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Mt. Moran Autumn30 comments

Mt. Moran Autumn

"Whoa Linda....look at you! Special Edition WorldView congratulations! Such a gorgeous contrast in color showcasing Mother Nature in all her glory!"

Posted by: Madermade (60 seconds ago)

Missouri Vally Central20 comments

Missouri Vally Central

"Stunning, the colors, light and refection are beautiful! Congratulations, Larry!"

Posted by: mellyweb (1 minute ago)

Midway Geyser Basin " Wyoming 2014"24 comments

Midway Geyser Basin

"Heidi, congratulations on Special Edition WorldView! I love how you captured the vibrant Mother Nature display!"

Posted by: Madermade (2 minutes ago)

Missouri Valley Central5 comments

Missouri Valley Central

"Beautiful image, great POV!"

Posted by: mellyweb (2 minutes ago)

Gulf Frittillary3 comments

Gulf Frittillary

"Like, fave, and a 10. My butterfly pic was done on one of this variety of lantana."

Posted by: DavidInSATX (4 minutes ago)

Wyoming 20143 comments

Wyoming 2014

"Charlotte, I don't know a better word than stunning, cause this IS stunning! Congratulations on Special Edition WorldView!"

Posted by: Madermade (4 minutes ago)

Row Of Flames6 comments

Row Of Flames

"Congratulations, Kat! these beautiful trees just pop!"

Posted by: mellyweb (5 minutes ago)

FallDress2 comments


"Oh never disappoint! Gorgeous! Congratulations on the Special Edition WorldView!"

Posted by: Madermade (6 minutes ago)

Rainbow Cape Sebastian Oregon3 comments

Rainbow Cape Sebastian Oregon


Posted by: Vicki (6 minutes ago)

Oxbow Bend23 comments

Oxbow Bend

"Most certainly one of the most beautiful photos ever...there was never a doubt it would be chosen for the Special Edition WorldView! Congratulations Carl!"

Posted by: Madermade (8 minutes ago)

DSC_3397.JPG4 comments


"Hey, hey, hey Gil! Congratulations on Special Edtition WorldView..very deserving! Spectacular reflections!"

Posted by: Madermade (11 minutes ago)

Morning Glow6 comments

Morning Glow

"Congratulations Randall on being selected to be in the Special Edition WorldView! This is so perfect, it is almost too good to be true, but I know it is true, cause I saw it with my own eyes and you captured in beautifully!"

Posted by: Madermade (13 minutes ago)

Oh, Buoy!7 comments

Oh, Buoy!

"Kat, congratulations on your selection to the Special Edition WorldView and rightly so! Love all those blue hues!"

Posted by: Madermade (15 minutes ago)

Still Buzzin4 comments

Still Buzzin

"Like and fave on the set. Great shots!"

Posted by: DavidInSATX (15 minutes ago)

Autumn Sunrise13 comments

Autumn Sunrise

"Oh my goodness Wilma, this is magnificient! Special Edition Worldview is exactly where it landed and deserves to be there! Congratulations!"

Posted by: Madermade (17 minutes ago)

Rain Approaching1 comment

Rain Approaching

"Love this, knew it was yours from the thumbnail!"

Posted by: oneshotww (18 minutes ago)

Teton Sunrise5 comments

Teton Sunrise

"Hey Steve! Congratulations on your Special Edition WorldView selection!"

Posted by: Madermade (19 minutes ago)

Wyoming 20144 comments

Wyoming 2014

"Hey proud of you! Special Edition WorldView congratulations on a truly spectacular shot! It is scary how good a photographer you will be when you get, you put us to shame!"

Posted by: Madermade (20 minutes ago)

Predictable Steam4 comments

Predictable Steam

"Hey Steve, congratulations on your Special Edition WorldView selection! It IS a fantastic shot!"

Posted by: Madermade (22 minutes ago)

Road To Elk Refuge5 comments

Road To Elk Refuge

"Whoa Michelle! WorldView congratulations on your photo! I love the winding road that disappears into nowhere!"

Posted by: Madermade (24 minutes ago)

A Rainbow Crowning !7 comments

A Rainbow Crowning !

"That's a wow!! Wish I could have seen the real thing, a lifetime moment.
Congrats on the capture.
AC it is --- yes."

Posted by: BSChE (38 minutes ago)

Pink Umbrella2 comments

Pink Umbrella

"You captured the rainy atmosphere and the sense of people hurrying perfectly! I love this one!"

Posted by: relishthejourney (46 minutes ago)

On the Golden Way.2 comments

On the Golden Way.

"Thank you!"

Posted by: wilkiepup (1 hour ago)

Colours in October: 2.1 comment

Colours in October: 2.

"A beautiful clear day....great capture!"

Posted by: Madermade (1 hour ago)

Forest floor6 comments

Forest floor

"Thank you so much for your kind comments. I appreciate them all."

Posted by: wilkiepup (1 hour ago)

Nordkjosbotn 69┬░North1 comment

Nordkjosbotn 69┬░North


Posted by: GBPACKERS (1 hour ago)

Caineville Fall Colors-Web4-0759.jpg8 comments

Caineville Fall Colors-Web4-0759.jpg

"A beauty & a fav - AC Congrats, Norman!"

Posted by: Biskitten (1 hour ago)

Ohio Fall flowers2 comments

Ohio Fall flowers

"These flowers surprised me too. A friend told me this is a new kind that blooms spring and fall."

Posted by: miamimcdowell (1 hour ago)

Corn Bread24 comments

Corn Bread

"Yes, a beautiful place to visit! Di dyou buy some fresh ground cornmeal while there? I did on my visit there, I think I recall doing that. Congratulations on a beautiful AC!"

Posted by: WeatherWise (1 hour ago)

DSC_0148.JPG14 comments


"Hi There!! Great to see you have a handle and I saw your posts. Great shots - especially of your Wunder Boys! Cant wait to hear where next year will be.

Posted by: powderchaser (1 hour ago)

Coming Rain6 comments

Coming Rain

"This beautful, colorful photo is my favourite."

Posted by: Danube (1 hour ago)

Still in fog1 comment

Still in fog

"On that day, at 05:01 UT a long duration X1-class solar flare occured. Its source was sunspot group number 2192."

Posted by: Danube (1 hour ago)

jolfa - Iran1 comment

jolfa - Iran

"This photo is one of my favorites."

Posted by: Danube (1 hour ago)

Pulp Train Engine..2 comments

Pulp Train Engine..

"Dear Montgomery..thanks for your comment..the train was going up a slight grade as it crossed the road in front of editing was necessary..straightening the train would have caused the utility pole in the background to lean a bit too far methinks..:)"

Posted by: suzi46 (2 hours ago)

Living Color2 comments

Living Color

"I see you braved the storm to go out for this beauty in the rain - AC Congrats, Dianne!"

Posted by: jeans (2 hours ago)

Old Colonial16 comments

Old Colonial


Posted by: teach50 (2 hours ago)

First frost4 comments

First frost

"Singulary beautiful !"

Posted by: mtnlvg945 (2 hours ago)

Photo Bomb4 comments

Photo Bomb

"Thanks everyone. It is an honor."

Posted by: teach50 (2 hours ago)

In the Wind13 comments

In the Wind

"good catch my friend"

Posted by: terrya (3 hours ago)

Catch a Falling Star11 comments

Catch a Falling Star


Posted by: mcgino (3 hours ago)

Misty Mt Blanc7 comments

Misty Mt Blanc

"What a marvelous contrast, and love your composition! Excellent shot, congratulations!"

Posted by: relishthejourney (3 hours ago)

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