48.9 °F
Feels Like 49 °F
Hi: 58 °F
Lo: 37 °F
There is a slight risk of severe weather in the Plains Wednesday. Threats from severe thunderstorms include heavy rain, large hail, strong wind, and potential tornadoes. Residents from Nebraska through northern Texas are advised monitor weather conditions through the evening.
Convective Outlook | No Tornado Deaths so far in 2014

Worldwide Events

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  1. World Lowest Temperature for April 23
    The world's lowest temperature for April 23 was -93 degrees and occurred at Dome A, Antarctica
  2. World Highest Temperature for April 23
    The world's highest temperature for April 23 was 113 degrees and occurred at Linguere, Senegal
  3. 5.4 earthquake Panguna
    There was a 5.4 earthquake that occurred near Panguna on April 23, 2014 at 12:40 am Eastern Time. This is considered a moderate earthquake with possible major damage to poorly constructed buildings and slight damage to well-designed buildings. This temblor occurred at a depth of 43.92 km, which is a shallow-focus earthquake (0-70 km deep).
  4. Columbia Airport, CA set a record low temperature of 35 for Apr 23

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