Winter Storm Ukko

Storm Summary

Winter Storm Ukko will focus its heaviest snow Tuesday into Wednesday on New England and Upstate New York. Winter Storm Warnings are posted in the Northeast, with up to a foot of snow possible.

Snow Accumulation

Total Accumulated Snowfall for Ukko.

Snowfall Forecast

Forecast Snowfall for Ukko.

Snowfall Total Forecast

Forecast Snowfall for Ukko. (About Radar)


Radar Loop for Ukko. (About Radar)


Satellite Loop for Ukko. (About Satellite)

Storm Coverage

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Snowfall Webcams

Snow Totals
Significant snowfall totals from 03/17/2013 to 03/19/2013. (Source: NWS Public Information Statements)
Amount Location
11.0 in. Lunenburg, MA
10.3 in. Wakefield, MA
10.1 in. Townsend, MA
10.0 in. Stoneham, MA
9.4 in. Pepperell, MA
9.2 in. Bedford, MA
9.2 in. Reading, MA
9.0 in. Nashua, MA
9.0 in. Harvard, MA
9.0 in. Ayer, MA
9.0 in. Tyngsboro, MA
9.0 in. Chelmsford, MA
8.8 in. Groton, MA
8.5 in. Acton, MA
8.5 in. Lowell, MA
8.5 in. Park Rapids, ND
8.3 in. Dracut, MA
8.3 in. Needham Heights, MA
8.0 in. Brookline, MA
8.0 in. Lawrence, MA
7.5 in. Bagley, MN
7.3 in. Topsfield, MA
7.0 in. Ipswich, MA
7.0 in. Tenstrike, MN
7.0 in. Marblehead, MA
7.0 in. Park River, ND
7.0 in. Dixon Lake, MN
6.0 in. Stanley, ND
6.0 in. Sebeka, MN
6.0 in. Gloucester, MA
6.0 in. Becida, MN
6.0 in. Ludlow, MA
6.0 in. Greenfield, MA
6.0 in. Heath, MA
5.5 in. Baudette, MN
5.5 in. Cass Lake, MN
5.3 in. Askov, MN
5.2 in. North Granby, CT
5.0 in. Newfolden, MN
5.0 in. Leader, MN
5.0 in. Benedict, MN
5.0 in. Grand Rapids, MN
4.8 in. Larimore, ND
4.5 in. Warroad, MN
4.5 in. Cavalier, ND
4.3 in. Bemidji, MN
4.0 in. Towner, ND
4.0 in. Hibbing, MN
4.0 in. Starkweather, ND
More Data
Wind Gusts
Highest Recorded Wind Gusts from 03/17/2013 to 03/19/2013. (Source: NWS Public Information Statements)
Gust Location
No data available
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