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abio10 pgtw 251800
msgid/genadmin/joint typhoon wrncen Pearl Harbor hi//
subj/significant tropical weather advisory for the Indian
ref/a/msg/joint typhoon wrncen Pearl Harbor hi/251351zoct2014//
ampn/ref a is a tropical cyclone warning.//
1. North Indian Ocean area (Malay Peninsula west to coast of Africa):
   a. Tropical cyclone summary:
      (1) at 251200z, tropical cyclone 04a (four) was located near 
13.4n 62.5e, approximately 471 nm south-southeast of masirah island, 
and had tracked northeastward at 13 knots over the past six hours. 
Maximum sustained surface winds were estimated at 35 knots gusting 
to 45 knots. See ref a (wtio31 pgtw 251500) for further details.
      (2) no other tropical cyclones.
   B. Tropical disturbance summary:
      (1) the area of convection previously located near 11.6n 
61.1e, is now the subject of a tropical cyclone warning. See para. 
1.A.(1) for further details.
      (2) no other suspect areas.
2. South Indian Ocean area (135e west to coast of Africa):
   a. Tropical cyclone summary: none.
   B. Tropical disturbance summary: none.//

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By Dr. Jeff Masters, 2:09 PM EDT on October 25, 2014
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