfinals of the 1996 Olympic trails before I broke my hand..If you need proof..I will be glad to meet you in the ring>?

YOu are right about one thing..I do STRUGGLE trying to type as fast as I need to..because I never took a typing course so what...still seem far more educated and intelligent than you and more importantly..far more sensitive to others!
hey all, is this a blog about meteorology?
Thanks DCW..
I will ignore him WillTEll from now on..sorry all who put up with my responses.
That low to my west is well defined on sattelite,it has a cloud free eye like feature,when that trough catches the low that is when it will likely deeepen rapidly and spread heavy rain and possibly severe storms into florida.
I won't respond to anymore rude comments and can WE ALL simply stick to the meteorolgy and respect one another>?

I for one will ignore any further attacks on me...it has no bearing on the truth anyway.

Sorry Swiss guy and others.
Hey Jenkins..havent seen latest Satellite today..whee are you located?
181. dcw
Where are you jedkins?

And chaser, I had no idea you were a professional! Very cool.
Yes I havew seen it since this moring,just haven't posted anything,whenever I have time I will be on top of things lol.
I am closest to clearwater FL,I live near the coast.
184. dcw
Oh, okay. We're close. I'm in Plant City.
It is 84 here,relative himidity is 70%,dewpoint 73,but the fact that it is cloudy and it's 84,if it werren't for warm air aloft there would already be tons of thunderstorms and some severe,but activity will have trouble developing untill later on because of cap.
Thanks DCW..

Just because I am a certified meteorologist doesnt mean I will get my forecasts anymore correct thats why I always say, "My best EDUCATED GUESS"...tropical meteorolgy is such an inexact science we are lucky to be proven correct 50% of the time....thats why forecats are issued so often..if they were issued once daily like my blog for example..larger room for error..LOL... the NHC and myself thought a track south of Fl. as a weak TS was expected last night..today no GAMMA...so forecating makes al of us look like fools from time to time and sometimes the best pedictions are guesses from those with no background..lol...think of all those on here that say I think it will do such and such and meterologically speaking seems unreasonable yet we get a Vince strengthening over 70-75 degree waters and hits Europe as tropical indenty. Honestly, I agree with Mousey..you bring a tremendous amount of knowledge to this community and don't bk down because many on here need your knowledge.
187. OGal
Hey Jedkins, what are they saying about the low in the Gulf? Do you remember the no name storm that hit the Gulf?? We are supposed to have bad storms tonight and storms tomorrow. What are they telling you guys over there?? I am in Winter Springs-Orlando.
ok I just looked at the western Atlantic water vapor can you please point out what you are seeing for me..Jenkins.
nice area there in Clearwater.:)
Hey OGal..do you know weatherboyFSU..he lives in Orlando.. and he met me to chase Wilma...cool guy.
I will be right back..need to update log with a sentence or two since its about 24 hours old and Gamma no longer exists.
LOl..I meant blog..not, "log" :)
Well the low is supposed to get quite strong,but not like the 1993 super storm.
Heres the next best candidate to acquire tropical cyclone characteristics and possibly get a name in time.

Basically the worst baroclinic/extratropical cyclone recorded in the U.S.
I think Jedkins is talking about the beginnings of the nor'easter in the Gulf. Here's that SAT loop...Link
Looks like some weather heading your way there Jenkins.
yep.. the circulation is getting a litle better defined but in formative stages as you pointed out Weathersprit.

The spin is certainly evident ahead of the trailing front/trough.
Hey Jenkins..I remember the 1993 superstorm of March 13th very well..we hd wind gusts to 100 mph here along our coast in Wilmington where i live.
Of course...the Big Bend area had that unexpected storm surge that took over 10 lives. Overall..I believe it claim around 250 lives if I remember correctly.
Jedkins, This one on the west coast was worse. Formed from the remains of typhoon Freda. Cat 3 winds. Link
200. OGal
So are y'all talking about the storm in the Gulf or the wanna be in the Atlantic??
"claimed" over 250 lives...I need to take a typing class.this is pathetic..lol
Storm Drain..

by wind speeds alone..that was the worst.

It all depends on the standard we use to determine,"the worst".

Is it deaths, cost to property, lowest Barometric pressure, max, wind speeds, most disruption to a large area, etc.?
by barometric pressure for U.S. its the "Great cyclone of March 1932" with as B.P. of 28.20 inches and a 1913 Jan. 3 storm with same pressure reading.
Hchaser, Read the story and make your own judgements based on whatever criteria you like.
The records are like this...
The worst winds belong to the Great Appalachian storm actually in November of 1950 with a 160 mph wind gust.

THe two storms I mentioned below are the record holders for lowest B.P

For coastal destruction and flooding, that belongs to the Great March 5-8 storm of 1962.

But overall...
taking into account...Massive size of the March 1993 superstorm with a B.P just slightly above the two record holders. In addition, this storm shut down virtually the entire eastern third of the U.S. which is unprecendented by a storm tropical extratropical or otherwise. Then it took the most lives if Im not mistaken than any other extratropical storm as well with over 250 lives claimed during its lifetime.. Therefore, I'd have to say the 1993 Superstorm is arguably the "worst" extratropical storm in U.S. history to date.
I agree with you Stormdrain..I hope I didn't imply you were mistaken because that wasn't my intention nor thought.
I have more than 200 weather books for various storms...My favorite for world weather records is a new book that came out this year...
okay, i am back after being without power for a while... my husband was putting up replacements for the outside lighting fixtures we lost to wilma, and i didn't have everything on the UPS... so i lost internet connection...

okay, i am trying to catch up.. where is delta forming? i will take a quick look at the links you guys have provided...

Its titled,
"Extreme Weather" (A guide and record book) by Christopher C. Burt. It has 304 pages and its ISBN# is 0393326586..cost is $24.95 in the U.S. but worth every penny.
Well mountains don't count,lol,Besides I dont trust information ver much more than 25 years ago,for example cammille in my oppion could have been quite a bit weaker or even stronger than they said,I don'r believe any datta that old..........
It documents extensively on the storm you referenced StormDrain and all types of record storms and weather around the World since record keeping began.
Good point Jenkins..
Thats why the usual standard for intensity is Lowest Barometric Pressure..
Although the great Labor Day storm of 1935 holds that record in the U.S. and Katrina now holds the record for greatest destruction in terms of property damage..

I might have to lean toward the 1900 Galveston Storm because of its great loss of life (estimates from 600 to 1200 depending on the source) and wiped out virtually the entire city.

But that is simply my opinion and it al depends on a persons criteria and even a Tropical storm may be considered the worst storm for people in the Houston/ Galveston area now because it affected them directly.
Jedkins, Don't get your reference to mountains. Was it related to Columbus Day storm? That storm hit coastal areas and low-lying inland areas. Data is as reliable as any other, could be plus or minus.

I'm not posting any more about this storm here as people are into watching the tropics right now.
214. OGal
Mousey, I think that Delta (wanna be ) is somewhere in the Central Atlantic. Have you guys had rain all day? It has been spitting here on and off. Guess we will get rain tonight and tomorrow.
This is a weather blog StormDrain and the next storm that wil affect us will be an Extratropical one so I find your input very informative and valid..
Ty for sharing it with us.
Hey Ogal..you are right on in my opinion regarding the next formative tropical cyclone ..hers the system you are refering to if I'm not mistaken.
I tink any datta before 1975 is not worth believing,technology was just not advanced,combined with things being more biast,to believe anything that old,I saw something that said a hurricane made landfall in norway,that is the one of the most rediculus things I have ever seen,that is impossible,or how about the hurricane in the gulf that supposedly reached category 5 but had a pressure of 960 mb,lol,there are other resons that prove that datta before 1975 is not very believable,if somone showed me a categoery 5 made landfall here in the 40's with supposed proof I wouldn't completely be sure of it unless I saw it myself.But category 3 winds,unless they were in the mountains in the pacific northwest with a baroclinic low is bogus,unless we have one hech of a climate change that is just fiction.
ogal... we had rain all night here in boynton beach... but by 8am it was over and has been a gorgeous day...
Heres a fact beyond personal opinions...

The truth is that none off us truly know which storm record is the most accurate which also means it can't be discounted either because it was pre 1975 either.

Thats why The HRD is currently reanalyzing every storm from 1851 hrough 1979 for just such a valid reason as you suggested Jenkins...
They have completed this analsis through 1914 thus far.
That extra-tropical one is gonna cause a bunch of rain (scroll right & down a little & click forward)
222. OGal
Mousey,hope you got alot of things done you wanted to do. Around here it has just been football all day. I am trying to get my food planned for Thanksgiving...I guess it will be a pretty cool day. I just hope that Delta moves her little spinning self (if she forms ) up into the North Atlantic.
The global models have been predicting the formation of the low in the gulf for more than a week now and its finally materializing...it will be a strong system..how strong awaits to be seen...but youre right about the excessive amounts of rainfall in my opinion Skyepony.
rain, rain go away... it poured here in Ft Lauderdale all last night...Oakland Park flooded (again)... sun been in and out today, just enough to heat up the environment and they are predicting more heavy rains tonight and tomorrow is supposed to be even worse.....enough already!
225. OGal
Skyepony, where are you??

If that system does become Delta..theres no way it will be a threat because we are in a weathern pattern typical of this time of year where we get a strong cold front and corresponding amplified trough that will continue to move any storm trying to threaten the U.S. coast from the far eastern Atlantic from getting even close enough to threaten us.
Did anyone read in the Sun-Sentinel today that they are finally getting around to admitting that Wilma was a Cat 3, not a Cat 1 like they were originally saying? not really sure how to do a link, but here's the story

Hi there Billsfan..
How is your team doing or have they played yet?
billsfan... i was worried about you last night, with all this rain we got... is your tarp holding up ok?
230. dcw
*Yoda voice*

Another perfect storm, perhaps we will have. Prepare, we must!
why do you take for impossible that a hurricane hit norway jedkins?
I gotta go everyone..nice seeing you all on here again..Have a good day Mousey, Billsfan, Jenkins, Ogal,Skepony, Stormdrain and the others.:)
Oh sorry DCW didn't realize you were still here...and take care both you and Swissguty as well.
bye chaser... hope to see you later...
Yeah, it's hard to say what the Atlantic storm is gonna do long term
i've been mentioning that it would most likely be our next named storm
but like yesterday, i can't say more than once it organizes into
a named storm ~ it's gonna intensify most likly to cat 1 as it moves south.
After 140hr it should be around the same or possibly lower latitude as fl, but way out there ~
hopefully a fish storm.
The storm off the nw of africa should disapate by tommarrow.
ogal, i packed up the last of my hurricane supplies (canned and boxed goods) today to donate to the 'food for families' drive... i don't have to cook this year, because my son and his girlfriend have asked to host t-giving... was happy to agree, because since wilma my arthritis has been much worse... but i will bake the pies... apple, pumpkin and pecan...

my husband hates football (he's british) and won't allow it on the tv, so that's fine with me... lol
Ogal~ Melbourne, We're near nieghbors:)
See ya Chaser
That reminds me I saw Ch13's Storm Chaser van on US1 at the indian river
okay, time to charge the laptop battery.... will return after dinner... bye all
willtell - I have not changed my username for this blog, so your accusation is wrong and insulting.

mouseybabe - I don't know what kind of weather will be followed on this blog, but it is listed as Dr. Jeff Master's Tropical Storm resources. The tropical cyclone season ends November 30th.

NOLAinNC - You wrote, "Zeta has never said anything unkind."
After reading this blog since June, I don't agree.

"(he) has apologized for wishing for storms to hit"
Sorry, I must have missed that entry.

I never said that Zeta should be ineligible to post here and if he is mentally challenged then I apologize for my insensitivity.

The extra-tropical storm to be the noreaster doesn't look quite as intense as i'd said 2 days ago, well atleast for say, the deep south. The NE is still in for a big hit. & everyone on the east coast should be getting some wind & rain. It should move through pretty quick followed by a second storm (less intense but large) from canada hitting the great lake on the way down & the NE on the way out.
Ya ~ I've been on here way to long, dwc & Dawgfan I really can't see as being one & the same.
Don't feel bad Dawg it happens~ Me & torn were once called 1 & the same, lol
By no means do i have any problem with torn(love the info), i think it shocked us both.
I'll lurk at ya'll later.
242. dcw
If he is mentally challenged, why do you semi-worship his predictions, Will?

That extratropical thing is gonna be pretty impressive.
Skyepony, Where do you think the major part of it will hit east coast? Or will it just be all spread out?
Chaser... sorry I missed ya, the Bills are on in a few minutes, going to watch..

Mousey, thanks for asking, so far tarps are holding up.. one had a tiny tear in it so my husband went up and repaired it this morning.
Whoops, Skyepony. Guess you're gone. Perhaps you can answer later.

Go Seahawks.
Hello everyone, been busy today; family day you know with daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter Rylee Jo over to watch the Dolphins get killed ( :-( Also doing some yard work so won't be on long..

Hey Boldman, take that big picture down, it screws up our blogs and makes us have to move the bar across the read everything! LOL

billsfan, I know we have had so much rain yesterday and last night, it was pouring here, pool filled up to top. I thought about you and your roof and hope you are ok.

Also, some of our neighbors have already gotten their generator checks from FEMA; I filed immediately and faxed to them a copy of the receipt and still no call; what's up? selective visitation? Even Son-In-law's parents about a mile away got a visit about their generator and roof...
What am I " chopped liver" ??? LOLOLOLOL..

Still lots of work to do around here and only a few days away from Thanksgiving then Christmas.

But Blessing abound because TS Gamma is melting away and this is the best news I've heard. Are we still predicted to get more rain tomorrow from this? When is it getting cold?

Take care, will try to check back in later tonight once the sun goes down.
billsfan, just read your post
about the article in this morning
paper. I read it also. It's
about time they realize that
some parts of Broward did
indeed receive a cat 3 storm..
If they don't believe it;
just visit our neighborhoods!!!
(boldman, I have to chop up my
sentences to get them on the left
side of the screen thanks to that
hugh picture you posted! LOL
(don't take offense I'm being funny)

Just caught up reading. What the heck
are all of you talking about Delta?
a system out there??? PLEASEEEEEE
Are you Kidding????
Just got on after a couple days. Anyone give us an update on what might happen with baby Delta. thanks
Hey Gamma..the reason a tropical or subtropical storm MAY develop is because is located in an area of the Central Atlantic that has warm enough sea surface temperastures and moderate upper level shear so intensification of this system is POSSIBLE. Whether is achieves a name awaits to be seen.
Latest Infrared regarding large disorganized possible tropical cyclone in time..far east Central Atlantic..see circulation and spin?

Heres the latest tropical outlook as of 1130 am EST from the NHC...

Key words..are...SOME POTENTIAL and SLOWLY...: for it to acquire a warm core and may be a better candidate for subtropical development which means it would still receive a name in such a scenario.
Stormdrain~ I'll call for the extratropical low to form over north
GA to North AL. It could wait & form a little more north say SC, the
way the models are trending. It should start small, then grow in intensity
& size as it moves N on through Maine. If once it forms it is worse
in western NC~ More of the east will be affected like west Virginia
& northward, affecting a larger area. If the worst trends more east~
affecting eastern NC worse than west, W Virginia would be spared as well
as states n of it, but those on the atlantic (outerbanks on up) would
get nailed worse with the coast line being close to the core ~ the land
~ water interactions come to play.

*everyone~ spam the big picture!

Can anyone get on the navy site? This site is sweet & it's not letting me visit!
Actually it is supposed to form in the gulf which it already is,not over land.....
The northeast in for something nasty?
Thanks, Skyepony. It will be interesting to watch. Feel bad for the east coast. Have relatives in western VA and Penna.

I looked at the navy site a few minutes ago trying to figure what you guys are seeing. Sometimes it won't let you on for some reason. If you try later, you can probably get access.
If it develops with more intensity than currently forecast and a track just off the outer bank of the Nc coast..I will probably intercept it there for Fox News.
back again for a minute.
I spammed the picture
(no offence to Boldman)
but it is still here! LOL
guess what, tired of all of the
yard work. Poppy & Gamma
got a fire going in our
backyard fire pit and
regardless of the fact
we no longer have fences
we are going to sit out side
and have a beer/wine in front
of the nice fire to wind down
a very busy day..wish you could
all join us (NOT!!!!!)
LOLOLOLO maycheck in later if
I get a chance.
gamma, if you set it to 'newest first' at the top and '50 comments' at the bottom, the picture will not affect it...
okay, i finally posted an entry on my blog... hope you'll stop by and read it... off to make dinner and will bbl...

Awe~ Gamma & I really enjoy wiskey & a backyard fire:)

Jenkins ~ i agree it has begun to form over the fl panhandle as
well as the east coast of fl, but when these 2 meet up & get rapped
up a little more northward, that's when it will get nasty & the low will become organized.
i hav updated my blog, important info.
guess that should read ~ Gamma ~ & i enjoy wiskey & a backyard fire:) it's pretty easy to type one that means some thing totally different without a comma or something. if we read what we typed, there very well might be more of us here, with less run off by misunderstandings.
Your getting me nervous about the noreaster. So far here the reports are
giving no more than 30 to 40 SE.
Hello everyone........
geeez... turtle, that IS important... where can i get more info... like, will it come all the way down this time or stop just north of PBCo again?
hi fsu... how's the weather up your way tonite?
Hey Weatherboy and Mousey and the others.:)
271. dcw
So, predictions for the nor'easter? Min pressure?

Me: 972mb.
Hey Lobcarl..I also just revised my Blog commenting on my expectations with the Extratropical system forming in the gulf..basically its track will have quite a bit to do with determing its ultimate intensity and the wind speeds it will generate as a result of its deepening low and the higher pressures outside of the storm itself..This is the pressure gradient which is responsible for increasing winds and wind is simply..air in motion..how fast this air will move awaits to be seen.
Hey DCW..
this is a tough call in my opinion..alot can happen based on an inland track as theyre predicting or an unexpected track more eastward offshore. In the latter scenario, more intensification and thus a lower B.P.
looks like so fla will get nothing but more rain, rain, rain!

hi chaser :) didya see my blog?
tonight..Id say yore pretty close with the 972mb. If it gets offshore closer to the Gulfstream.. I say its lower and below 965mb.
Let me revise my prediction...
Inland track..Id Guess about 987mb....offshore and close to gulfstream.....more like 970mb. Alot can happen, its too soon to forecast with much accuracy in the formative stages at this time.
Hey Mousey..Im gonna go check it out right now. :)
Thanks for the info chaser. Just hoping the ferry runs on wednesday
so the kids can get home from college.
Hey wind - waddya mean august!

Didn't it start in JUNE this year?!?!

I'll definately be back lurking!
paradise, either windnwaves doesn't know when hurricane season is or only cares if one is headed for his house... LOL...

i was starting to think he'd killed the blog, though, when nobody posted anything! WnW... bet you didn't expect that silence... LOL!
Hey Lobcarl..sorry I was away reading Mouseys excellent blog and commenting there as well. I also had to comment in my blog also.
Can I assume you live on the NC outer Banks?
LOL Mousey.:) You have truly outdone even yourself with a great blog and I am very impressed to say the least. Furthermore, that was very thoughtful for you to reference me in such nice terms. ty :)
After living through Ivan last year (I live in Grand Cayman)
we were not too excited when dennis and emily
scared us at the very beginning of the season -
probably why I actually remember when it started . . .

And gamma actually looked like it was going to cause
us more problems! We got 6 inches or so of rain on
thursday night when it went by going left and now
it's coming back for another go!
285. dcw
I'll be back on January 1st for the start of next season if this keeps up...LOL.
hurricanechaser you got mail
287. code1
lobcarl, keep an eye on the weather and if it looks as if the ferry may not run. Have the kids come home a day early if possible. Do you lose traps or have to pull them in this type of weather?
No I live off the coast of Maine on penobscot bay.
hey all look at td gamma and i no it a td but look at it it look like it has a eye
href="http://www.wunderground.com/tropical/tracking/at200527_sat.html" target="_blank">Link
They have classes on tuesday and I lose a few to bad weather but most of the traps are in deep water this time of year. In another month I hope to have them all on the wharf.
291. code1
Saw a program about lobstering a while back. You have to love it to do it, don't you. Glad you do it though, love lobster!!!!!
hurricanechaser you got more mail
I don't like it this time of year. Getting older and not as tough as I used to be.
Goodnight all. Have to catch the early ferry tomorrow.
Nice z8a

glad it's not a hurricane though!
ok all the experts out there... you say gamma is dead but i still see swirling around a center not 50 miles north east of Roatan... if it pulls in more convection will there be a chance of it rebuilding or just sticking around. we are totally rain-soaked, and its still raining. somebody please tell me the sun is coming back some day...
Hello experts . . . . ?
Hello Gardener..heres my take from my blog earlier...
I want to begin by commenting on Tropical Depression Gamma which still exists due to a well defined circulation center. However, the strong Southwesterly shear being produced by an approaching trough/cold front from its North and West is only going to increase and should not allow convection to redevelop and Gamma should dissipate to a weak low pressure area within the next 24 hours or so.

Even while dissipating..there can be some random blow up of storms that COULD bring rain to some areas. Its been a few hours since I last looked at the water vapor imagery which is by far the best indicator of track and the upper level winds apparent at the surface which may or may not inhibit a specific storms intensification. I will go get the link.
Sorry I was away and missed your comment Lobcarl..I also agree with Code that what you do is something we all appreciate. I have never been to Maine but I hear its beautiful.:)
i was in maine last summer, and it is a very beautiful place, but winter would be a bit much for me :)
sup people i still see my pic was not deleted im sooo sorry lol

What you are seeing is the circulation center completely void of any convection anywhere close to it... Furthermore, see the strong westerlies that is shearing the clouds in a SW to NE flow as evident by the clouds streaming in such a direction. Consequently, the Depression will not be able to survive another 6 hours as continued shear like the aforementioned and should be downgraded within the next 6 to 12 hours. However, the shear is causing the minimal convection that does exist far from the center to be strung out over the islands of the Carribean and therefore can cause more intermittent rainfall in spurts in these areas.
i do say who is dawgfan he is really aanoying
Man, I'll be glad when they update this blog.
That pic at the very beginning REALLY blew this
thing up! lol

mousey, nice blog. I'll be checking back to it
to see who else posts.
And hour by hour thats disipating as you can see.:)
boldman... yeah, you messed up royally on that, LOL

but i, for one, have gotten around it by setting the blog for 'newest frst' and 'show 50 comments'... hope we'll have a new blog tomorrow...

well, i'm having an early night, so y'all behave in here... or else ;)
Hows it going Boldman?
Goodnight Mousey..sweet dreams:)
thanks palmetto and thanks for your post there... i'm off for the night... fingers are seizing up... time for some hot wax....
i did not mean to do it yeah it can be avorded now going good tony hows life for you lol
Sort by "Newest first" and show only 50, and you can get rid of that problem, palmettobug53.
For some reason, I've noticed that
it doesn't matter which I select,
50 comments or all, I still see all.
Been like that for some days now.
Must be just me and/or my computer?
Fire is still buring and I
am gone for the night.
Going to be very busy
the next few days so
I may only be able to
post here and there.

Also, My daughter saw all of
my postings and your postings
and said that I am not on the level
with everyone here that thinks
I am a little old gray haired
lady with two grand children
and four granddogs...
She thinks that I have mislead you
all into thinking that I am a little
old lady...I told her that I have been
very honest and have given examples
of our times at Marco Island Resorts
and Key West, my very demanding job
and other things but that did not
distract from the usual Grandparents
type of activities,
but Anyway.
I am a Grandmother of 2 grandchildren
and another one coming at the end of January;
I work for Big Corporate America
I do not have grey hair, I am not your
typical little old lady .....
I have confessed enough
and hope no one really saw this post.
I'm only doing it for my daughter who
thinks I am misleading others because I
am not a little old grey hair lady.
Please forgive me if I have mislead anyone!
LOLOL, But I am still Gamma.

for mouseybabe

Had eough hurricanes yet?

An idea?

Turn on TBS and watch Stop Global Warming's comedy show. A really funny show! No donations needed or asked for--just sign a petition at http://stopglobalwarming.org/

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That did it, showing newest first, then 50, but now I feel like I'm reading backwards or something! lol
yes well i was trippin then i dont know why its not gone already
Everythings good Boldman..Thanks for asking..I have to go get my little girl a bath and ready for bed...I have to take her to preschool in the morning.

I can't believe I didn't watch one game all day..anyone know how Carolina did today?
Chaser, seeing any rain your way yet?
We're getting a sprinkle or two, but
that should change soon. They're calling
for 90% tonight and tomorrow here.
well thats great chaser alls well here in cali too
322. dcw
Or we could just not watch. Global warming may be our fault, it may not be. But I GUARANTEE you, if it is our fault, it won't be curbed anytime soon. For now, I personally think studying space travel is more important. We must get off this planet before it decides our rent is due.
not yet Palmetto...
Currently Mostly cloudy with winds at 6 mph.:)
I see where Beaufort has light rain as of the previous hours observations.:)
Hey boldman...
What big city in Cali are you closet too..I want to load that city off this site into my favorite cities so I can keep up with how youre fairing weatherwise.
LOL, pretty funny dcw. There a reason things dont live on other planets in our galaxy, and thats because things cant. Unless you want us to make an atmosphere similar to ours, then you're not going to live on another planet. And how fun would it be to stay inside every day of the year when temperatures outside are 300 below?
sacramento chaser
This is Great!!!
Thank you all for
ignoring my post that I had
to make to take care of family
Matters....every one is very
concerned that I am involved with
"BLOGS" and that I am going to
find someone and run away with them.
I try to tell everyone that I am on
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Hey, I like talking to you all and hope
you now know that I do not have a grey hair
as long as they have my hair color in stock.
Really, this is a safe site we are on,correct?
Isn't it monitored to keep the bad people off?

Will watch out ... see you tomorrow..
dcw you watch tooo many sci fi movies man lol
Thanks Boldman...55 degrees and clear skies last hour..got you on my favorites..lol..Well, I gotta get my little girl to bed..Goodnight all and have a good week..I will stop by when I can..at least try to update my blog. :)
see ya chaser its colder here then in sac cities are allways warmer lol
I love you all for ignoring my previous
posts...Thank you very much.
I've done my duty to family.
Will check in again tomorrow!
did the C storm had winds of 150mph at land fall or 145mph winds at land fall? i hop twc did ok in that storm
hi seflagamma
anytime gamma lol
Heres my post David from your blog...hope this helps..:)

Posted By: hurricanechaser at 2:51 AM GMT on November 21, 2005.
That was 1 kt.=1.15 mph..sory about all the typos..I see it was 942mb in Port Charlotte..lol...goodnight guys:)
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Posted By: hurricanechaser at 2:48 AM GMT on November 21, 2005.
David, one more post..lol..Heres the oficial stats from the post storm report from the NHC.

13 / 0430 22.7 82.6 966 105 landfall on south coast of Cuba
near Playa del Cajio
13 / 1945 26.6 82.2 941 130 landfall near Cayo Costa, FL, and
minimum pressure
13 / 2045 26.9 82.1 942 125 Landfall near Punta Gorda, FL
14 / 1400 33.0 79.4 992 70 landfall near Cape Romain, SC
14 / 1600 33.8 78.7 997 65 landfall near North Myrtle Beach, SC

the winds are listed in knots...i knot equals 1.15 mph.
So 130 knots was 150 mph and the 125 knots was 145 mph. I hope this helps..goodnight Boldman and David.:)

chaser you big lurker lol see ya
LOL...I say "sorry" for all the typos and mess that up.:)

Anyway..goodnight everyone.:)
night hurricanechaser that ok
NHC is now discontinuing advisories on Gamma so it's time to announce the winner of the Great WU Blog Gamma's Minimum Pressure Prediction Contest! drum roll please...

And the winner (again!) is DocNDSwamp, whose prediction of 1003 mb was closest to the NHC's lowest of 1004 mb. Doc, hats off to you! Some of you may recall that Doc also had Beta's lowest pressure pegged. Our salutations and kudos Doc, you get bragging rights until the next storm comes along...

For the record, here are the predictions:

Predicted Minimum Pressures for TS Gamma (in mb):

LakeWorthFinn: 972
snowboy: 965
seflagamma: 983
tornadoty: 986
Jedkins: 989
sngalla: 982
rwdobson: 988
msuengineer: 980
StSimonsIslandGAGuy: 991
Mouseybabe: 968
KatrinaRitaWilmaZeta: 950-970, 975, 985, 970-990
OGal: 990
Hurigo: 999
bocaman: 984
arcturus: 979
Skyepony: 963
palmettobug53: 985
EllistonVA: 978
jetra2: 994
DocNDSwamp: 1003
StormJunkie: 990

minimum pressure: 1004 mb (Nov 19, 3 pm CST)
cool go doc
341. dcw
Gamma is dead as of 10:00.
Looks like some flare uip where gamma died. Anyone else see it?
I'm glad I didn't get into that contest. I would have had the lowest 1 there - always expecting the worst . . .
oooo, gamma, shaun was right... you're nothing but a tease.... LOL... grey-haired old lady... i've been dying my hair since i started going grey at 17... that's no indication of age... i've known women who were grandmothers in their late 30s!

going to bed now...see you tomorrow

hey, boldman... thanks for the pic :)

see you all tomorrow...

I see that convection - but it'd have to stick around to do any good, and it probably won't stick around.

If you check "NWS fronts" on this animation, they accidentally marked Gamma has a 1008-mb high. o.O

95L.Invest is much more interesting - looks like it's getting fairly tropical. (Are there any more requirements besides having to be warm-core and have a closed circulation?)
Gamma...sorry just able to get on, but what does your family want to hear from us? I am thinking,as with real life we have some absolutely wonderful people here, a fair mix of males/females ranging from 12-80 yrs old? not that it matters. There's a mix of people all interested in weather and learning.......

thanks for your concerns.....whew did it rain last night..
I'm worried about Turtle's forecast
and obviously just this minute remembered
the pic thing about shortening blog

Hey AYS,

yes..it must not only be warm core and have a closed circulation, but must also achieve surface winds sustained on a one minute average of at least 30 mph to be considered a Depression..when it achieves 39 mph..it becomes a tropical storm and is assigned a name.
even it doesn't become fully tropical ..it could become a subtropical storm(hybrid type)with winds exceeding 39 mph and still become Delta for instance which is my expectation at the current time. The NHC just started giving these hybrids names beginning in 2000 if I'm not mistaken.
and who in their right mind thinks tht "gammas" are grey-haired and old? My mom had me at the age of 17...married too young( but acceptable in the 60's) and was a grandma at 43.....
snowboy well it look like no one this time a round can we do this more next hurricane year?
chaser your back hows it going
you welcome mouseybabe
hey hurricanechaser would you like to come to my blog?
hey Billsfan, thanks for the nice comment in my blog.

Does anyone know how the Carolina Panthers did today?

I'm sorry the Bills lost Billsfan unless they were playing Carolina..lol:)
hows it going chaser see you have met my twin lol
Hey Igot,

yes..ty..I just got my little girl ready for bed but she keeps getting up so Ill probably have to go in a minute:)
you are welcome mouseybabe
panthers for beat by the bears defense 13-3.
gosh keeps getting up ill have to ask my mom if i was like that lol thats no fun lol
LOl..Im confused Boldman..are you refering to Igotheweather?
30-35 knots from the navy image names and QuikSCAT (though somewhat away from the center)
warm-core from FSU
closed circulation from QuikSCAT
yes i am duh lol never mind
hurricanechaser would you go to my blog and go down to 1:29 am


I havent seen the Navy honestly butthe NHC using the dvorik satellitte estimates this far out and the "T" numbers equate to certain wind speeds..when they reach the equivilent of 25 knots or 30 mph..it will become a depression if its warm core. You can have a depresion with winds pretty far from center as was the case with Gamma as a 45 mph storm before it dissipated. The main thing the NHC looks for isn't quick flare up of convection but rather consistency meaning deep convection persistent for more than 6 hours for example.
Thanks for the info, hurricanechaser.
Sorry Boldman..Im a little SLOW tonight... I assume you have two screen names now?
Thanks Trouper for the score..although I would've prefered better news..lol:)
youre very welcome AYSZ...
you seem to know quite a bit already.:)
hurricanechaser did you see my last post?
I know how to research info, but that's about it. :p Not trained in this and still a newbie, after all.

Do you know of any places to get Dvorak numbers?
any one think that we can make it to the Z storm
yes your right chaser
374. dcw
30-35 knots from the navy image names and QuikSCAT (though somewhat away from the center)
warm-core from FSU
closed circulation from QuikSCAT

Subtropical. There isn't deep convection fully surrounding the center yet.
oh dcw
Ok Im bk..sorry guys..
Its not subtropical quite yet...its still a cold core low at present. HOwever, the transition is certainly on his way to subtropical status and if the winds can achieve 25 knots or 30 mph we will have at the minimum a subtropical depression.
hey hurricanechaser
Here you go... the dvorak classifications which dictate true intensity when recons not out there in the storm.


Hope this helps.
The reason you don't see any for the large low pressure in the East Central atlantic is because its "too weak" to be measured on this scale and if theres no T number its not strong enough to be classified...

This is one of my favorite links.
The most humerous thing I heard today was Willtell saying Lefty knew more about storms than I ever would..LOL

Anyways, I will go check out your comment David sorry I miseed it. brb.
I need to corect myself..that reference to Willtell was very unnecessary and I sincerely apologize "only" once for it:)
Hey David..I just read the 1:29 pm comment on your blog, are you refering to Butterflies inquiry regarding Katrina footage?
hurricanechaser yes
Chaser....hope I catch ya before you go....I'm hearing we may have bad weather in Broward County (Fort Lauderdale) tomorrow.any insight? (we with tarped roofs need to know)..thanks...... and btw...both of our teams lost today
I do have a little Katrina footage as she was making landfall from TWC as I mentioned in SE La. and I have alot as Katrina was out over the gulf up until I had to leave to drive more than 15 hours to MS. to intercept the storm.
this want to see if you got back to him on that
Hey Billsfan,

Heres a link to the low centered in the gulf moving generally NE with the trailing cold front. It appears that the trailing front it whats going to cross your area and bring possible thunderstorms which could bring some strong gusty winds. YOu should get some decent rain from this and I suspect winds no greater than 40 mph so I think the tarps should hold. However, I am not too familiar with how much those tarps can handle. Whats yor best guess if I may ask?
oopss..forgot to give you the link..LOL.

hurricanechaser how did jim cantore from the weather ch do in hurricane C of last year?

As you can see more clearly on this visible satellite loop. the circulation center is less defined than earlier today as it moves in a general NE direction toward the Cedar Key area. Billsfan, you will get most of your action from the trailing cold front digging down behind the low moving SE about at your latitude and moving into and through the Eastern Gulf right now.
I need to clarify..front moving SE....low moving NE...
Right now, it doesn't look like its gonna be a huge problem for the Fl. east coast unless it strengthens rapidly which in turn would enhance the thunderstorm development with the trailing front and could produce stronger winds. I think the last I saw winds were only expected to be in the 30 mph range but that can all change..so its best to watch it closely.
Actually I don't have coverage of Jim Cantore in Florida last year. HIs transmission was cut off as the storm was moving inland.
hurricanechaser do you have any of him be for he let off the air
Im sorry David not with Charley.
hurricanechaser ho did you have from twc that did the live up date from hurricane C

All that being said...the strong cold front you see moving SE wil move through your area during the day tomorrow most likely and will produce some strong straighline winds similar to most fronts except this could bring gusts approaching 40 mph as it appears now. If this front moves through and combines with some warm moist air from off the warmer Atlantic..the contrast in temperatures could enhance thunderstorm develoment and mean an increased threat for weak tornadoes below F1 intensity. If you get a tornado..I'm afraid the tarps won't hold but I don't think you will see that, I hope not at least. All in all, I think you will be fine.:)
hurricanechaser and did you get any from cnn
My wife recorded the weather channel footage from about 330pm top 545 pm that day Charley hit. The storm came ashore between those times.
hurricanechaser well i am off to bed now got to get somd zzzzz
Not any from CNN. Honestly...I have found the best coverage to be from Fox News and MSNBC during hurricane landfalls. Of course, I do free-lance work for Fox News so I might be a little biased.:)
ok David..nice talking to you as always..I hope you rest well and have a good day tomorrow.
I think I will do the same myself. I hope everyone has a great night a good day tomorrow. Hopefully the Low in the Gulf and the trailing Cold front won't cause too much trouble for any of us.
hurricanechaser ok then do what you can they see to put them more out in the storm then the weather ch dos
thanks hurricanechaser.. i guess i just need someone to tell me that this hurricane season is over and the sun will come out again. if you can believe it its still raining here. that will make the 6th day without a break.
hurricanechaser wrote:
13 / 0430 22.7 82.6 966 105 landfall on south coast of Cuba
near Playa del Cajio
13 / 1945 26.6 82.2 941 130 landfall near Cayo Costa, FL, and
minimum pressure
13 / 2045 26.9 82.1 942 125 Landfall near Punta Gorda, FL
14 / 1400 33.0 79.4 992 70 landfall near Cape Romain, SC
14 / 1600 33.8 78.7 997 65 landfall near North Myrtle Beach, SC

the winds are listed in knots...i knot equals 1.15 mph.
So 130 knots was 150 mph and the 125 knots was 145 mph. I hope this helps..goodnight Boldman and David.:)

That's Charley, right??? Yup...the eye of Charley went right up Charlotte Harbor, so it maintained its maximum intensity all the way into the Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte areas. Charley was also moving at over 20 mph, so the right-side eyewall was pushing winds above 160 mph over that area. There were recorded wind gusts of 174 mph in Punta Gorda. My in-laws live in PG, and my wife and I went down there the Sunday after the storm. We were utterly awestruck by the devastation. Their house survived, but sadly, many of their neighbors weren't so lucky. Thankfully, the storm was compact and didn't spend too much time at Cat 4, so there was no appreciable storm surge...a typical Cat 4 surge (15-20 feet) would have inundated much of PG completely...many parts sit only about 10 feet above sea level.

When Charley hit that Friday the 13th, it was one of the biggest news stories of the year in and of itself. Little did we know at the time that it was just the opening act in a two-year procession of storms unprecedented in the history of the United States.

It's been a crazy two years, that's for sure...glad this one finally seems to be over...let's hope next season is at least a little quieter...