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Florence departs; Gordon is born

By: Dr. Jeff Masters, 8:04 PM GMT on September 11, 2006

Hurricane Florence has done its worst in Bermuda, and is now headed north towards Newfoundland. The Bermuda airport did briefly record sustained hurricane force winds of 74 mph near 11am local time. The maximum winds reported on their regular observations occurred at 12:55pm local time: sustained winds of 66 mph, gusting to 90 mph. The airport is at the extreme eastern end of the island, and the large eye of Florence passed just to the west of the island. Thus, the western end of the island probably experienced higher winds of 80-90 mph. Florence's winds probably caused relatively minor damage. Bermuda's infrastructure is well able to withstand winds of Category 1 force, since much of the utility lines are buried underground, and the building codes demand that structures be able to withstand 110 mph Category 2 hurricane winds. The primary damage from Florence was probably a result of the expected 6-8 foot storm surge, topped by large battering waves up to 20 feet high.

Florence is expected to gradually weaken as wind shear increases and ocean temperatures decrease, and will pass close or over Newfoundland later this week as a powerful extratropical storm with 60 mph winds.

Gordon on the way towards Bermuda
The Hurricane Hunters investigated Tropical Depression Seven this afternoon, and found winds of 47 knots at their 1500 flight level at 3pm EDT. This implies surface winds of 40-45 mph, and TD 7 will likely be upgraded to Tropical Storm Gordon at 5pm. The satellite appearance continues to improve, with the heavy thunderstorm activity moving over the center of circulation and low-level spiral bands starting to develop. Wind shear has fallen to just 10 knots, the waters are a warm 29C, and some continued development is likely today. Gordon is likely to follow a track similar to Florence, and may be a threat to Bermuda. However, most of the computer models indicate Gordon will pass well to the east of the island.

Bermuda's worry after that: a new African wave
A strong tropical wave with impressive rotation and plenty of intense thunderstorm activity has emerged from the coast of Africa today. Several of the reliable computer models are forecasting that this will develop into a tropical storm or hurricane that heads westward across the Atlantic. Wind shear is a low 10 knots, and water temperatures are warm. If this system does develop, it would likely recurve out to sea and not affect any land areas--expect perhaps Bermuda.

Jeff Masters
Florence 9-11 (2 of 4)
Florence 9-11 (2 of 4)
A shot inside Florence. This shot was taken near the heavier convection in the NE quadrant of the storm.

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Who doesn't love a day-glow alien?
ricderr, it's just the oxygen in our atmosphere makes them look that way.

Remember, just because your paranoid and think there after you, doesn't mean there not. I agree, Trust No one
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Dr. Masters should have new blog soon.
1008. ricderr
ricderr, it's just the oxygen in our atmosphere makes them look that way...i knew there was an answer that would make sense..thanx FL...and it's not that they're after me..it's the probes that scare me
good morning everyone!

80% chance of rain here today.. :)
Good morning Ally......much the same here in H-Town.
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i'm a liberal republican....but not awake yet
I'm a moderate conservative.

TD 08 tracks.

I'm a conservative Democrat, I'm always awake
I'm still the Walrus!
good morning 27!

so much going on in here this morning..TD8, aliens, politics, football and PAUL is dead? lol
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94L continues to look very impressive....

I'm still the Walrus!


I'm an exodus in a nowhere, a paradox in a paradigm.

So, when is TD08 time frame on entering the GOM?

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Love that oxy-moron statement Gulf...ROFL!
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Pluto is still a Planet!
good morning Gulf..yes we desperately need the rain..

Posted By: ihave27windows at 9:55 AM EDT on September 12, 2006.

Smoke pot, smoke pot, everybody smoke pot........

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27...Now see what you started! Ya got H23 all riled up!!
I love Sublime's profound lyrics hehe
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TD8 seems to be moving @ a fast clip i would say around 15-20 mph.
Conrad and company, my favorites. I used to play with them at Tradder John's
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hey rank.....look at 2000..last comment on td8....good for a laugh

Conrad and company, my favorites. I used to play with them at Tradder John's

Then you know me.
I played with BR for 10 years. I named the band. And co-founded it.
I used to cook waffle house and played harmonica in late 80's
I think it is unlikely TD8 will make across especially if it intensifys.Odds are it will recurve.
1053. ricderr
new blog
Remember Henry from gregory street WH, dat's me.
it is so nice that we have a "lost friends" connection going on here :)..aahhh
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Looks like I've been missing an interesting morning! Are the blog police in remission this morning?

Still watching that swirl over the Yucatan. Nearby convection flares and subsides, but really it hasn't done much yet.

Anything else new and intersting to monitor?
As many have said it is TOO soon to discuss where T.D. 8 where actually head towards. If anyone needs to be concerned it will be from the Carolinas north to New England and the Northeast/Canadian Maritimes. It is a known fact that Cape Verde origin storms are the ones New England needs to watch out for. The GOF and probably Florida don't have much to worry about. It should be interesting!!