Tropical Weather Discussion

For the central North Pacific...between 140w and 180

1. The Central Pacific Hurricane Center in 
issuing advisories on tropical storm oho...located about 435 miles 
south-southeast of South Point...Hawaii...under AWIPS header tcpcp2 
and WMO header wtpa32 phfo. 

2. The Central Pacific Hurricane Center in 
issuing advisories on Tropical Depression Eight-c...located about 
1160 miles southwest of Honolulu...under AWIPS header tcpcp3 and WMO 
header wtpa33 phfo.

3. Showers and thunderstorms associated with an area of low pressure 
located around 950 miles southeast of Hilo...Hawaii have become 
better organized. Environmental conditions support tropical cyclone 
development over the next couple of days as it slowly tracks 

* Formation chance through 48 hours...medium...40 percent. tropical cyclones are expected through early Tuesday 




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