Winter Storm Virgil

Storm Summary

Another long track system moving from west to east across a narrow swath of the US east of the Rockies, mainly along I-70. Impacts may be tempered somewhat by the higher sun angle for late March during the daytime, which will likely keep roads warm enough in many areas to limit snow build-up. However if snowfall rates become heavy, roads will become snow covered, even at middday. Monday morning may also introduce significant air travel impacts along the Mid-Atlantic and New England Coasts due to a combination of snow and rain.

Snow Accumulation

Total Accumulated Snowfall for Virgil.

Snowfall Forecast

Forecast Snowfall for Virgil.

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Archived storm images
Archived storm images
Archived storm images
Snow Totals
Significant snowfall totals from 03/22/2013 to 03/25/2013. (Source: NWS Public Information Statements)
Amount Location
19.4 in. Beulah, CO
18.5 in. Springfield, IL
17.0 in. Williamsville, IL
16.0 in. Redhouse, MD
15.1 in. Harvester, MO
15.0 in. Goodland, KS
15.0 in. Burlington, CO
14.2 in. Aurora, CO
14.0 in. Yuma, CO
13.0 in. Alta, UT
12.2 in. St. Louis, MO
12.0 in. St. Francis, KS
12.0 in. Oakland, PA
12.0 in. Peru, IN
12.0 in. Terra Alta, WV
11.6 in. Denver, CO
10.5 in. Elizabeth, CO
10.0 in. Castle Rock, CO
10.0 in. Wheeler, KS
10.0 in. New Breman, OH
9.5 in. Olathe, KS
9.5 in. West Jordan, UT
7.8 in. Fort Collins, CO
7.5 in. Peaks of Otter, VA
7.0 in. Imperial, NE
7.0 in. Lamar, NE
7.0 in. Big Springs, NE
6.9 in. Boulder, CO
6.5 in. Evergreen, CO
6.2 in. Indianapolis, IN
6.0 in. Norton, KS
6.0 in. Colorado City, CO
6.0 in. Grant, NE
5.7 in. New London, IA
5.0 in. Long Island, KS
3.5 in. Black Mountain, KY
3.0 in. South Coffeyville, OK
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Wind Gusts
Highest Recorded Wind Gusts from 03/22/2013 to 03/25/2013. (Source: NWS Public Information Statements)
Gust Location
86 mph Orlando, FL
86 mph Lake Buena Vista, FL
67 mph Cape Canaveral, FL
63 mph Port Saint John, FL
60 mph Bay Lake, FL
60 mph Mims, FL
60 mph Altamonte Springs, FL
58 mph Cocoa, FL
38 mph Monument, CO