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Florence battles dry air; Hurricane Hunters investigate new disturbance

By: Dr. Jeff Masters, 11:22 PM GMT on September 06, 2006

Florence continues to struggle with wind shear today, and is managing just a slow intensification. Compounding Florence's troubles is the presence of some dry air at mid levels, as revealed this afternoon in the appearance of arc clouds at the surface. Dr. Jason Dunion of NOAA's Hurricane Research Division has posted a blog this evening showing some examples of these arc clouds. What happens is that a ribbon of dry air at mid levels gets sucked into a thunderstorm inside of Florence, which then creates a strong downdraft that leaves its mark at the surface as an arc cloud that expands out in a semicircle.

Hurricane Hunters in the air
The Air Force Hurricane Hunters are in the air off the North Carolina coast investigating a new area of concern that developed along the old cold front off the Carolina coast. So far, they've found peak winds of 20 mph at flight level (500 feet), but they aren't done investigating the system yet. This storm, designated "Invest 92L" by NHC this afternoon, is expected to move rapidily northeast away from North Carolina and become an extratropical storm Thursday night. If the Hurricane Hunters find a tropical depression, I'll post an update tonight.

Figure 1. Preliminary model tracks for Invest 92L, a tropical disturbance off the North Carolina coast.

Jeff Masters

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GulfScotsamn is behind this, Dundee Uni is in Scotland.
1002. Patrap
No..but they at the House door .Im in my FEMA trailer bunker..LOL
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I want you to know we still like you and enjoy your posst even though you have COMPLETELY screwed up this blog for us this am..keep up the good work...I mean keep up the work,,er no what I mean is stop posting pictures...er no thats not right either..you know what I mean
Watch for the black helicopters!
1005. funeeeg
Me too. Dundee weather station????
That's better.
ok, this is too funny!!! if you read the blog earlier, i posted....

"you guys won't believe this! LOL

the local talk radio show just announced that some tv station in florida said there could be a storm being in the gulf of mexico, that could threaten the "west" coast of forida., and could intensify rapidly. they are sending in the hurricane hunters to investigate.

i swear that is as about as close as i could quote it! LOL

course, they dub themselves the "rumor" station! LOL"

so then i emailed the radio station this:


92L FROM NAVY SITE (the only other activity is florence, which is no threat, and 91L which is behind florence.


every day, a professional met updates condition as warrants in the tropics, forget the blog per say, but his daily discussion is great!


Once again, there is "no threat" to the west coast of florida!!!!

Best regards,

howdy to Steve Aand Deb! :)"

so here is the reply i got back from the radio station!

"I have no idea where Debbie got the info. I've looked at all the radar and stuff and see absolutely nothing. She must have been smoking crack or something.


is that funny or what! LOL

1008. Patrap
..the Dundee clan..with Trebek no doubt...
1010. Gatorx

we are having a major blog crisis and ZAP is still talking about the weather ... thats dedicattion!!
Oh Flo, Oh Flo,
Which way will you go,
Will it be north or west,
Which way do you like the best?
Great work team!!!

Now stormw...did we learn something, today? lol :)
1014. K8eCane
LOL Thel
What station?
1015. Patrap
..Zap is a blog trooper,,,If we had 10 more like him..we could rule the West
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I was trying to waste some space until the next page..we really do like you..serious
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good morning all! control room do we have a problem?
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Geee whizzz...I'm not getting the Dundee window anymore.

I know a guy who lives in Dundee.
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Its kinda like timeshares...one you have them ..harder to get rid of than VD!
Morning all...92L should be wandering into the area of floater 2 today.

Saddlegait~ It's not really who that feeds the models, because they are using real obeservations...it's what observations it gets that makes the difference. Right now Florence has got no recon info & not many surface observations. Models on 92L should be way more accurate. Florence has many interference factors as well...ULL close by, elongated center, 91L (becoming less an issue).

novascotiagal~ you keep an eye on this:)...The models could be wrong but the set up of trough coming through sweeping up Florence in the wake of 92L, up into NS, looks like a very possible solution at the moment.

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I just came on to see how Flo is this morning. Not that I don't find all the chatter mildly entertaining, but would someone please catch me up on tropical weather, and what is this Dundee pop up about?
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